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up all night. what day is it? sleep all day. summer love. hot days. cool nights. water balloon fights. pools. water parks. long walks. sleepovers. friends. beach. short shorts. flip flops. cute boys. flowers blooming. free time. splish-splash. degrassi marathons! party hard. forget the haters. water fun. good times. remember forever. seems so short. sweet kisses. unforgettable. on our minds. silly band tans. sleepless nights. somethings begun. something to do. filled with glee. can't ask for more. dive! sunglasses. shell. tan. ice cream. sea. blue. sand. picnic. baseball. BBQ. vacation. humid. hot. warm. sun. mirage. blistering. cheerful. charming. tropical. sunny. boisterous. merry. pleasant. amusement. fun. cloudless. frisbee. fire pit. marshmellows. smores. dandelion. dog days. french fries. ketchup. solstice. sweat. perspiration. watermelon. pleasant. fine. sweet. cupcakes. pizza. roast. bestfriends. sleepovers. baithing suit. lifeguards. back yards. fire pit. deorderant! outside. high tide. fish. fireworks. ice.  

- format credit to peaceinpieces
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up all night. what day is it? sleep all day. summer love. hot

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dancefanaticxoxo · 9 years ago
hey! sorry to keep asking yuh questionns but bhowd yuh get yuhr profile like this ihts soo cool and howd yuh do this quote ihtss soo cool!!
i know i need to learrn!! :/ sorry
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