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  1. kayyy_is_cool_duhh kayyy_is_cool_duhh
    posted a quote
    April 3, 2009 10:44pm UTC
    okay you know what? fine, i'll admit it.
    i'm scared that my life's going to fall apart;
    i'm scared that my friends will leave me;
    i'm scared that i'll make big mistakes;
    i'm scared that i wont make the right choices;
    i'm scared that he's gonna stop loving me;
    i'm scared that he's going to stop caring;
    i'm scared that i'm going to loose him;
    I'm not as tough as i seem
    He was my BestFriend.
    I told him everything {&} he was the only
    person that i could ever just talk to.
    He understood what i was going through
    He knew exactly how i felt.
    I loved him and i know he loved me too.
    He was the only person i could ever see myself
    spending the rest of my life with.
    I know im young, and so is he, but when im with him,
    all the problems in the world just seem to
    disapear. When im near him the only thing i want to
    do is hug him, and never let go. Because in
    his arms, is where everthing would just
    fall into place.
    I would call him almost every single day,
    just to hear the sound of his voice, & truthfully, the only
    thing i wanted to hear, was his voice. But
    now all of that has changed.
    Im not sure how, nor why. I guess time got
    the best of us. We have both became two different people.
    He's not how i remember him, and
    im not how i remember myself..... But he has a girlfriend
    now {&} the only thing i want for him is to
    be happy, no matter how much it hurts me. When i see them
    together, it shatters my heart.
    Becasue that could have been me, but its not, and dont
    think it ever will be.
    He was my BestFriend, and no matter what,
    I will always love him.
    Its not like i ever stopped*<33
    && he has no idea that when he says "hi" to me,[ i melt ]
    when he walks near me, m y h e a r t is going crazy
    when he says my name, i get butterflies in my stomch.
    and even though i had my [ c h a n c e ] _______</3 xo
    he has no idea that i simply want him to come back to me.
    It's sad when...
    People you know become people you knew.
    When you can walk right past someone like
    they were never a big part of your life. How you
    used to be able to talk for hours and now you
    can barely even look at them...

  2. kayyy_is_cool_duhh kayyy_is_cool_duhh
    posted a quote
    March 14, 2009 11:40pm UTC
    &+ i've been to hell and back; i spill stuff, trip, && embarrass
    myself. i can't just flutter my eyes and get that boy. my life is
    messed up, i've been through more crap than you see on tv.
    nobody's perfect; that's for sure. i've been lied to, cheated on,
    and had my heart stolen. i've messed up, messed people up,
    and been messed up. but, every hit was worth it because i felt
    it. i knew it was real. life is real and i'm living it wrong every day.
    i'm messing up royally and doing everything opposite; but do i
    regret one thing? never. because at one point what i did was
    exactly what i wanted and i got my satisfaction. my life is mine
    and no stupid girls or immature boys can mess it up for me
    anymore. i'm the real deal and i'd love to see you break me :)
    I Can Honestly Say
    He was the first guy that I talked to
    The first guy I stayed up till 6 in the morning just to say hi or goodnight
    The guy I actually told my true feelings to
    &&The first guy that I have told personal things to
    And he was the first guy to give me advice
    I fell so hard for him and that is the point that makes me break down
    I fell so hard and now I am just looking back at everything
    I have been through so much just as friends
    And those, those are the main reasons my heart will always be with him
    *favorite quotes(:


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