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* if everyone could take a mintue and read this . My brother is 28 years old, and is in the ICU in crictial condition. the chances of him making this alive, are very very pooor- the doctors are running out of hope. Please press the <3 button below & keep my brother Jeremy in your prayers. He's the best older brother any girl could ever ask for, and he does not deserve this at all. NOONE DOES. please just send a prayer out for him<3 it would mean so much to me & my whole family .

I Swear None Of Us Are Gonna Let You Go, You're Gonna Be Okay ! We Can't Wait Until You Are Better ! You Mean The World To Me, And Im Not Ready To Loose My Older Brother! You're The Best Brother In The Whole World !  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, AND I ALWAYS WILL NO MATTER WHAT<3

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* if everyone could take a mintue and read this . My brother

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