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lol that was from three years ago. I'm Angela and I'm 18. 

Hi I'm Angie! I love sports, espicially volleyball and basketball. My favorite singer is Taylor Swift.  I love the color pink, the beach, Harry Potter ( the book ), Full House, Once Upon a Time, and all disney movies. Check out 1D_Fanfiction and 1hockey2lax3crazy for some awesome stories, and because I love them! Also check out peanut1299, she is an awesome writer as well! Hahaha bye! <3


Life is like the ocean.

Waves will try to knock you down and push you back to 

where you started but once you fight through them, 

the entire ocean is yours.

“Your lucky enough to be different, never change” 

-Taylor Swift

Don't you worry your pretty little mind
People throw rocks at things that shine

-Taylor Swift "Ours"


  1. xoangiexo xoangiexo
    posted a quote
    March 29, 2013 8:06pm UTC
    Save Me Tonight
    Chapter: Ten
    Saige's POV:
    I've been waiting for them to bring up this conversation, I knew they would too. But I kind of been hoping they would. Cause I really wanted to talk about it with my best friends.
    But being the person I am I want to hear their opinions on it, so time to act dumb.
    "..why?" I ask after them staring at me for a good ten seconds.
    Belle was taking a big breath, oh boy. But before she could say a word Perrie slapped her hand across her mouth and started.
    "We don't like John." Perrie stated simply.
    "Why don't you?" I ask.
    "You tell her." Perrie said as she removed her hand from Belle's mouth.
    Belle screams this at me all in one breath.
    As every word came at me I realized how true each one was.
    John is disrespectful to everyone, even me.
    He's rude to my parents.
    John dropped out of school, and has gotten into some stupid stuff.
    I am not the person I want to be when I am with him, I am not showing my true self.
    He tazzes my sides till I fall to the ground, and pushes me against the wall.
    And I think I'm in love with someone else.
    I think I have been for a long time.
    I'm in love with Harry Styles.
    "You're right." I whisper to my best friends.
    Author's Note:

  2. xoangiexo xoangiexo
    posted a quote
    March 9, 2013 10:27am UTC
    Save Me Tonight
    Chapter: Nine
    Well anyway, we're in Perrie's flat which is down the hall from the boy's. I watch Perrie take out her Avenger's key from her bag and open the door.
    "Dude I want your key." Saige laughs walking into the flat and dropping all her bags on the floor.
    I do the same and make my way to Perrie's cabinets where I can hopefully find some sugar. I FOUND A CHOCOLATE BAR. BOO YEAH. CHOCOLATE. OH YEAH.
    "CHOCOLATE!" I yell doing a little happy dance, don't judge me.
    "I WANT SOME." Saige yells and runs over to where I got it and finds another bar.
    "CHOCOLATE!" Saige yells doing a similar dance.
    Mine was better.
    "THAT IS MY CHOCOLATE YOU WH*RES!" Perrie screams at us from the couch.
    "HAHAHA. THERE IS NO MORE CHOCOLATE FOR YOU SL*T." I snicker at her while making my way to the couch with my half eaten chocolate bar.
    Saige follows close behind me and we plop our butts on the couch across from Perrie and watch her shoot us glares as we finish our chocolate bar.
    "That was so good chocolate." I smile.
    "THE BEST." Saige adds.
    "I hate you both." Perrie says getting up heading towards the tv.
    "YOU KNOW YOU LOVE US." Saige and I yell.
    Me and Saige watch Perrie put "The Princess Diaries" in the player, while we make faces at her when she is not looking.
    "Okay we're not actually going to watch this are we?"
    "Probably not, except for randomly quoting lines." Perrie laughs.
    "What are we going to do?" Saige asks us confused.
    "Talk." I say.
    "Your relationship." Perrie answers.
    Author's Note:
    Hey guys ! Yeah sorry about not writing for a month, and that this chapter is seriously messed up. BUT HEY IT'S SOMETHING. Yeah. Haha. Well. Bye.

  3. xoangiexo xoangiexo
    posted a quote
    March 9, 2013 10:25am UTC
    Save Me Tonight
    Chapter: Eight
    Belle's POV:
    Perrie hops in the drivers seat, and me and Saige battle for the front passenger seat. Well I won, and Saige is now in back.
    I turn on the radio and of course us three's favorite song comes on.
    We all give each other a look, and break out into singing.
    "I broke it off thinking you'd be cryin'
    Now I feel like shh looking at you flyin'
    I want you back
    I want you back
    Wa-want you, want you back
    We sang, defiantly emphasizing the 'Uh' every time.
    We soon arrived at the mall, inside the pretty part of London. Me and Saige defiantly did a bunch of 'ohhs and ahhs' coming into the BEAUTIFUL London. There we shopped until we dropped.
    "Okay girls, now that we had a fun day of shopping we're now going to go to my flat and gossip." Perrie says eyeing Saige.
    I laugh to myself as Saige shoots me glares. We are going to be talking about little Saige's John John. Ugh I think I just threw up in my mouth just THINKING that. John is a jerk. But Saige doesn't see it. He is always rude to our parents, ignores everyone around him, only cares about himself, and he hurts Saige. Not like punching and stuff. But like tazzing her sides until she is on the ground, throwing Saige against the wall to "surprise her." I want this kid out of her life. Like now.
    YAY We're back at the flat, time to convince Saige to dump that little jerk's butt.
    Okay. Fine I'll get back to what is happening.

  4. xoangiexo xoangiexo
    posted a quote
    March 3, 2013 7:10pm UTC
    Sorry I needed to scream.

  5. xoangiexo xoangiexo
    posted a quote
    March 1, 2013 1:45pm UTC
    I'm cold.
    But not cold enough
    to get up
    get a blanket.

  6. xoangiexo xoangiexo
    posted a quote
    February 20, 2013 7:04pm UTC
    Hey please check out hollygilmore88 and her amazing story
    The Princess
    The Leprechaun
    She is writing the story for me and I love it! If you can check it out and stuff that would be great!
    Thanks darlings!

  7. xoangiexo xoangiexo
    posted a quote
    February 10, 2013 7:54pm UTC
    Hey please check out hollygilmore88's story
    The Princess
    The Leprechaun
    It's amazing!
    Thanks darlings!

  8. xoangiexo xoangiexo
    posted a quote
    February 10, 2013 2:54pm UTC
    Go follow hollygilmore88!
    She will be putting up an AMAZING story up soon!
    If you do follow her, comment on here and I'll follow you!

  9. xoangiexo xoangiexo
    posted a quote
    February 9, 2013 8:37am UTC
    Save Me Tonight
    Chapter: Seven
    Hey so chapter seven is on my profile, but it's one of those 'click to see this quote' things. Sorry about that. Hope you enjoy the chapter!

  10. xoangiexo xoangiexo
    posted a quote
    February 9, 2013 8:32am UTC
    Save Me Tonight
    Chapter: Seven
    Harry's POV:
    Saige falls asleep in my arms. I cradle her, I'm not going to let anyone hurt her. Oh why can't she be mine, so I can assure she'll be safe. So I can show my love for me.
    Just why can't she be mine? I wonder. I fall asleep in thought about Saige, and I dream about us being together.
    I wake up, still on the couch, to someone pounding on the door. I was going to yell at one of the boys to get it, but I don't want to wake up Bo.
    I stand up with her in my arms and gently place her back onto the couch.
    I look around the room, looks like everyone returned to their rooms after the movie last night. I make my way over to the door. I look though the peephole to make sure it's not some crazy fan or anything. The purple hair reassures that it can only be the one and only Perrie so I open the door.
    "Hey Perrie." I greet her as she walks right in.
    "Sup Harold." She replies smiling.
    "Zayn's sleeping." I tell her.
    She gives me a look, "You think I didn't know that."
    "Good point, now why you here?" I ask her trying not to be to rude.
    "I wanted to see Belle and Saige, duh." She says as she makes her way to the couch.
    I watch Perrie grab a pillow, and smack Saige awake with it.
    This makes me laugh.
    Saige falls off the couch from getting hit with the pillow, and this makes me fall on the floor laughing.
    "Good you're up, we're going shopping. Get dressed and wake up Belle." Perrie says as she plops her self on the couch and puts her feet up on our coffee table.
    "Good morning to you too Perrie." Saige says as she gets up from the couch.
    She turns to me on the floor, and oh I am still laughing.
    "Yeah, guess how I am going to wake you up tomorrow." Saige says to me as she heads into Belle's room to wake her up.
    Perrie's POV:
    Sup people, I'm Perrie Edwards. Zayn Malik's girlfriend. While those twin losers get ready, let me tell you my short little bio. I have purple hair and blue eyes, and I'm in a girl band called 'Little Mix.'
    I met those freaks Belle and Saige when Harry first brought them to London a couple of years ago for a long weekend. Well as soon as I met them, we were instantly close. They're both my best friends. I miss them so much during tour. OH YEAH I SUPPORT SARRY(Harry and Saige) 100% AND WANT SAIGE TO DUMP JOHN'S SORRY LITTLE A-butt.
    "PERRIE WE'RE READY LET'S GO!" I hear Belle yell from the kitchen.
    Saige and Belle are finally ready. They toke a long time to get ready, so I've been in Zayn's room trying to wake him. Well I failed. I kissed his cheek and left his room. Man can that boy sleep. I walk into the kitchen and see Saige in a strapless blue top, jean shorts, and blue converse. Her hair is down and curled slightly, and she is wearing bow earrings. Belle is wearing a lacey top with a blue tank top underneath, jean shorts, and turquoise vans. Her hair is down just like Saige's but blonde, and she accessorized with a pearl bracelet.
    "Hey losers." I say walking up to them and give them both a bear hug, "I missed you."
    "We missed our freak as well." Saige says laughing.
    "Now let's go shopping. " I say as I head out the door with the two trailing behind me.
    "Bye boys." We all chorused as Belle shut the door.
    Time for a day of shopping and girl talk.
    Author's Note:
    Please let me know what you think!
    This story is for my chica, hollygilmore88!
    Polyvore Outfit:
    Saige and Belle's Outfits:

  11. xoangiexo xoangiexo
    posted a quote
    February 8, 2013 3:26pm UTC
    Save Me Tonight
    Chapter: Six
    I am kinda glad he ended the call, for the short time I talked to John it just felt awkward.
    Harry hops off my bed, and hands me my red converse.
    I hand them right back to him, "You put them on me, I'm to lazy."
    Harry gives me and look, but I just give him one of my famous puppy dog faces that he has never been able to say no to.
    "Fine." He laughs as he slips my shoes on my small feet.
    My shoes are tied by Harry.
    "Let's go now, we're going to dinner." Harry says grabbing my hand and leading me out the door.
    Well I am going to save you some time and just tell you what the dinner was like.
    We got to some diner and the boys were recognized. A bunch of fans wanted their autograph and picture, they even wanted mine and Belle's. It was so cool. There weren't that many fans, so we were able to sit down sooner than I would of though. We started talking about the most random topics and apparently our discussions were to loud and obnoxious. And we got kicked out before we even ordered our food. I blame Lou. He HAD to get us going about each others hair.
    Stop judging us. I know you are.
    Well after we got kicked out we went to Nando's. Where One Direction is actually welcome. We were the only people there, only because it was less than an hour to closing.
    Niall and I got in a , who can eat more contest. I lost, but I WAS CLOSER TO WINNING THEN ANYONE HAD EVER BEEN.
    You're jealous.
    I almost beat Niall in a food eating contest.
    I could see you're really jealous.
    Yeah so right now were walking into the flat.
    "CAN WE PLEASE WATCH CHARLIE ST. CLOUD!" I yell jumping onto the couch.
    I have a sudden urge to see Zac Efron shirtless, oh wait that's constant urge.
    I want to see the boy shirtless, NOW.
    "YES!" Belle yells jumping onto the other side of the couch.
    "BOYS YOU HAVE NO CHOICE NOW." I yell to them as Harry and Niall sit between me and Belle.
    "WATCH IT OR GO TO BED." Belle adds.
    I turn around to see Zayn and Liam heading to their rooms, and Louis skipping over to us.
    "Boobear put in the movie." Harry tells Lou, using his special nickname.
    'WOO ZAC EFRON TIME!!" I yell fist pumping the air.
    "BOO YEAH!" Belle says doing a fist point soon.
    That got Doll a look from Niall.
    "Excuse me?" Niall asks her "Boyfriend sitting right here." He finishes as he crosses his arms.
    "You know I love you, you're my leprechaun." Belle says kissing Niall's cheek making him uncross his arms and wrapping them around Belle.
    "AWW." I, Harry, and Lou say.
    The movie starts playing and I'm lying on the couch with my feet on Harry, and Belle is sitting on the other end with her feet on Niall. While Lou is just lying on his stomach on the floor. During the movie we laugh and we cry.
    I ended up cuddling into my best friend, Harry. He had his arm around me and I had my arms wrapped around his torso. It felt good cuddling with him. I had missed him so much.
    But the thing is, while I am with Harry I can't stop feeling butterflies in my stomach.
    Author's Note:
    Please let me know what you think!
    This story is for my chica, hollygilmore88!
    Polyvore Outfit:
    Saige's Outfit:

  12. xoangiexo xoangiexo
    posted a quote
    February 8, 2013 3:23pm UTC
    Save Me Tonight
    Chapter: Five
    Saige's POV:
    After three hours of shooting each other with nerd guns and hitting each other with swords, we decided to end the battle.
    Don't listen to Team Loser, they don't know how to lose.
    After the battle, Harry gave me and Belle a tour of the flat. Belle and I each have our own room, which is awesome.
    Right now I am lying on my new bed that has a purple comforter. I am wearing the same thing I was wearing earlier, my red spiderman shirt, gold shorts, gold studs, and my hair up in an upside down french braid. I kicked off my red converse and right now they're lying on the floor next to my door.
    I have my IPhone4 in my hand, I am shooting a text to my Madre telling her how everything is going. I had just sent the text when my phone started ringing. I quickly pick it up not bothering to check who might be calling me.
    "Hello?" I ask.
    "Hey babe." I hear a deep voice that could only belong to John.
    "Hey John!" I say trying to sound happy to hear from him.
    Don't get me wrong, I like John. It's just that I feel bad, he hasn't crossed my mind once since I last saw him at my birthday.
    "How's London so far?" John asks me, man this conversation is awkward.
    "Um, well I haven't really seen anything yet. We got to the flat and had a nerf battle.." I say chuckling.
    "That sounds…interesting." John said trying to find the right words.
    "Yeah well Harry, Lou, and I won, so SUCK IT."
    I heard him laugh at the last part.
    John was about to say something when I head a knock on the door.
    "Hang onto that thought." I told him, as I put my phone against my chest to save him from hearing whoever was behind the door and I's conversation.
    "Come in." I say.
    Harry pokes his head in the door and walks right in.
    "Wow I'm proud, you actually knocked" I laugh at him.
    A cheeky smiles appears on his face as he joins me on my bed.
    "Who you talking to? He asks me.
    "John." I say.
    As soon as I said his name, Harry stole my phone from my hand.
    "If you hurt my Bo, I will go after you. Got it?" Harry tells John.
    I laugh, but I know if John did hurt me Harry would keep his word.
    "Well anyway I'm taking this loser of yours to dinner with the rest of the boys and Belle. BYE." Harry says hanging up and throwing my phone at me.
    Author's Note:
    Please let me know what you think!
    This story is for my chica, hollygilmore88!
    Polyvore Outfit:
    Saige's Outfit:

  13. xoangiexo xoangiexo
    posted a quote
    February 7, 2013 9:16pm UTC
    Save Me Tonight
    Chapter: Four
    Saige's POV:
    I run out of the car into the building, with Belle trailing me. We're going to destroy the boys in this battle. I start looking around the lobby of the building realizing I don't know where to go.
    "Belle-" I start off, but then I see a little blonde Irish boy running to the elevator with my Doll (Belle) thrown on his shoulder.
    This is going to get interesting I think, but the next thing I know I am thrown across someones shoulder. I see the curly hair, Harry has me.
    "YOU'RE MY PRISONER." Harry yells as he makes his way to the stairs.
    "LIAM HELP ME." I yell to the Liam carrying all of our stuff.
    "Nope sorry." Liam says as he gets into the elevator with the two blondes.
    "HARRY PUT ME DOWN." I yell as he starts running up the stairs.
    "NEVERRRR." He squeals like a little kid as he makes his way up to the second floor.
    "If you drop me, or fall. You better be ready for what's coming." I yell to him hoping he doesn't do anything to make me fall.
    I hear him laugh as we get to the floor of his flat.
    "Okay. So when we get in there, it's a total war. Nerf guns and styrofoam swords. They're two teams. Team awesome is me, you, and Louis. Team losers are Belle, Niall, Liam, and Zayn."
    I smile, this is going to be interesting.
    "Follow me. " Harry says walking towards the right end of a long corridor, I follow him. The curly head boy leads me to the end of the hallway where there is a potted plant.
    "Okay either you just brought me over here to look at a fake plant. Or I know you well enough to know you hid something in this plant." I say smiling.
    "You know me to well." Harry laughs as he reaches into the pot and grabs out two nerf guns and bullets.
    Hazza hands me a gun and leads me to the door next to the plant.
    "Stand back." He whispers as he unlocks the door.
    Harry slowly opens the door and through the crack I see everyone beat us to the flat. Bella is on Niall's back shooting Liam, I see Zayn holding a styrofoam sword waiting for someone he can attack. Louis is no where in sight, good thing he is on my team.
    "ATTACK!" Harry yells kicking the door fully open.
    Everyone's eyes turn to me and Harry, only paying attention to us. Niall comes jogging our way with Bella still on his back. I aim my gun, but then pull away as I spot something.
    I spot a Louis. Repeat. I spot a Louis.
    I watch as Lou gets out of his hiding spot in the closet, a styrofoam sword in his hand.
    BAM. Belle is hit in the head with a sword along with Nialler.
    "BELLE!" Niall screams as Belle falls off his back onto the carpet.
    I think Niall was trying to do some overdrametic acting or whatever, but Belle being Belle was laughing hysterically on the ground.
    Which caused Niall to collapse on the floor laughing.
    Two blondes on the floor laughing hysterically over getting hit with a sword.
    I take this moment to shoot them both with a nerf gun bullet.
    This just adds to their laughter.
    "You two are such goofballs." I laugh.

    Author's Note:
    Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been busy. I am also sorry if this chapter stinks, I was tired and I didn't want to edit it.
    Please let me know what you think!
    This story is for my chica, hollygilmore88!
    Polyvore Outfit: (I didn't say what Saige was wearing, but this is suppose to be her outfit)
    Saige's Outfit:

  14. xoangiexo xoangiexo
    posted a quote
    February 3, 2013 9:17pm UTC
    Save Me Tonight
    Chapter: Three
    I was catching up with the cheeky curly head boy when I heard Liam say, "Welcome to London."
    So as soon as he says that I go right to my window in the car and literally stick my face onto the glass, awaiting to see this beautiful city. I hear chuckling from behind, but I don't bother to turn around.
    "Don't laugh at me." I say still squished against the glass.
    "Too late." Harry laughs.
    "Anything interesting Saige-y?" Belle asks me as she looks out the window.
    "Not yet." I whine.
    "Well you're not going to see anything special yet." Louis tells us as he scrolls through the messages on his phone.
    "Why not?" Belle and I whine at the same time.
    We got some looks for answering at the same time, but they'll get used to it. It's a twin thing.
    "Our flat is a five minute drive from all that stuff." Harry explains to us.
    "Ohhhhh." Bella and I say.
    "You know you guys are really loud." Zayn says as he turns around to face us.
    Look who finally woke up.
    "Good afternoon Zayn." Liam says laughing.
    "Don't make me come back there, Lou." Zayn says giving the boy in red pants a death glare.
    "Is that a threat?" Lou smirks ready to put up a fight.
    "Boys, no fight-" Liam was saying till Louis cut him off.
    "SWORD FIGHT AND NERFGUN WAR AT, well as soon as we walk into the flat." Louis declares.
    "YOU'RE OWN." Zayn laughs.
    Hmmm. I wanna join this fight.
    "Belle." I whisper as I poke her back. "Belle."
    "Yes Chica." (She calls me Chica, she's my Doll) Belle whispers as she turns around.
    "Let's start a fight to join that nerfgun/swordfight." I say smiling.
    "Yes." Belle smiles.
    "YOU DID NOT JUST CALL ME TUNA." Belle yells at me as she gives me a wink.
    "YES I DID. TUNA TUNA. TUNA." I yell back at her returning the wink.
    "LADIES, LADIES YOU'RE BOTH PRETTY." Harry yells pulling me back next to him.
    He knows how I use to call Belle Tuna, and she couldn't stand that nickname so she made me stop. I don't even know why I use to call her Tuna, but we still joke about it.
    "We must settle this in a battle." I say.
    "We must." Belle says as Niall hugs her waist holding her back from me.
    "CHILDREN WE"RE HERE. Welcome to our flat." Liam yells so he could be heard.
    Let the games begin.

    Author's Note:
    Please let me know what you think!
    This story is for my chica, hollygilmore88!

  15. xoangiexo xoangiexo
    posted a quote
    February 3, 2013 3:18pm UTC
    Save Me Tonight
    Chapter: Two
    Belle's POV:
    Hey I'm Belle.
    Saige's older twin sister. Me and Saige look exactly alike except our hair color. I have dirty blonde hair and she has brunette hair with some blonde highlights.
    I am also Niall Horan's girlfriend. I met my amazing leprechaun the first time Harry came home from X-Factor. It was love at first sight. I'm his princess.
    You might be wondering about Saige and Harry's relationship. Well they're truly best friends. They would do anything for each other. But like you, I know they need to be together AS IN BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND. Harry is IN LOVE with her, but Saige isn't smart enough to see it. She is torturing Harry by dating that freak John. I do not like John. Not only because he is part of the reason Harry and her aren't a couple yet. But I feel John is going to hurt my sis. If he does the crazy in this blonde will come out, and the psycho in a curly head boy in love will defiantly come out as well. Saige is in love with Harry, but she isn't letting herself see it. She doesn't know what love is. She needs someone to show her. I know that person will be Harry, everyone knows it except for Saige. Saige and Harry will get married one day, I know it.
    Okay I think that is enough back story, let's get to the adventure we're having right now.
    Niall and I are walking out of the door of my parent's house hand in hand, we throw our stuff in the back of the car.
    Liam is in the drivers seat, and Zayn is asleep in the passenger seat. Saige is in the way back of the car in between an overtired Harry and energetic Louis. Niall and I sit next to each other in the middle seat. I put my head down on his shoulder, and he grabs my hand and starts playing with my fingers.
    "Try to go to sleep Princess, it's a long drive." Niall whispers in my ear then giving me and kiss on my temple.
    "Okay." I simply say as I shut my eyes and fall asleep.
    'HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA" I wake up still on the road but to Louis, Harry, and Saige laughing hysterically.
    I open my eyes to find Niall attempting to eat whip cream off his face.
    "Okay what happened?" I ask wanting to know what happened while I was asleep.
    "Well remember when you, me, and Harry had that sleepover one night when we were like 8. And you did the whip cream feather prank on me and Harry while we were sleeping?" Saige asks trying to hold back her laughing.
    "Yeah?" I say not sure how this ends up with Niall getting whip creamed.
    "We wanted payback from ten years ago." Harry smirked.
    "So we grabbed the whip cream and this feather before we left." Saige said holding up her weapons.
    "So we waited until both you and Niall were asleep, then I put a handful of whip cream in your hands." Harry said deviously.
    "I tickled your nose with the feather." Saige said laughing hysterically not finishing the story.
    "Instead of hitting yourself with whip cream, you hit me. Thanks Belle." Niall said laughing, finishing the story for the two idiots laughing in their seat along.
    This made me go in hysterics.
    "Not funny when you're the one with whip cream in your face, help me?" Niall asked me as he gave me a puppy dog eyes.
    I used my finger and used it to grab some of the whip cream off his face, then I put it in my mouth, "Your face tastes good Nialler," I laugh.
    This gets a smirk from my leprechaun.
    I cleaned Niall up with a napkin I found in my purse. Saige, Harry, and Lou were still laughing in the back seat. While Liam was driving, and Zayn was still asleep in the passenger seat.
    "Welcome to London." Liam tells us making us all break up from what we were doing, as we enter the city we were going to be living in for the next year.

    Author's Note:
    Please let me know what you think!
    This story is for my chica, hollygilmore88!

  16. xoangiexo xoangiexo
    posted a quote
    February 2, 2013 11:06pm UTC
    Save Me Tonight
    Chapter: One
    Hello there. I'm Harry Styles.
    You may not know this but I'm in this little band called One Direction.
    I'm eighteen, curly hair, and green eyes.
    Yeah you probably knew that. Well anyway I'm on a plane to go see my best friend from birth Saige.
    I'm leaving New York City at the moment because we just finished our tour here. I am going to surprise Saige tonight for her 18th birthday tonight at our home town in Cheshire.
    The boys are coming with me. They are because:
    1. Because Niall is dating Belle.
    2. Cause the boys are good friends with the two twins.
    3. We all are going drive to London with Saige and Belle tomorrow (the boys and I live in London when we aren't touring).
    Saige doesn't know I'm coming, actually the only people who know I'm surprising Saige is her parents. They agreed to let her think she is getting an apartment with Belle in London when really they are staying at me and they boy's flat.
    The plane landed and Liam rented a car, while Louis drove it. Zayn was trying to calm me and Niall down as Louis drove from the airport to my hometown to Saige's house. I was freaking out. I MISSED MY BEST FRIEND. SHE WAS MY BO AND I WAS HER CHEEKY. Niall was freaking out too, he missed Belle. I did to, she is my best friend too. But- wait. WE'RE PULLING ONTO MY OLD STREET. OUR STREET. I am jumping up and down right now. Louis pulled into the familiar driveway of her blue house. I unbuckle my seat belt and gently shut my door. I walk or more like run up to the door and grab my keys out of my pocket and unlock her door. Yes I have a key. I try to be as quiet as I could to not alarm Saige that anyone was in her house. I try my best to tip toe to the doorway of her dinning room. I get to the door way to find Saige kissing John.
    Before I could stop myself I yell, "EWW GROSS."
    Happy to end what was going on between those two pairs of lips over there.
    Saige looks up to see me, her blue eyes shine as she realizes it's me. My smile grows as she runs out of her seat into my arms. I embrace her small body in mine, never wanting to let go.
    "Happy Birthday Bo." I whisper kissing the top of her head.
    "I've missed you so much Cheeky." She whispered back
    "I've missed you too."
    Saige pulled away from the hug, but I didn't let her get away. I wrapped my arm her shoulder not wanting to let go of my best friend just yet.
    "Hey Belle, turn around." I say to the girl smiling from her seat at our little reunion.
    Niall was standing right behind her.
    Now I can tell you what just happen between those two love birds, but I'll shorten it for you.
    I missed you. I love you (they've been dating for the last year and a half). Kissing.
    You're welcome.
    Then the boys came in, and the girls had their reunion with them.
    We had cake, and the girls received all their presents except mine.
    "Saige, Belle. You two are going to London tomorrow. We live in London. You're living with us. END OF STORY." I say smiling.
    "REALLY!?!" Saige and Bella scream at the same time. Twin thing.
    "Really." The boys and I say at the same time. Boy band thing.
    Don't judge us. I know you are.
    "Thank you guys, you're the best!" Belle says atomically getting up and hugging me and the rest of the boys.
    "Thank you Harry." Saige says hugging me again as she whispers, "Love you best friend."
    "I love you too." I tell her.
    I don't only love her. I'm in love with her.
    But how are you suppose to tell your best friend for life, who has a boyfriend, that you've been in love with her your whole life?
    Author's Note:
    Please let me know what you think!
    This story is for my chica, hollygilmore88!

  17. xoangiexo xoangiexo
    posted a quote
    February 2, 2013 8:50pm UTC
    Save Me Tonight
    Chapter: Prologue
    Hey I'm Saige.
    I'm eighteen with long brown wavy hair and two light blue eyes. I am short at a roaring 5'5, but I don't care I love being short.
    And right now I am listening to my parents and my boyfriend sing "Happy Birthday" to me and my twin sister Belle. I am smiling huge at them, excited because I'm finally eighteen.
    So while everyone is singing "Happy Birthday" let me tell you a bit about myself. I just graduated high school. I live in Holms Chapel, Cheshire with my parents and Belle, but after today me and Belle are heading to London for a year. We're going to put off college for one year and live in our dream city. So you all are probably wondering about my boyfriend, John. Well, I met him in the beginning of our junior year and we've been dating since the end of junior year. I really really like him. But sadly he is gong to stay in Holms Chapel to work in his family's restaurant.
    Yeah so in-okay well everyone stopped singing happy birthday, I'll continue this story later. Time to blow out my candles!
    "One." Belle started counting.
    Every birthday we had we did a countdown to blow out the candles, so we'd both do it at the exact same time. So we both could get a wish.
    "Two." I said staring down at the eighteen lit candles.
    "THREE!" We yelled as we blew out every one.
    When I was sure every candle was extinguished, I closed my eyes knowing exactly what to wish for.
    I wish my best friend could be here right now.
    My best friend couldn't be here to celebrate today he was living his dream in America. We've been best friends since we were born. Our parents were always great friends so when I was born four months after him, BOOM! I already had a best friend for life.
    I open my eyes hoping to see him there, but all all I find is John leaning in ready to kiss me.
    Well I guess this isn't bad. I close my eyes and kiss him. I feel John smiling, and I open my eyes to see his brown ones.
    "Happy Birthday Babe." He whispers, as he pecks my lips again.
    As we were parting I hear a familiar voice yell,
    I quickly look up to see my best friend and his perfect green eyes.
    My wish came true I thought. I smile brightly and I quickly get out of my seat.
    "HARRY!" I yell running as fast as I could to hug my best friend, Harry Styles.
    Author's Note:
    New story! Leave comments and tell me what you think! Give me some ideas! This story is for my Chica, hollygilmore88!

  18. xoangiexo xoangiexo
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    February 2, 2013 4:20pm UTC
    I'm stupid and don't logout of 1hockey2lax3crazy's laptop...

  19. xoangiexo xoangiexo
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    February 2, 2013 9:41am UTC
    Hey I am writing a new story called "Save me Tonight."
    It's for one of my best friends Hollygilmore88, I'll have the prolouge up later today!

  20. xoangiexo xoangiexo
    posted a quote
    February 2, 2013 9:38am UTC
    To the readers of:
    Gotta Be Ours
    I am starting a new story called "Save me Tonight," I will still write "Gotta Be Ours."
    I am sorry for never writing, I'll try to update more often for both.
    Thank you.


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