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has (or has had) a fantasy about some guy. Maybe it's Taylor Lautner, or some random hot senior; but this quote's mostly for the girls who have had a fantasy about their crush, only to be let down. You know, the kind of fantasy where he loved you back. Maybe it involved him asking you out in some sort of really cute and clever way. It might have had a kiss or two in there somewhere, it might have even involved a wedding and you might have even thought of some potential names for your kids. Or you might have started out more realistically, where he just simply admitted he liked you and decided to be your boyfriend, and then you'd go out for the rest of high school, at the very least.

However, the real world is no fantasy. It turns out he doesn't like you. After liking him for the longest time, he told you he didn't want you around. It wasn't a surprise; it seemed like this had always been the vibe he had given off to you. (or was it his friends?) Either way, you were disappointed. Maybe you cried, maybe you didn't. It's not like you didn't expect it all along.

Maybe your story's a little bit different, but the advice I give to you is the same: What do you do when the fantasy life with him doesn't work out? You create a new one. One that's even better than the one before. It doesn't have him in it. Instead, it has you, but a better you than you've ever been before; an even happier you. You're surrounded by all your friends and family - all of the people who truly care about you. Perhaps you're also doing better in school. You still end up in your dream college and then go on to work in your dream career. Maybe you're even a rock star! It's your dream life, so make it whatever you want it to be. But for now, you're just making the most of your high school years. You're having tons of fun, and you're not letting some guy bring you down. You're not letting anyone or anything stop you from creating dreams. Creating dreams that squish the dreams of some guy into little tiny bits.

All you have to do is live them.
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JUST ADMIT IT; ALMOST EVERY GIRL has (or has had) a fantasy about

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