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BlameItOnSeptember · 9 years ago
this may be late, but believe me, hun... You have SO much to live for. There is so much more adventure in front of you. You may think this is the worst it can get but there is always sunshine after rain. Stay strong, babygirl... you can get through this.

bellarose6515 happy birthday! · 9 years ago
DONTTTT!!!! STOP!!!!!! :( i understand what your going through... read my quotes and youll also understand what ive been going through.. its like you... please talk to someone... anyone trust me it will help SOOOOO much... please talk to someone.. i would be glad to help babe :)

eviee · 9 years ago
You are not thinking of doing what I think you may be..

duncann98 · 9 years ago
Can I use this and give you credit? Please! I love it!

rissa7373 · 9 years ago
that's not dating, that's babysitting. lol

misschocolateeyes happy birthday! · 9 years ago
ur not messed up everyone has a few faults. and it sounds like u r going through alot right now so it is completely normal to go to therapy. if u ever need to talk i am here. u seem really nice

justxanotherxgirl · 9 years ago
awwwhhh! charbearr i wuv youu :D 108 days!!! :D



Shavonte · 9 years ago
Aww thats so sweet,, where is ur dad?x

foreverxyoung14 · 9 years ago
I know what your feeling. I honestly do. But it'll end. You're beautiful. ♥ Stay strong.

Delia_Helen happy birthday! · 9 years ago
theres always someone there who cares. and you if you ever need to vent or talk or anything then im here.



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