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I blow the candles out on January 19th:)
I'm stuck between two guys and I have know clue which one to choose.
I like to have fun and hang with my friends.
My family is everything to me.
6 years ago I lost my grandmother and bestfriend.
I tend to think about him all the time.
i love music, it's everything to me.
  1. kcoon69 kcoon69
    posted a quote
    April 6, 2012 10:14pm UTC
    Wishing I was knee deep in the water somewhere
    Got the blue sky breeze and it don't seem fair
    Only worry in the world is the tide gonna reach my chair

  2. kcoon69 kcoon69
    posted a quote
    March 31, 2012 9:30pm UTC
    It's nice when someone remembers small detail about you. Not because you keep reminding them, but because they actually care.

  3. kcoon69 kcoon69
    posted a quote
    March 31, 2012 9:25pm UTC
    Secrett #idkk
    It kills me to see him with her, but I make it seem like I don't care at all...

  4. kcoon69 kcoon69
    posted a quote
    March 31, 2012 9:05pm UTC
    I need someone to talk too....
    Anyone please?

  5. kcoon69 kcoon69
    posted a quote
    March 31, 2012 8:47pm UTC
    Cross Off the Things You Have Done
    Graduated high school
    Kissed Someone
    Smoked a cigarette
    Got so drunk you passed out
    Rode in a police car for something you didn't do
    Rode every ride at an amusement park
    Collected something doing really stupid
    Gone to a rock concert
    Help someone
    Gone fishing
    Watched four movies in one night
    Gone long periods of time without sleep
    Lied to someone
    Snorted cocaine
    Failed a class
    Dealt drugs
    Been in a car accident
    Been in a tornado
    Done hard drugs
    Watched someone die
    Been at a funeral
    Burned yourself
    Ran a marathon
    Cried yourself to sleep
    Spent over $200 in one day
    Flown on a plane
    Sat first class (1st seat ) on a plane
    Cheated on someone
    Been cheated on
    Written a 10 page letter
    Gone skiing
    Been sailing
    Cut yourself on accident
    Had a best friend
    Lost someone you loved
    Shoplifted something
    Been to jail
    Dangerously close to being in jail
    Skipped school
    Skipped class
    Had detention
    Got in trouble for something you didn't do
    Stolen books from the library
    Gone to a different country
    Dropped out of school
    Been in a mental hospital
    Been treated in a mental hospital
    Watched the “Harry Potter” movies
    Had an online diary
    Fired a gun
    Had a yard sale
    Had a lemonade stand
    Actually made money at the lemonade stand
    Been in a school play
    Been fired from a job
    Taken a lie detector test
    Swam with dolphins
    Gone to sea world
    Voted for someone on a reality TV show
    Written poetry
    Read more than 20 books a year
    Written over a 30 page essay
    Gone to Europe
    Loved someone you shouldn't have
    Befriended someone you shouldn't have
    Used a coloring book over age 12
    Had surgery
    Had stitches
    Taken a taxi
    Seen the Washington Monument
    Had more than 5 IM’s/online conversations going at once
    Had a drug or alcohol problem
    Relative to someone with a serious alcohol/drug problem
    Been in a fist fight
    Gone surfing in California
    had a hamster
    Pet a wild animal
    Used a credit card
    Did “spirit day” at school
    Dyed your hair
    Got a tattoo
    Had something pierced
    Got straight As
    Been on the honor roll
    Known someone with HIV or AIDS

  6. kcoon69 kcoon69
    posted a quote
    March 31, 2012 8:37pm UTC
    "You can’t have a better tomorrow, if you keep thinking about yesterday."
    -Taylor Swift

  7. kcoon69 kcoon69
    posted a quote
    January 10, 2012 3:29pm UTC
    I just wanna spill out everything thats bottled up inside me to someone and trust them not to judge me...

  8. kcoon69 kcoon69
    posted a quote
    January 7, 2012 9:32pm UTC
    Noah wrote Allie 365 letters so I think you can answer my text message.

  9. kcoon69 kcoon69
    posted a quote
    December 30, 2011 11:40pm UTC
    Just thinking of what we could have been brings tears to my eyes:'(

  10. kcoon69 kcoon69
    posted a quote
    December 30, 2011 11:28pm UTC
    words can't even describe the pain i'm in...</3

  11. kcoon69 kcoon69
    posted a quote
    December 21, 2011 7:12pm UTC
    Secret #1
    I'm in love with my best guy friend and he has no clue :)

  12. kcoon69 kcoon69
    posted a quote
    December 21, 2011 7:04pm UTC
    For Every Like I'll Admit A Secret.<3

  13. kcoon69 kcoon69
    posted a quote
    December 21, 2011 6:50pm UTC
    чσu αrє αmαzíng, & í líkє чσu α lσt вut, í'm nσt wαítíng fσrєvєr sσ, íf чσu wαnt mє ín чσur lífє tєll mє, вєfσrє í gívє up σn чσu & mσvє σn.

  14. kcoon69 kcoon69
    posted a quote
    December 21, 2011 6:46pm UTC
    "I didn't do it!" "Then why are you laughing?!" "Because whoever did is a freaking genius!"

  15. kcoon69 kcoon69
    posted a quote
    December 21, 2011 6:44pm UTC
    Mom: "I just need-..." You: "SOMEBODY TO LOVE" Mom: "No, I never..." You: " SAY NEVER!" Mom: "If u dont stop imma.." You: "TELL U ONE TIME!"

  16. kcoon69 kcoon69
    posted a quote
    December 8, 2011 5:19pm UTC
    Fav and i'l l
    comment something on
    your profile!:)

  17. kcoon69 kcoon69
    posted a quote
    November 28, 2011 4:25pm UTC
    I stand next to you and act like i'm
    absolutly fine, but inside it's killing me...

  18. kcoon69 kcoon69
    posted a quote
    November 28, 2011 4:05pm UTC
    If I disappeared would you even care?</3

  19. kcoon69 kcoon69
    posted a quote
    November 28, 2011 3:45pm UTC
    Basics1. Name: Kim2. Age: 153. Height: 5'9"4. Date of Birth: January19, 19965. Eye Color: Blue6. Religion: idk7. Sexuality: StraightLooks8. Hair Color: Brown, dirty blonde, 9. Eye Color: Blue10. Weight: 125 or so11. Skin Tone: white/light tan12. Piercings/Tattoos: Ears 1st and 2nd holes, Tragus, and Nose13. Jewelry: Rings, Bracelets, Neckelace, Earings14. Build: Tall and AthleticPersonality15. Funny or Serious? Funny16. Hard working or lazy? Both depending how motivated I am :p17. Flirty or reserved? Depends on who i'm with18. What is the first thing people notice about your personality? That I'm not a shy person, kinda quiet, but not shy19. Are you more caring or sympathetic? Caring20. Are you sporty, artistic, bookworm or sciency? Sporty Have You Ever21. Slapped someone in the face? YES22. Lost touch with a good friend? YES23. Kissed someone for a dare? YES24. Drank alcohol? YES25. Broke a bone? YES26. Got chickenpox? YES27. Ate a whole pizza to yourself? YES28. Stepped on a bug? YES29. Rode a horse? YES30. Been seen naked by someone not your doctor or family member? YESHow Many31. TVs are in your house? 632. People have you kissed? 433. Chairs are in the room you are in now? 834. Best friends do you have? Too many to count35. PCs or laptops are in your house? 3This or That?36. Summer or Winter? Summer37. Strawberry or Banana? Strawberry38. Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift? Taylor Swift39. Eminem or Kanye West? Eminem40. Vegetables or Fruits? Fruits41. Books or Movies? Movies42. Hugs or Kisses? Both43. Rock or Pop? PopName The Last Person That...44. Hugged you? Josh45. Kissed you? Josh46. Thanked you? Courtney47. Flirted with you? Josh48. Insulted you? Tyler49. Made you laugh? Jason50. Made you cry? DJLasts51. Ate? M&M52. Drank? Pepso53. Talked to? My sister54. Word Spoke? No Prob55. Time cried? Last Night56. Time laughed? An hour agoFirsts57. Best friend? Emily58. Crush? Idk59. Boyfriend? Brad60. Pet? Dog61. Kiss? DJ62. Took steps? IdkRandom63. Do you own any brand shirts? Yeah64. What languages do you know? English and Italian65. Do you like to sing? Yes66. Are you competitive? Yes67. What are you afraid of? Clowns,Spiders,Snakes68. Who do you miss? DJ and my Grandma69. Are you a virgin? No70. Do you like photography? Yes

  20. kcoon69 kcoon69
    posted a quote
    November 16, 2011 8:51pm UTC
    Confession #5
    I can't wait for this weekend:)


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