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Hey guys I'm Nikki and I love to play sports. Softball and music=life.
I am a major DIRECTIONER!!!! I fell for Louis Tomlinson & Harry Styles!
I am writing a story called There is More to me Than what it Seems and
I love all my readers, you guys are the best and maybe I'll write
more in the future. My life is screwed up, i hate my family they are a bunch
of psyhcopaths<-- dont think I spelled that right,but oh well.
I am in my sophmore of high school. I hate school,but i'm pretty smart.
I love to read and write whats on my mind. Never give up on your dreams
Stay Beautiful<3

directions-of-one.tumblr.com (one direction,1d,funny,lol)
One Direction (zayn malik,funny,live while we're young,one direction) (disney,finding nemo)josh hutcherson / Tumblr (despicable me,agnes,minions)Mine (mine,seagulls,nemo,finding nemo,funny)Okay ;D (harry styles one direction 1d) (one direction,1d,harry styles,louis tomlinson,niall horan,liam payne,zayn malik,funny)imageRevolution (cute,agnes,despicable me)One Direction (harry styles)directions-of-one.tumblr.com (one direction,lwwy,1d,zayn malik,harry styles,louis tomlinson,niall horan,liam payne,zayns face tho)imageone direction / Tumblr (one direction,fangirling,harry styles,liam payne,niall horan,zayn malik,louis tomlinson,1d)Twitter / 1Dliveupdates: Dear whoever made this: thanks ... (simon cowell,x factor,vmas,one direction,1d,harry styles,zayn malik,niall horan,liam payne,louis tomlinson)

Live while we're young (one direction,zayn malik,niall horan,liam payne,harry styles,louis tomlinson)ishermy.tumblr.com (lwwy,one direction,harry styles,louis tomlinson,niall horan,liam payne,zayn malik,1d)one direction infection One Direction Infection (one direction,marry jessica g)direction infection (one direction,direction infection,spongebob,squidward,funny)ITS SO FLUFFY (its so fluffy,despicable me)tumblr_mav6x8Lyyo1qjc9bpo1_500.png (one direction) (harry styles,one direction)ishermy.tumblr.com (1d,kingsley,one direction,harry styles,louis tomlinson,niall horan,liam payne,zayn malik,directioners,lol,funny) (one direction)directions-of-one.tumblr.com (lwwy,one direction,harry styles,louis tomlinson,niall horan,liam payne,zayn malik,1d) (finding nemo,lol,bubbles,funny,fish,haha,movie,disney)Larry (harry styles,louis tomlinson,one direction,adorable)One Direction (liam payne)one direction gif / Tumblr (harry styles,zayn malik,liam payne,louis tomlinson,niall horan,one direction,1d)one direction imagines / Tumblrcuddlyoctopus (liam payne,one direction,funny,kissing face)louis (louis tomlinson,one direction) (one direction,louis tomlinson)one direction / Tumblr (one direction,harry styles,louis tomlinson,liam payne)Just Louis (luluwatermelon,louis tomlinson,1d,one direction,love,quotes,heartbreak,heart,smile,summer) (niall horan,one direction)Just Zayn Malik. (luluwatermelon,love,zayn malik,one direction,1d,quotes,heartbreak,heart,smile,summer) (harry,styles,one,direction,louis,tomlinson,cheeks) Niall Horan (niall horan hot sexy irish baby amazing one direction picstich love cool)One Direction (zayn malik,niall horan,harry styles,liam payne,louis tomlinson,one direction) (louis tomlinson,harry styles,liam payne,zayn malik,niall horan,one direction) (one direction,niall horan)my god he is gorgeous(; (harry styles,one direction,gorgeous)Work it (harry styles,one direction,niall horan,funny)Oh Liam (liam payne,one direction)Perfection. (one direction,harry styles,louis tomlinson,niall horan,liam payne,zayn malik,1d)it\'s a movie marathon! (monsters inc.) (1d,one direction,zayn malik,harry styles,louis tomlinson,liam payne,niall horan)one direction (one direction,louis tomlinson,niall horan,zayn malik,liam payne,harry styles)The Way That He Flips His Hair (harry styles,1d,one direction)One Direction (live while we're young,louis tomlinson,one direction,harry styles,niall horan,liam payne,zayn malik)niall liam and louis (one direction,niall horan,louis tomlinson,liam payne)tumblr_m9yitjE4nx1r7x5f0o1_500.gif (one direction,harry styles,vmas,fangirling) (one direction)Crying. (harry styles,one direction,1d,liam payne,louis tomlinson,niall horan,zayn malik)i watch too much television. (monsters inc.) one direction / Tumblr (one direction,louis tomlinson) (one direction,niall horan,harry styles,louis tomlinson,liam payne,zayn malik)Tumblr (one direction,vmas,best pop video)One direction (harry styles,liam payne,louis tomlinson,niall horan,zayn malik,one diection,1d) (zayn malik,one direction,pretty,funny,haha) one direction - take me home (one direction,harry styles,louis tomlinson,niall horan,liam payne,zayn malik,take me home,1d)One_Direction (one direction,zayn malik,harry styles,liam payne,niall horan,louis tomlinson)one direction tumblr Pictures, Images and Photosfinding nemo gifs Pictures, Images and Photos
  1. xolimegreenxo101 xolimegreenxo101
    posted a quote
    November 1, 2012 3:29pm UTC
    There is More to me Than what it Seems
    Chapter Twenty-Six
    ~Weeks later~
    We are France! I always wanted to come here and know I am it is so beautiful. We have a couple days until the next concert so me and Weasel are out shopping and site seeing. I have been really depressed lately I have gotten hate and its getting to me. I haven't cut or anything, but it is coming to that point. Weasel and I have been walking for quite some time and we come across this tattoo shop. "Hey Weasel why don't we get a tattoo." I said. She looked at me like I was crazy,but then "What the hell, why not." and we went in. It hurt and once we were done being the stupid people were Weasel and I decided to get piercings too. We both got a nose piercing and belly button one too. Yea a lot in one day. I wouldn't have done this, but it seemed like fun, so why not. We went back to the hotel and they all didn't notice the new additions to Weasel and I. Siarra finally said something "Weasel, Bugs what are on your noses?" She asked. "Wow finally one of you idiots said something." Weasel said laughing. Then they all stared at us. "Are those piercings?" Harry asked. "Yea we also got our belly buttons pierced, plus a tattoo." I said. "Cool let me see!" Zayn shouted and we showed him. "Awesome." he said. "Thanks" we both replied. Then everyone else wanted to see and they all thought they were cool.
    ~Later that night~
    "Bugs get dressed in something nice." Harry said. "Umm okay where are we going?" I asked. "It's a secert." He said smiling. "Ugh why can;t you tell me I hate surprises." i whined. "Oh well get over it." He said jokingly and I stuck my tongue out at him. I got dressed and I have to say I looked good. I went to the living room where Harry was waiting and he was sexy as usual. I bit my lip and he noticed me staring. "Like what you see?" He asked winking. "Oh shut up." I said walking passed him to the door. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me to him "You look beautiful." he said. His breath o my neck making me shiver. Then he wrapped a blindfold over my eyes. "Are you kidding me?" I whined stomping my foot. "Sorry Love" he said then he gudied out of the room and the hotel. He put me in a car and we drove for what seemed like hours. Then finally we stopped. He let me out of the car and walked me to what seemed like stairs and when we stopped he untied my blindfold. What was infront of me was a table set for two and we at the Eiffle Tower. "Omg this is beautiful." I said in Awe. "Not as beautiful as you." Harry said which made me blush. We sat down, ate and talked. When we were done and I was about to get up. "Hold on." he said and music started playing. "May I have this dance?" he asked andwe danced. It was the best date ever. We stopped dancing and "There is one more thing I have for you." he said. He pulled out a tiny blue box and handed it to me. I opened it and inside was a simply yet totally beautiful ring. "Its a promise ring, that I will never hurt you and one day we will get married." he said. He put it on me and we kissed. "Thank you, you are the best you know that." I said. We got back and went to bed and before I fall asleep I couldn't help but think, Wow my life is pretty amazing.
    outfits during the day:http://www.polyvore.com/girls_day_out/set?id=62319848#stream_box
    Date outfit:http://www.polyvore.com/date_with_harry/set?id=62285999#stream_box
    Hoped you liked it!!! I know not very exciting, but I couldn't help but have them go to a date to the eiffle tower.

  2. xolimegreenxo101 xolimegreenxo101
    posted a quote
    October 31, 2012 8:35pm UTC
    I have had off school for the past three days
    And they still don't know if my school is
    opening tomorrow??!!
    ~Thanks to Hurricane Sandy
    The horrible part no Halloween til
    November Seventh
    QUITE TICK OFF!!!!!!

  3. xolimegreenxo101 xolimegreenxo101
    posted a quote
    October 31, 2012 1:50pm UTC
    There is More to me Than what it Seems
    Chapter Twenty-Five Part Two
    "Wow girl got skills!" Weasel shouted. We were backstage again watching the boys mess up Harry's solo in What Makes You Beautiful. Us girls were bored so we decided to play hide-n-seek. Not the smartest idea because we didn't know our way around, but it was fun. I won because whenever i hide they couldn't find me. We went back to watch the boys and they were changing once again. Then before I knew what was happening all us girls had nerf guns and silly string which Weasel kindly supplied us with and the boys were doing the twitter session on stage. Weasel told us to wait for her signal and when she gave it to us we were to run on stage and start aiming and spraying the boys. "CHARGE!!" Weasel yelled and we all started shooting. I shot Niall and Liam and then all the boys had guns, so I ran into the crowd for cover. It was fun I hid behind this one girl and she was freaking out, she was about seven so I decided to ask her mom if I could take her on stage. Her mom said Yes so I gave the girl whose name was Lily a piggyback ride onto the stage. "Okay don't shoot!" I yelled. They all stopped and i introduced Lily to all of them. Harry was her favorite according to her shirt,so I walked over to Harry to ask him a favor which no doubt he'll do. "Hey Harry you know that little girl Lily, well your her favorite, so go talk to her and make her feel special, NOW." I said with puppy dog eyes. "Okay." He went over to her and we continued the twitter questions. The fans were nuts their questions were quite weird sometimes. The boys did the fresh prince of bel-air rap. I thought that was funny. Lily was having a blast. Harry was really good with kids. The boys finished the concert with some songs from their new album Take Me Home. It was so much fun. This tour was gonna be so much fun.
    outfits for the girls:http://www.polyvore.com/clauds_outfit/set?id=62141602
    Okay there is chapter twenty-five. okay i need somw ideas for funny stuff they pull on each other and date ideas for all of them. If you have any ideas it would be amazing to hear and I will give you credit. hope you enjoyed it!

  4. xolimegreenxo101 xolimegreenxo101
    posted a quote
    October 31, 2012 1:24pm UTC
    There is More to me Than what it Seems
    Chapter Twenty-Five
    We were backstage watching the boys get ready for the show and my nerves were getting worse. Lou could tell and he took me out to the hallway. "Hey bugs you will do great, come on I know how you feel, my very first concert was nerve recking, but you will be fine trust me." he said comforting me. "Thanks Lou." I said loosening up a little. Then all the boys came out. "Show time." Liam said smiling. I turned to Harry and kissed him "Have a great show." I said. Jesse's band came off and they were hype. Then Lou and the boys ran on stage. They started with Live While We're Young and I think I'm gonna go deaf with all the girls screaming. I have to say though it was really cool to see them in concert. They did a few songs and then they ran to get change. Lou came up to me "Your up sis." he said smiling handing me a mic. He ran back on stage "Okay everyone you all have heard of my sister Seanna, well I felt bad she wasn't allowed to sing with us because of confusion with management,but she is gonna a song for you guys if that's alright." he said and the crowd went wild. Umm maybe this won't be that bad after all. I walked out on stage "Hey everyone hows it going?" I said and they screamed. Then the music started.
    "Aye, aye, aye
    Is it time, green light
    Egotistic battle cry
    I was right, you was wrong
    Called you out, finished strong
    Whiskey sour lemonade, fence's up my barricade
    I had heart, you had spades
    I could see the color in your face as it fades
    And that's how it is, ain't no riddle
    Crunchy on the edge but soft in the middle
    I got a lot, you got a little
    I'ma play war drums, you play the fiddle
    Do it real slow, lean on the bow
    Everybody's sad when they miss a free throw
    Lost your control, I'm on a roll
    Right all along and I knew it in my soul.
    I told you so
    Don't want to brag but you already know (Oh)
    I told you so
    Don't want to brag but you already know.
    You already know.
    I told you, I told you, I told you so oh.
    I told you, I told you, I told you so oh.
    F-f-f-feels so good, doesn't it?
    Winnin' while they flubbin' it.
    I was right, you was wrong.
    Figured I'd write it in a hip hop song.
    Was it so hard to believe?
    I could make it being me?
    Drank too much Ouzo.
    My gosh, you know.
    People say a lot of things, make you feel real small.
    P-push them out the way, iced latte, tall.
    I don't really care, I'm already there.
    Caffeinated up to my eyes, I swear.
    I'm on the top, you on the flop.
    Going so long and I'm never gonna stop.
    Lost your control, I'm on a roll
    Right all along and I knew it in my soul.
    I told you so
    Don't want to brag but you already know (Oh)
    I told you so
    Don't want to brag but you already know.
    You already know.
    I told you, I told you, I told you so oh.
    I told you, I told you, I told you so oh.
    Look at me now, fifteen rounds.
    Bottle in my hand, pour a little on the ground.
    Next time you wanna talk trash, I'ma put it on blast
    You can get it if you ask for it
    Put it in the middle finger for the fat ladies singin' out
    Shatter every glass house. Oops. Ni hao (uh)
    Meanwhile (ha), I smile (oh!).
    Then I go (ruff) animal style (BOOM!).
    I be rackin' up another million,
    Making me another killin'
    Superwoman on the top dollar billin'
    Yeah I muster up a lot of feelings
    Tell me what you really think about it
    Kiddin', I don't even care.
    Nobody listens to a fools gold coated hater
    Be a baller not a traitor please,
    Had me on my knees.
    Talk to you later, na-na-na-na
    Whoop, there it go!
    Right all along and I knew it in my soul.
    I told you so
    Don't want to brag but you already know (Oh)
    I told you so
    Don't want to brag but you already know.
    You already know.
    I told you, I told you, I told you so oh.
    I told you, I told you, I told you so oh.
    I was having a blast singing it. When I finished the crowd went wild. I can't believe I just did that!!! Then all the boys and girls came running on the stage and hugged me. Harry pulled me to him and kissed me. The crowd went nuts when he did. "That was amazing." Harry said. "Thanks it felt amazing." i replied smiling like a kis in a candy store.

  5. xolimegreenxo101 xolimegreenxo101
    posted a quote
    October 29, 2012 2:16pm UTC
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  6. xolimegreenxo101 xolimegreenxo101
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    October 27, 2012 3:26pm UTC
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    October 27, 2012 11:48am UTC
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  8. xolimegreenxo101 xolimegreenxo101
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    October 27, 2012 11:34am UTC
    There is More to me Than what it Seems
    Chapter Twenty-Two
    ~Months Later~
    Tour was days away and we have been busy with signings. Recording and rehersal to get ready. I have been tired out. Harry and I are going great! Weasel and Niall are doing good too. Hunter has been spreading rumors about me to every tabloid magenzine and I'm trying mot to let it get to me, but I haven't been successful. I have been cutting again and I feel better when I do it, but I feel gulity because I promised I wouldn't. I have been writing songs more lately. It takes my mind off things. I have gotten hate on twitter and I have deleted it, so I didn't have to see it. My life is so hectic. My brother Jesse's band have been hangong out with us and they aren't that bad. The name of their band is Paralyze. Their first song the ever wrote was called Paralyzed so they chose to name the band that. The song is really good.Wierd name if you ask me, but they are good. We have been getting along better. I also have grown closer with Clauds, Julia and Siarra we always go shooping and out to lunch and just normal stuff you would do with your best friends. I have also been recieving all these offers to be signed with other recored labels. I haven't said yes to a single one. I love singing with the guys it is alot more fun than being by yourself.
    ~3 days before tour~
    Songs have been flowing out of me like it was nothing. I really like this one song that I wrote it's called All about us. It is suspose to be a duet,so I decided to tell Harry about it. I texted him since he was at the studio with the boys because Simon needed to talk to us, but i didn't want to go so they said I was sick.
    "Hey when you get home I wan to show you something:)"~Bugs<3
    "What is it??"~Haz:)
    "You have to wait until you're here."~Bugs<3
    "Fine, we will be home in fifteen, we just left the studio"~Haz:)
    "Okay see you soon then."~Bugs<3
    They got home and I pulled Harry to my flat and showed him the lyrics. "Wow this is amazing." he said. I blushed and said "Thanks I have been writing alot more latley." "Umm can you sing it?" He asked. "Umm actually it's a duet, so can you sing it with me?" I asked. "Of course, I would love to." he said. "Okay let me get my guitar then. " I said grabbing my guitar. Then started playing the song.
    "Take my hand, I'll teach you to dance
    I'll spin you around won't let you fall down
    Would you let me lead? You can step on my feet
    Give it a try, it'll be alright
    The room's hush hush and now's our moment.
    Take it in, feel it all and hold it
    Eyes on you, eyes on me.
    We're doing this right.
    'Cause lovers dance when they're feeling in love
    Spotlight's shining it's all about us
    It's oh, oh, all
    About uh, uh, us
    And every heart in the room will melt
    This is a feeling I've never felt
    But it's all about us
    Suddenly I'm feeling brave
    Don't know what's got into me
    Why I feel this way
    Can we dance, real slow?
    Can I hold you, real close?
    The room's hush hush and now's our moment
    Take it in, feel it all and hold it
    Eyes on you, eyes on me we're doing this right
    Do you hear that love? They're playing our song
    Do you think we're ready? Oh, I'm really feeling it
    Do you hear that love? Do you hear that love?
    Do you hear that love? They're playing our song
    Do you think we're ready yet? Oh, I'm really feeling it
    Do you hear that love? Do you hear that love?
    Do you hear that love? They're playing our song
    Do you think we're ready yet? Oh, I'm really feeling it
    Do you hear that love? Do you hear that love?
    [Chorus x2]
    When we sang together it was like magic. After we finished, we started making out which you know lead to.....stuff. I feel amazing as I wake up. I look over at harry and he is still sleeping, so i kissed him which woke him up. "Good Morning" I said with a big grin on my face. "Good Morning Beautiful" he said to me smiling too. We then got dressed and walked back to his flat and found everyone having breakfast. I skipped over to steal bacon off Niall's plate. I was successful, but he threw a shoe at me, which really hurt. "Oww Niall that hurt!" I yelled. "Well then you shouldn't take my food." he said seriously. I stuck my tongue out at him and ate the bacon right in front of his face. Which caused him to pout like a two year old. I turned to Clauds because I wanted to go shopping for some lat minutes things we needed. "Hey Clauds wanna go shopping?" I asked and of course sh said "Yes". Then we left in taking Harry's car!
    Song by he is we and owl city:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QcEQbWtkME&feature=endscreen
    Hope you liked it part two up soon. Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas for the story I would be happy to them.

  9. xolimegreenxo101 xolimegreenxo101
    posted a quote
    October 23, 2012 8:36pm UTC
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  10. xolimegreenxo101 xolimegreenxo101
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    October 22, 2012 9:35pm UTC
    There is More to me Than what it Seems
    Chapter Twenty Part 2
    He was a totally mess. He was crying curled up in a ball. He didn't notice me until i sat down next to him on the bed. He tried saying something,but I kissed him before he could. He was surprised at first, but kissed me back. When we pulled apart 'I'm so sorry Bugs I should have listened to you and noticed that the picture was fake." he said. "I know and i would have done the same thing if the situation was in reverse." i told him. "Do you forgive me??" he asked. "Of course." I said kissing him again. "Not to be rude, but your a mess Harry." I said. "Yea I think i should shower, be right back." he said with a chuckle. He sudden turned back around and pulled over his shoulder into the bathroom. "Harry, Lou is gonna kill you." I said. "I thought it would be fun taking a shower together." he said innocently. I laughed and I gave into his puppy dogs begging me. It was interesting....hehe. We got out and changed. He then just noticed my shirt, he laughed and said "Nice shirt Mrs.Styles." I giggled and when we were dressed he again threw me over his shoulder and out into the living room where every one else was at. "I guess we are all good now." Weasel said smiling when Harry sat down putting me on his lap. "I turned and smiled at her and said "Thanks for decking her, but i wish I was there to see it!" "I am pretty sure her eye will be black for a month." she said and then laughed. "Hey guys I have had this feeling to sing all day and I was wondering if we could call Simon and use the studio because this song had been in my head non-stop." i said tothe boys. "Okay let me call Simon." Liam said. After a few minutes Simon said Yes and we were off. We go there and I had the cd with the music I wanted an dtold Liam to play track 5. As soon as the music started playing there faces dropped it was Mamma Knows Best by Jessie J.
    "Wow, there is something going down
    Like the storm in the sky, ooh
    I ain't gonna be played by your behavior
    How can I trust someone who's lying to me?
    So bow out, go
    Now I said bow out and leave
    I said take your stuff and go'Cause you're not for me, no
    Mamma knows best when times get hard
    And papa always has a joke to make me laugh
    See, mamma knows best when I feel down
    To bring me up and always keep my feet on solid ground, yeah
    See I ain't no old rag doll
    That you can pick up and drop
    And all of this inconsistent love, yeah
    I think it's about time that it S-T-O stops
    So bow out, go
    Now I said bow out and leave
    I said take your stuff and go'
    Cause you're not for me, no
    Mamma knows best when times get hard
    And papa always has a joke to make me laugh
    See, mamma knows best when I feel downTo bring me up and always keep my feet on solid ground, yeah
    "Just keep the best of my", daddy said to me
    Always use humor as your therapy, yeah
    Don't ever take life too seriously
    Just do you 'cause you do you so perfectly
    See, mamma, mamma knows best
    See, daddy, daddy knows best
    See, mamma, mamma knows
    She knows, she knows, she knows
    See, mamma knows best when times get hard
    And papa always has a joke to make me laugh
    See, mamma knows best when I feel down
    To bring me up and always keep my feet on the ground
    See, mamma, mamma knows best
    See, daddy, daddy knows best
    See, mamma, mamma knows
    See, mamma, mamma knows best
    See, daddy, daddy knows best
    See, mamma, mamma knows best, yeah, yeah, yeah."
    I finished and I felt amazing. I looked at everyone and thier mouth were wide open in shock. "Oh was that?" I asked. They were speechless and couldn't talk. Then someone spoke and it surprised everyone.
    Hey I hope you like it and YAY Seanna and Harry are back together!!! You is the person at the end tell me who you think it is. Hopefully i will be able to post tomorrow,but I'm not sure I have a lot of homework!!!

  11. xolimegreenxo101 xolimegreenxo101
    posted a quote
    October 22, 2012 8:49pm UTC
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  12. xolimegreenxo101 xolimegreenxo101
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    October 21, 2012 6:49pm UTC
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  13. xolimegreenxo101 xolimegreenxo101
    posted a quote
    October 21, 2012 2:13pm UTC
    Hey to everyone reading
    There is More to me Than what it Seems
    I'm stuck, so do you guys have any ideas for what should happen at the award show. If you do let me know because i'm really STUCK!!!
    Thanks much love

  14. xolimegreenxo101 xolimegreenxo101
    posted a quote
    October 21, 2012 12:34pm UTC
    There is More to me Than what it Seems
    Outfits for Chapter Nineteen
    Bugs' and Weasel's hair and Makeup:
    Bugs' and Weasel's Dresses:

  15. xolimegreenxo101 xolimegreenxo101
    posted a quote
    October 21, 2012 12:24pm UTC
    There is More to me Than what it Seems
    Chapter Nineteen Part 1
    I woke up at five which is wierd because I never get up this early. Well, I couldn't go back to sleep, so I careful got up making sure i didn't wake up Harry. I walked out to the living room and sat on the couch to watch TV. TV soon got boring, so I walked over to my flat and grabbed my guitar and song book. I have been feeling a little overwhelmed with everything, so maybe writing a song will help. I started writing and the lyrics just flew out of me. I worked non-stop until it was nine and everyone was starting to wake up. "Hey what are you doing up already?" Liam asked. "I got up at five and couldn't go back to sleep so I worked on a song." I said. "Oh that's cool." he replied. Then Harry came walking out and sat next to me. "Good Morning Beautiful." he said kissing my cheek. "Morning" i said. "What's this?" he asked grabbing my book. I grabbed it from him and said "It's my song book and you can't read it." He pouted and gave me puppy dog eyes. "That's not gonna work this time." I said determined not to give in. "Fine."he said giving up. "You guys excited for the award show tonight??" Lou asked jumping up and down. "Oh yea that's tonight." I said remembering. "Forgetful are we?" Harry teased. "No I have just been distracted with everything is all." I said giving him a look. He laughed at me. "Hey Weasel we should go to the salon with the girls and get our hair and makeup done." I said. "Uh sure sounds fun." she said. I looked over at Zayn and could tell he was still upset about Julia. I thought about it for a minute and got this brillant idea!
    "Hey Nikki can u come over, like now??"~Bugs<3
    "Yea sure wats up??"~Nikki:)
    "I tell you when u get here."~Bugs<3
    I sat on the couch and waited for her to get here. All of a sudden I heard a knock. "I'll get it!" I shouted running to the door. "Hey Bugs." she said walking in. "Hey" i said dragging her to the kitchen. "What was that for." she said rubbing her arm. "Well we have this award show tonight and Julia left Zayn and i was wondering if you would be his date." I said ready to get on my hands and knees to beg if I had to. "Yea sure, of course." she said. "YAY Thank you." i shouted hugging her to death. "Now lets go." I said pulling her to the living room where all the girls were waiting. "Where are we going?" she asked. "To get our hair and makeup done." Clauds answered. "Oh okay." nikki replied. We all then got into Harry's car and drove to the salon. we got there and had a blast talking and goofy off. When we were done we went back to mine and Weasel's flat to get ready. we searched through my closet for a dress for Nikki to wear, it took us a while, but we found her the perfect dress. All the girls looked gorgeous when they were all finished. "Hey why aren't you and weasel dressed yet?" Siara asked. "Umm we want to surprise you all, so can you guys go to the boys flat and wait there." I told them. They all said okay and left. "Are you sure about these dresses?" Weasel asked unsure. "Yes we will look beautiful, trust me." I said. "Okay well we should get ready then." she said grabbing her dress. I got my dress on careful not to mess up my hair and makeup. I was done and looked in the mirror and was happy of what I saw and walked out of my room to see Weasel all done too. "WOW!" we both said to each other. "I told you we would look great." I told her. "Okay you were right, so lets go." she said. Then we walked across the hall to the boys flat and opened the door. When we walked in all their heads snapped up and their mouths dropped!
    Okay heres part one!!! Hope you guys reading are enjoying it. i really like writing so let me know what you think and give me ideas you think that I should put into the story. Thanks!!!<33333

  16. xolimegreenxo101 xolimegreenxo101
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    October 20, 2012 11:19pm UTC
    There is More to me Than what it Seems
    Chapter Eighteen Part 2
    I got this awesome idea. I walked to the bathroom where they hid the silly string. Umm now I remember! I hid a few in mt shirt and tucked some in my boxers shorts for when i wanted to struck. Harry looked at me funny when I came back in. Then phone vibrated.
    "Hey what are you up to???~Haz:)
    "Nothing y???"~Bugs<3
    "What is in your shorts??"~Haz:)
    "Fine if you must know its silly string and why you looking?? PERV!!!."~Bugs<3
    He chuckled at my text and gave me a cheeky grin.
    "What its not like I haven't seen whats underneath and mind sharing these ideas next time."~Haz:)
    " Ughh you perv and I told you didn't I?"~Bugs<3
    "Yea, but can you give me a few cans."~Haz:)
    "Come to the kitchen."~Bugs<3
    I got up and he followed. "You are such a perv you know that." i said. "whatever you love me." he said. I laughed and handed him the three cans that were in my shirt. His eyebrow raised. "What?" I asked. "You put some in your shirt too." he said. "Yea you got a problem with that?"i asked. "No not at all its just funny thats all." he replied. "Whatever, when I say to start spraying k." "Okay." he said. We kissed and walked back out. When we walked back out, lightening struck outside and thunder boomed. It started pouring and the power went out! Just great, now we can't follow through with our plan. "Aww what we gonna do now." lou whined. "Well I'm actually kinda tired, so I'n gonna go to bed." I said walking into Harry's room. I laid down on the bed and took out all the silly string i was hiding then the door opened and Harry walked in. "Love you okay?" he asked. "Yea just tired and bummed that the powerr went out." i said. "Okay then lets go to bed." he said yawning. We cuddled up next to each other and i laid my head on his cheat. I fell asleep to the steady beating if his heart.
    Bugs' Pjs:http://www.polyvore.com/bugs_pjs/set?id=61502602#stream_box
    Aww how sweet so tell what you think!!!!

  17. xolimegreenxo101 xolimegreenxo101
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    October 20, 2012 10:59pm UTC
    There is More to me Than what it Seems
    Chapter Eighteen
    When I left Weasel I walked back to Lou's and Harry's and found everyone eating breakfast. It was quiet, which was wierd, so I texted Harry.
    "Hey Wat is up with everyone???"~Bugs<3
    "I have no idea, I was wondering the same thing"~Haz:)
    I looked up from my phone and noticed Zayn seemed upset, so I texted him to see if he would talk.
    "Hey Zayn can we talk???"~BugsBunny:)
    "Sure"~DJ Malik:)
    I got up and dragged him out the door. "Going to Starbucks w/ Zayn be back soon!" I shouted before walking out. We got there and lucky no one came up to us. We ordered and sat down. I broke the silence "What's wrong Zayn and don't pull that its nothing crap." I said. "Julia kissed some guy and we fought and she left with him, it was her ex." he mumbled loud enough for me to hear and tears coming to his eyes. "Oh my god Zayn I'm so sorry." i said getting up to hug him. "I really liked her." he said inbetween sobs. "I know you did but you will find someone else." I told him. "Yea okay." he said not believing me. "Oh come on Zayn now you doubt yourself, you are a great looking guy w/ a amazayn personality you will find someon." i said chuckling. He chuckled a little too. "There is that smile evveryone loves." i said. "Thanks BugsBunny your the best." he said hugging me. "I know and your welcome." I told him. Then we got up and left. When we got back I saw Weasel sitting on Niall's lap watching TV. Aww yay they worked it out!!!! I walked over to Harry and sat on his lap. He wrapped his arms around me and I laid my head on his chest. I loved how safe I felt in his arms. I was brought back from my day dream when Liam's phone rang. "Hey Simon what's up?" he said. Simon spoke on the other end and Liam's face dropped. "But we just got back!" he argued. I was confused and so was everyone else. "Fine, I will tell them, yea bye." he said harshly which was strange, he was always nice. "What's wrong Li?" I asked. "We have another tour that starts in 3 months. "What!!!" we all shouted. "Yea, he wants us to go on tour to show off our new member." he said. "Oh" was all I said. This was kinda my fault they just got back. "Sorry guys." i said. "What for Love you did nothing wrong." Harry said. "Yea I'm the new member and it's my fault we are going on tour when you guys just got back." i said gulity. "No it not Simon added you and we agreed, we knew this would come eventually, but we didn't think this soon." he said trying to comfort me. "Okay" i said. "Alright, but what about us?" Weasel asked gesturing to her and the girls. "Oh that's the good part you guys can come." Liam said happily this time. "YAy!" i shouted kinda in Harry's ear. "Umm owww." he said. "Sorry Haz." i said kissing his cheek. "Okay what are we going to do today??" I asked bored. "OOOooo we should do a twitcam tonight!" Lou shouted like a little kid. we all agreed. "But what about now??" i asked still bored. "Umm i don't know, maybe just a lazy day, watch movies and stuff." Harry said. "Okay that works." i said and got up to change even though I would have been fine in the clothes i was already in, I just felt like changing. When I came back I got wierd looks from all of them because i wa swearing my elephant hat. "Oh come on you know your jealous of this sexy hat!" i shouted. They all laughed. "Nice shirt." Harry said. I laughed because i knew he would love it, it said I LIKE CATS. "I would say the same to you but your not wearing one." i said jokingly. "You know you love it." he said with a wink. I giggles and sat down on his lap and he kissed me. "Okay what are we gonna watch?" Zayn asked. "OOOoooo The Aristocats!!!" I shouted. They all laughed, but Lou put it in knowing I would kill him if he didn't. "YAY I LOVE this movie!!!!" I screamed. We watched it and I sang all the songs! Oh and when my favorite part came on me and Lou acted it out. "ME first ME first!" i said trying not to laugh. "Why should you be first?" lou asked. "Because I'm a lady that's why." i said sassy like. "HAh your not a lady, YOU'RE NOTHING BUT A SISTA!" he said sassily. They all laughed at us and so did we. We were on the floor laughing so hard we started crying. We watched a lot of movies and around nine is when the boys decided to do their twitcam. I just sat there waiting for them to start and i got this awesome idea!
    Alright the thing was too long part 2 up momentarily. The part of the movie i was talking about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYZp2Sp4vb0 Its a remake with the charaters in Bambi.

  18. xolimegreenxo101 xolimegreenxo101
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    October 20, 2012 3:21pm UTC
    Now that I have your attention
    This girl BreBre906
    is writing a amazing story you
    all should go read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It would mean a lot to her and me!
    It is really good so far!!!!!!

  19. xolimegreenxo101 xolimegreenxo101
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    October 19, 2012 11:28pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  20. xolimegreenxo101 xolimegreenxo101
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    October 19, 2012 11:25pm UTC
    There is More to me Than what it Seems
    Chapter Seventeen
    I woke up with Harry's arms wrapped around me. Memories of last night flooded my mind and I smilied even though I had a big hangover and felt like crap. I looked at him still sleeping, so I just laid there. He soon woke up and I pretended to still be sleeping. He kissed me and I smiled. I opened my eyes to find him smiling too. "Good Morning Beautiful." he said. "You know you brighten my mood just like that even when I feel like crap." I said. "Good." he said. He kissed me and got up. I just laid there "Aren't you coming?" he asked. "No, I'm good." I said closing my eyes to go back to sleep. "Alright then no breakfast for you." he teased. I jumped up though "I WANT FOOD!" I shouted. He laughed "Umm why don't you put on clothes on first." he said. "okay" I said and took one of his t-shirts and threw it on not worrying about pants, I was hungry. I walked out and could smell the pancakes. "Smells good" I said hugging him from behind. "Good" he said putting a pancake on my plate and some bacon. he then made him one and we ate. "BEST pancake ever!" i said. "It better be you I won't make you anymore." he then grabbed the apron even though he was done cooking. He turned around and the apron read KISS THE COOK! I laughed and got up to kiss him. Then Lou came out groggily, "Rough night?" I asked. "Yea and I don't want to know why you are just in a shirt." he said. "Okay" i said awkwardly. Then I gave him some asprin and water. "Thanks sis." he said. "Your welcome." I said. Then I walked into Harry's room to get my phone.
    Niall's POV
    I didn't fall asleep. I stayed up all night thinking about Weasel. I decided to text Bugs to see if she could help.
    "Hey Bugs can you come over I need to talk to you!"~Nialler
    I waited for her reply when she did it said
    "Of course be there in a few."~Bugs<3
    I was glad I could always count on her to be my friend. Then I waited for her to come over. While I waited I decided to get changed. When I was done I sat on the couch again. I hope she can help.
    Thing was too long part 2 up shortly. tell me what you think???


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