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Status: we accept the love we think we deserve

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i'm kiara.

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  1. mangostarsss mangostarsss
    posted a quote
    January 5, 2014 12:48am UTC

    you have only seen yourself two times taking a picture and looking at the image and staring in the mirror and looking at your reflection you don’t get to see the way your eyes light up when you talk about something you love and you can never see how beautiful you look when you really smile it’s really is kinda sad that never actually seen yourself but I can promise you I will be here everyday to tell you what i see.
    — R.J

  2. mangostarsss mangostarsss
    posted a quote
    January 4, 2014 1:08am UTC
    she needs make-up to cover up because,
    society taught her who she is isn't good enough.

  3. mangostarsss mangostarsss
    posted a quote
    January 3, 2014 12:23pm UTC
    "The truth is that everyone's gonna hurt you"
    *You just have to find the ones worth suffering for.*
    -Bob Marley

  4. mangostarsss mangostarsss
    posted a quote
    January 2, 2014 11:38pm UTC
    I just want a relationship that will make all the girls jealous. I want a boyfriend. I want a bestfriend. Who is allowed to come over with no problem. Someone who will look me in the eyes and show me that cute little smile. He won't judge me for not going past my standards. Kiss me in the rain and wrestle me over something stupid. Send me texts that make my day. He has time for me. Love me for my sweatpants and baggy shirts. Lots of hugs. He's funny but can stand my insecurities. We'd buy tons of disposable cameras, and take a lot of silly pictures of each other. We'd spray squirt guns at each other, just to mess around. One who would be my bestfriend, and never break my heart...just make me smile
    all the time! But most importantly, he won't be afraid to have me fall madly in love with him.

  5. mangostarsss mangostarsss
    posted a quote
    January 2, 2014 10:21pm UTC
    There's a point in life when,
    you get tired of chasing everyone and trying to fix everything, but it's not giving up. It's realizing you don't need certain people and their crap.

  6. mangostarsss mangostarsss
    posted a quote
    January 2, 2014 12:05am UTC
    I do a lot of thinking before I go to sleep...
    I play scenes in my head.
    Practice things I want to say.
    I have endless "What Ifs".
    I make plans that I never follow through with.
    I think about people.
    Ask myself questions I can't answer.
    Am I the only one?

  7. mangostarsss mangostarsss
    posted a quote
    January 1, 2014 12:01am UTC
    The fear of becoming so awesome that the human race can't handle it and everybody dies.

  8. mangostarsss mangostarsss
    posted a quote
    December 30, 2013 12:04am UTC
    Roses are red
    I have a phone
    Nobody text me
    Forever alone.


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