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Im, Megan, 1 of 7 ,
I love Ellio's Pizza, Being Weird,,&Fieldhockey,
My fav color is Purple,
Winter babyy. (:
I make FanArt; request if you want.
Check it out;
My bestfriend is Alyssa.
I write stories too.
I have a big passion for music,
My fav song; Somebody That I Used To Know - gyot,
I love my family.
R.I.P. PopPop. I love you.♥
I♥Jacob ( youngest little brother) for being as bright as he is , being as happy & cheerful no matter what. For being the best most wonderful little brother. I♥ you. No matter what anyone says about your disbaility ,stay strong, & remember your family is always here for you. Your my little hero.

Hi, I'm Megan, Get to know me! Im good with advice. :D



  1. Twilightluv12497 Twilightluv12497
    posted a quote
    May 28, 2012 12:27pm UTC
    Okay, so, I'm making FanArt again!
    I've made many of these before, & I have been told I am very talented. To look at some of my work please go to my FanArt page " FanArt_Awesome"
    Please place your orders in my comments! Thank you so much! I will finish your requests in atleast a 3 day timeline. If it isn't finished by then( which is extremly rare) , I have been very busy with orders or I am away. ( which you will know from my status on my profile.) So please, Hurry & Order!
    Love you!~Megan

  2. Twilightluv12497 Twilightluv12497
    posted a quote
    February 8, 2012 12:47pm UTC
    Cookie Cutter Love
    Chapter 5
    Evie was waiting on her last table , when she felt a tap on my shoulder. As she was spun around, she realized it was Byran.
    " Oh my god!" she exclaimed, squeezing the air out of him. " I thought you had another week?"
    He shook his head, with a smirk. " Nah, the big cahoona let me off early." he chuckles, squeezing her bag just as hard.
    The couple sitting at the table felt a bit awkward, but kknew better than to say anything.
    Byran was in jeans & an old tshirt, which meant he had already been home.
    " Did my brother see you?" she asks, cautiously.
    " No, I htink he was at work. But I'm gonna ave to fae him sometime Evie. We live in the same house." he sighs, pushing his fingers inbeween hers.
    'Ours - Taylor Swift' began playing lowly through the small diner , & they both smiled at eachother.
    " Our song.." Evie laughs." Come on, lets blow this pocicle stand!" she chuckles, leading him out of the place. As soon as the front doors of the restaraubt closed, Evie turned & crushed her lips with his.
    " I have missed that so much." she whispers as she pulled away.
    They began walking down to the pier, the place were their relationship began.
    ( Sorry, short. & im so sorry I havnt written in awhile. I lost my grandfather to lung cancer & I've been in a depression lately. Will write more later.)

  3. Twilightluv12497 Twilightluv12497
    posted a quote
    January 17, 2012 8:44pm UTC
    Cookie Cutter Love
    Chapter 4
    Evie turned to Byran in the middle of the airport, his uniform on , his bags packed & ready.
    " I'm going to miss you." She whispers against his chest , as he pulls her into a tight hug.
    " I'm going to miss you too." he replys, squeezing her as tight as he could, making Evie unable to breath. But she didn't mind. she squeezed him back just as hard.
    " Passengers of flight 16 , to Texas, 1 minute untl take off."
    Evie lifted her face from his warm body , smiling at him, as she felt a piece of paper slide into her hand.
    " Your first letter." Byran smiles back at her. " I have to go now.." He whispers, glancing at the door. Evie nodded, & dropped her arms to her side.
    " Be safe Byran." she says to him as she watched him walk through the hall. The last time she would see him, for a very long time. She would miss his eyes, his smile, his arms, his warmth, his laugh, the way he walked, & everything about him. She had feelings for Byran & she was already regretting that she hadn't shared them with him.
    Evie looked down at the letter in her hands & unfolded it.
    Dear Evie,
    Im most likely lifting off to Texas by now. & I want you to know , that I will miss you dearly. Your hair, eyes, your sense of humor. The way you look at life. It makes me believe not all of the world is full of war & violence.& I love that you have opened my eyes to the good.
    I also wanted you to know how much I appreciate your patience & kindness towards me. You took me into your home , kept me fed & healthy. Thank you, so much. I will never be able to show how greatful I am for your generosity.
    The night we sat under the stars, on your roof, will be stuck in my mind forever. It was the best night of my life, just laying there with you in my arms. That was also the first night we kissed.
    I will hold onto that memory , until I see you again Evie. I promise you I will come home . Be good, don't miss me to much, & please write back.
    Byran Temp.
    Evie held the letter to her heart, as she starred out the window, to catch his plane take off into the sky.
    She slowly turned & began making her way out of the airport. She began thinking about the night they spent on the roof, just soaking in eachothers happiness & peace. She could feel the emptiness fill her heart, as she realized he had really truely left. The weke had gone by so fast, she swore she had somehow dreamt it all & woke up a week later.
    When Evie got home, her brother was in the kitchen, making breakfast for himself.
    " He left?" Mark asked, flipping his egg in the frying pn.
    " Yea.." Evie whispered.
    " Good. I was starting to think he was into you." Mark scoffed.
    " Why would that be bad?" Evie asked, walking into the kitchen.
    " Evie, you're only 16. He is 19. Don't you think hes to old for you?" Evie stayed quiet for awhile.
    " What if I did like him? & he liked me?" Evie asked after the few moments of silence.
    " I hope your kidding.." he sighs, & turns to Evie after placing his egg on the plate, which already had toast & bacon , placed around. " Evie, hes a man in the army. That is to much pressure,matturity, sadness, & heartbreak for a girl your age to handle yet. You're not an adult." he got ketchup form the fridge & squeezed some next to his eggs.
    " How do you know I can't handle it?"
    " Evie , why do you keep pestering me , like this actually could be true?"
    " Because it is." she huffs, walking out of the room.
    " You are a fool!" her brother yells.
    Evie grabbed her car keys & stomped out of the door. She wasn't going to take this crap.

  4. Twilightluv12497 Twilightluv12497
    posted a quote
    January 17, 2012 6:47pm UTC
    Cookie Cutter Love
    Chapter 3
    Byran held the door for Evie as she led him into her home.
    " Thank you." she politly smiles at him, walking through.
    " Always gotta be a gentleman." he flashes her his best smile. Byran followed behind the Evie into the house, & over to the living room, where Evie's brother had dissapeared from.
    " My brother is probably at a class for college." she explains, taking her UGGs off. Byran nodded.
    " What's he go to college for?"
    Evie hesitated for a moment. " FBI type stuff." she shrugs, not knowing what devision.
    " That's cool." Byran nodds, aiting for permission to sit.
    Evie turned to him & blushed a little at her error of manners. " Sorry. You'd think a simple southern girl would know her manners." she chuckles. " Please have a seat. Would you like a drink or something?" she asked, rummaging through her fridge for some lemonade.
    " Sure, that'd be great." Byran nods, sitting himself on the far left side of the couch.
    Evie got them both a glass of lemonade & then sat them on the coffee table.
    " How long are you here for?" Evie asks, oout of curiousity.
    " Not long. Only a week." Byran shrugs. " Look, Evie, I know you probably have a oyfriend & all, but I have no one to write too. Do you think I could send you letters?" He asks. " It would be nice to get a touch of the outsde world while I'm at camp. It would mean a lot to me."
    Evie smiles.
    " Of course !" She sips her lemonade. " 'Sounds like a good idea to me."
    ( short, im sorry. heading out to dinner. another chapter tonight, I promise.)

  5. Twilightluv12497 Twilightluv12497
    posted a quote
    January 16, 2012 5:08pm UTC
    Cookie Cutter Love
    Chapter 2
    Once Evie reached the end of the pier, she took a seat & began swinging her legs over the edge, looking out over the bay. She turned her head & looked up at Byran, patting the space next to her.
    Byran sat quietly next to the mesmerizing girl.
    " So Byran, tell me about yourself." she kept her eyes out in the water, trying to stay calm & collected.
    " Ugh..Well.. what stuff about me?" he asks, not sure where to start.
    " Well, how about your intrests & stuff. I don't know." she shrugs, still looking out.
    " I like cookies." he chuckles. " & the color blue." Evie raised an eyebrow.
    " Interesting." she giggles.
    " My lucky number is 22, & uh, Football is my favorite sport."
    Evie smiles to herself.
    " Now I have to hear four things about you." he smiles at Evie, noticing she wasn't looking at him. Was she okay?
    " I like cookies as well," she laughs, slightly turning her head enough to catch his eyes studying her evry ove. She blushed & quickly turned her head." But. my favorite color is green, & my lucky number is 15." she sticks her tongue out at him , childishly. " & Lacrosse is my favorite sport."
    Evie faced him again. Looking down at his uniform. Byran caught sight of two scars on her face. What were they from? He wasn't going to ask, that would be rude & make her feel insecure. He couldn't do that to someone who was being so kind.
    " When do you leave?" she asks him.
    " I actually just got home." Byran answers, turning his beautfiul eyes to the water.
    " Shouldn't you be with your family?" She asks, taking her chance to look him all over, as he wasn't looking.
    " I doubt they want to see me." he says in a whsiper, so low Evie almost couldn't hear.
    " Well, soldier, I thank you for serving our country." she brightly smiles at him. That got him to look back at her. He gave her a smile he hadn't felt in a while. When he talked to Evie, he felt.. better. Not so alone.
    They sat in silence for a few moments , until Evie grew annoyed. She hated quiet.
    " Do you have a place to stay?" she turns her whole body towards him , folding her legs into a pretzel shape.
    Byran slowly shook his head, confirming a ' No'.
    " Then you can stay with me. I'm sure my brother wouldn't mind helpng a service man." she stands, whiping anything any dirt off of her butt.
    Byran also stood & followed Evie back to the restaraunt to get her car.
    " You really don't have to be so nice." Byran tells her, as they climbed in the car.
    " Yes I do." she says simply. buckling her seatbelt.
    & then they were off...
    ( Just introducing characters , backgrounds, & the plot. (: Let me know what you think! )

  6. Twilightluv12497 Twilightluv12497
    posted a quote
    January 16, 2012 3:17pm UTC
    Cookie Cutter Love
    Chapter 1 -Intro-
    Evie groaned as her alarmclock pestered her to awake.
    " Just 5 more minutes!" she begged, slapping her hand on the snooze, & letting it fall carlessly over the edge of her bed. She had work this morning, which made her saturday start off terrible. She hated work. Fake smiles, Tiny whining children, hot plates that burned her skin & fingers. Sweat & the stench of burgers & fries lingering on her clothes all day, no matter how much perfume she put on, or how may times she showered.
    Once her alarm clock began to blare again, she begrudgingly sat up, turning the alarm off. As her eyes finally opened, she flung her head to look at the time. 7:15 AM. Evie groaned again. Was it necessary for her boss to give her all the early shifts on weekends? She could bet a billion dollars every person she knew, in her highschool, was still peacefully sleeping.
    Evie swung her legs over the side of the bed, & somehow got herself to stand. She sluggsihly walked over to her closet, pulling out her work clothes. A white collered shirt, with ' Frank's' on the breast in an odd blue writing. Then , since it was April, she pulled out a pair of thick, black leggings. Sh elayed the clothes on her bed & then went to shower.
    Once finished, she took a moment to look at herself in the mirror. She ran her fingers over the white scar under her eye 7 the one directly in the center of her cheek. She sighed, & began brushing her long, light brown hair. As she starred back at herself in the mirror, she kept moving her chocolate brown eyes to the scars. There were plenty more all over her body, but they were a bit bigger, & Evie preferred to just see the ones on her face, whicih made her believe for a single second, maybe things werent as bad as they had been. That maybe her Mother wasn't as violent as she was. That it was just a bad , long dream.
    Evie dryed her wavy hair & then got dressed, not bothering with makeup. She was to tired & there was no one to impress that would be up this early anyway.
    When she got downstairs, her older brother, Mark , as passed out on the couch.
    " As usual.." she whispers to herself, grabbing her car keys & purse, throwing on gray UGGs ,& then walking out the door. Her brother went to a local college, only a town away, & he let Evie stay wth him after their Mother was placed in jail.
    When she got to work, the parking lot was practicly empty.
    " Oh goodie.." she sighs, waltzing in through the employee entrance. She clocked in, as she waved hello to Gretta, the cook.
    " Hey sweetpea!" the woman smiles at Evie, showing her the only 2 teeth she had left in that 75 year old mouth she had.
    " Hey Gretta." Evie smiles at her, grabbing a rag to whipe down the tables.
    Later in the day, Evie was busy with the lunch rush.
    " Hi , I'm Evie." she smiles down at a man in Army Uniform. His seafoam green eyes made her loose a breath , as he looked up at her, & for a moment, it seemed he couldn't speak.
    "... I'll be your server today. Can I start you off with a drink?" as she smiled at the handsome, muscular , & dark haired man, she realized the smile she was giving, wa snot .. fake. Like every other smile she had given today. Especially to the couple with the twin boys who decided to color on the seats with their crayons.
    " Can I have just water please?" the man asks, his husky voice startled Evie, bringing her back down to Earth.
    " Sure thing." she smiles at him, & goes to get his water. She ammediatly brought it over to him, & smiled at him.
    " I will give you some time to decide what you want." she says , as he thanks her for his water.
    " Actually. I'm not hungry.." he whispers , putting the menu down. Evie raised an eyebrow at him.
    " Then why-.." she didn't want to be rude, so she didn't finish her sentence.
    " I just want someone to talk to." he looked up at her, his eyes sparkling & pleading for her to offer.
    " Well, I'm off in about 25 minutes, if you want , I can talk with you." she smiles at him.
    " Where are we going?" the soldier asks her, following her down the road.
    " You will see." Evie smiles. " By the way, I never caught your name."
    " Its Byran." he tells. " Byran Matthews."
    ( Good? Or no? Tell me what you think!!)

  7. Twilightluv12497 Twilightluv12497
    posted a quote
    October 4, 2011 9:12pm UTC
    Favorite this & I will..
    Give you a brief summary of your future life.
    1. Your Husband's name
    2.How many children you will have ( including how many boys & girls)
    3. Where you will live
    4. Your job
    5. When you meet your future man

  8. Twilightluv12497 Twilightluv12497
    posted a quote
    September 9, 2011 10:15pm UTC
    I just wanna be the
    girl you talk about
    The only one you wouldn't ride without.
    To be the one who
    makes your heartbeat
    & For you to say to your boys
    "That's my Baby."
    - - - - - - - - - - ♥ - - - - - - - - - -

  9. Twilightluv12497 Twilightluv12497
    posted a quote
    September 9, 2011 10:08pm UTC
    ~I Need`
    ~I Want`
    ~I'd Die To be`
    ~ His Life`
    ~His Love`
    ~ His Everything.`

  10. Twilightluv12497 Twilightluv12497
    posted a quote
    August 8, 2011 12:08am UTC
    Will To Choose
    Chapter 3 ;Back me up
    Part 1
    I ate my breakfast peacefully, chomping away at the crunchy corn flakes.
    " Have you talked to him?" Beaa asked me. I shook my head. She meant Scott, who had mysteriously dissapeared only a few days ago. No one knows why, but I could guess. He told me the night before he was running, & made me promise not to tell a soul. He said he wanted to try to find a place hidden out from everything, including humans too. He said he would track me down when everything was okay.
    " Probably went out looking for another group of people to start new, & then when he finishes off with those girls, he'll move off again." I said , with a distate in my mouth. No one knew about Scott, & I, & so I had to keep up my horrible aura about him.
    "Well I can tell you, no one is gonna miss him." She snorted, taking a last bite of her biscuit.
    Joana just shook her head. " I know only one person who will miss him." She looked over at Rosie, continueing to shake her head. Rosia was sitting with two boys. One was Taylor, the tall kid, with blonde hair that flowed down to his chin, & covered his round, pale green eyes. & Then also sitting there was Cameron, the kid who looked like he belonged on a Surf magazine. Now that Scott was gone, Rosie needed new man candy to entertain.
    " Well that's more than obvious, she practicly threw herself on him at the dance!" Beaa replyed to Joana. I didn't say a word, because I was thinking about the last night I had seen Scott, before he went off.
    I rested my head on his chest, as we layed at our spot, looking up at the stars. We had guns practicly surrounding us , incase a Hunter came by.
    " Im gonna leave Erica," he sighed. " I'm gonna find a nice abandoned house, & Im gonna make sure it's not infested with Hunters or anything, & scan the area. & then I will come back for you, & we can just stay there." He told me. I looked up at him.
    " Scott that's crazy! They could come & search that place, & find us any time of night! We need to stay with the group." I sat up.
    " I gotta do it Erica, I can't live this way anymore, I want it all to go back to the way it was." he sat up too.
    " But things can't go back to the way they were if we don't get rid of them! We need you, you're one of the best shooters we have!" I made sure to lower my voice, not to draw any Hunters in the direction.
    " Please Erica, just let me do this." he told her. He then picked up the bag he had set down near the tree full of food & clothes , I thought he had brought for a picnic, & headed off. He turned to face me.
    " I love you Erica, if I don't make it back, you gotta remember that." I nodded.
    " Love you too." I answered, & then hugged him. I started walking back to the camp, but then ran back to him, & kissed him on the cheek. I turned back around again, & then officially started walking back.
    " Hello?!?" Joana snapped her fingers infront of my eyes.
    " What? Huh?" I sat up straighter.
    "We were saying how Rosie really needs to brush her hair, like I get it, major world crisis, but come on, it's not like we don't have brushes here." I just looked down at my empty cereal bowl. I looked over at Rosie. Her hair was a mess. I shrugged that off. Joana, & Beaa were always peddy, no matter the circumstances.
    " Guys, come on, give her some slack." I said, shoving my chair against the table, & putting my bowl in the big bin full.
    My father stepped up onto a table, & shouted across the tent.
    "Everyone listen up! The kernel is sick, so Im in charge. Now, we move today, it's a longer trip than we are used too. 3 whole days. " he told everyone. A little buzz of chatter went around the room. " Now, if you will listen for everyone's stations!" he said. I was to be walking in the middle, on the outsides of the unarmed people, guarding them. Everyone else on my side was Robby, Cameron, & Lily. As everyone rushed form breakfast, they began packing up they're stuff. I did the same. As everyone gathered to get on the move, we all got in our positions. " Ready." Cameron called up to me. " Ready." I called up to Robby, who then called up the same to Lily, who called that to my father. He nodded, then we were off.
    We walked for miles, & miles before we stopped for dinner, ( yes we skipped lunch.) . We got in a few miles before sundown began .
    " What's for dinner?' I asked Beaa as we waited in line with our bowls.
    " Chicken Noodle soup." she told me. As the woman handed me my spoon a shriek was heard from a guard outside, scanning the outskirts of the camp grounds. I ran out, thankful I still had my gun on me. It was Lily, & she was pinned on the ground by one of the Hunters. I gasped.

  11. Twilightluv12497 Twilightluv12497
    posted a quote
    June 29, 2011 9:18pm UTC
    Will To Choose
    Chapter 2 ; Strings Attached
    Scott followed me.
    " We need to talk this out Erica, you can't keep running away!"
    " Why not?" I turned to face him again.
    " Because I love you." his face became a bright red, for saying it outloud. I didn't believe him, Im not stupid, his little lies didn't pass me.
    " Bullshit." I said, & went back to the main table with Elaina.
    " Ooh, I love your dress." she said to me, eyeing my shoes.
    " Thanks, Love yours too." I lied through my teeth, but I kept a generous smile on my face.
    Thankfully, I didn't really see Scott for the rest of the time I was helping out. When Willow let me off I walked back to the river & dipped my feet. I had left my shamppo & body wash. I had to remember to take that back. I looked behind me at the..spot.
    "I'm surprised you came back here." Scott came out form the other side of the tree.
    "How long have you been here?"
    " Since I told you I love you." I sighed.
    " You don't need to say things to make me feel better, I'd feel much better if you stopped lieing."
    "What makes oyu think I'm lieing?"
    " I've seen how you treat every girl here. This isn't the first time you told someone this."
    " Yea," he paused. " But it's the first time I actually meant it."
    I fake laughed.
    " You think your so clever.." I whispered.
    " How am I clever?" he sat to close for my comfort, so I scooted away a little bit. " I've been closer to you then that." he smirked," & yet you act like I'm some disease."
    "You are.." I mumbled. He laughed. " Can you not?" I said, as he scooted closer to me. I got up & stood, putting my shoes back on.
    " Can I tell you something?" I rolled my eyes.
    " What?"
    " I may have done those things, to many times before, but none of them could compare with my time with you." I shook my head.
    " Stop trying to charm me, it's annoying."
    " What if I'm not charming you."
    " Then your lieing." & with that I walked back into the dance without another word, & danced with Beaa & Joana the rest of the time.
    As it got dark, everyone disperssed from dinner, & the guards got into the possition. I was happy to rest my feet after dancing for a whole 2 & a half hours straight. I fell asleep quickly. & when I woke up, it was time to move on again. I was once again placed at the rear, except this time with Bobby, Lily, who were a couple, & always had been since 9th grade. Lily had long, curly, shiny black hair, Deep blue eyes, & a natural tan. Bobby was also black haired, obsessed over sports, has hazel eyes, & even tanner than Lily with his Hispanic backround, while Lily is Italian. & also on the trip; was Scott. Again.
    As we raided a gas station,I took some energy drinks, thinking they might come in handy at some point.
    When we reached our halfway point, I actually ate lunch, which was odd for me, with Elaina & Rosie. lunch was alphabet soup, which I hadn't had in a really long time.
    Then,after lunch ,we continued on.
    " Are we okay?" Scott asked me as we exited a Kohls. I made sure to grab so good clothes.
    " I guess." I shrugged. He smiled, & we jogged back to catch up with the group.

  12. Twilightluv12497 Twilightluv12497
    posted a quote
    June 29, 2011 7:59pm UTC
    Will To Choose
    Chapter 2 ; Strings Attached
    I woke up, everything hit me. Was I that stupid? I threw my head into my hands & began to cry.
    " Knock, knock." Bea said, waiting outside my tent.
    " Come in." I said. I whiped away my teras, & stood.
    " Whats wrong?" Beaa sat me down next to her.
    " I made a big mistake." kept shaking my head. The adrenaline from the attack, my emotions overtaking me.
    " Scott." was all I could get out. It took her a moment for her to realize, & then her face became sincere.
    " Im so sorry." She hugged me.
    "Help me get ready please, I don't think I can stand to be alone." she nodded, got her things, & we helped eachother get ready.
    Willow & Joana stopped by to grab me for decorating, & I left Bea to finish her hair herself.
    I set out the crackers, & carrotes, ( the only sparred food we could get) & then Willow pulled out her ipod, which she had somehow kept through all this disaster. Soon enough everyone pilled in , & Willow started her Ipod.
    As I handed out lollipops to everyone, I noticed Scott starting to come through. I gulped.
    " Hey." he said, wrapping his arms around my waist. I thre them off.
    " Hi." I said, & handed him a lollipop. " Now move along, I have a job to do."
    " Can I help-"
    " No." I snapped at him. He gave me a confused look.
    " Erica , what's wrong this morning-"
    " Just stop, okay? This mornoing, was a big mistake, forget it ever happened."
    " I can't forget that." He said to me. " Look, Erica, I know I don't deserve you, but I care for you so much."
    " Well, you sure do have a funny way of showing it." I mumbled.
    " Earlier today I showed you, how much I care." He pointed in the direction of the river.
    "Well, I'm forgetting it all together."
    " It urches me when you do this." he said to me, grabbing me by the arm. " You act like your some sensless being. I know oyu care about me, otherwise what happened in the woods wouldn't have happened."
    "It was just the adrenaline drain, & I was so worked up from the Hunter.."
    "Which I cared enough to save you from." I didn't answer him.
    " So if oyu didn't care for me, you wouldn't have shot it?"
    " If I didn't care I wouldn't have been there wtaching out for you."
    I walked away.

  13. Twilightluv12497 Twilightluv12497
    posted a quote
    June 29, 2011 2:15am UTC
    Will To Choose
    Chapter 2 ; Strings Attached
    We arrived back at camp just around midnight, when most of the adults went to sleep. Joana stole some clothes wracks form some of the stores, & so we set them up inside the big tent, after getting permission for Fred Kelly. As we hung everything up, we chose our own outfits. Joana & Hyaley went out to get every teen & child who would be attending the dance. A few girls walked in, & then soon the tent was packed with a bunch of people. Fred Kelly, Willow, & my Dad helped make sure that everyone only took one outfits, complete with shoes, per person. As I wondered around I noticed Scott had come in. I instantley turned around & walked out of the otherside of the tent. I sat, looking up at the wondurous sky, filled with stars. I heard a few noises, & pulled out my gun.
    " Whos there?" I yelled out. Luke came around. I lowered my gun. " You scared the crap out of me."
    "Sorry" he said. I pulled him into a hug.
    " Thank you." I mumbled into his chest.
    " For what?" I looked up at him, he was puzzled.
    " For helping me today." I said.
    " No problem. I don't like seeing you upset." he sighed. He lifted my chin with his hand & kissed me softly. I looked into his bronze eyes. " I've been waiting forever to do that." I smiled at him & walked back into the big tent.
    " Erica." Scott was right infront of me. He was going to ruin my all-of-a-sudden good mood.
    'What do you want?" I asked him, looking him straight in the eyes. He looked straight back.
    " I want to apologize."
    "Well don't waste your breath." I turned away form him & started to walk back outside. He followed me. As I started to sprint he grabbed my arm. He spun me around, & he too kissed me on the lips. I slumped my fists against his chest, but it did nothing. So I stood there, suddenly realizing I was kissing him back. I pulled away ammediatley & walked away. I could see the smirk rise on his face as I stomped away. I went to my tent,laid out my outfit for the dance & went to sleep. I made sure I took some shampoo & body wahs for when I would shower tommorow. Surprisingly we never lost the river, & so I had another oppurtunity to shower. This time I made sure I wouldn't be watched by Scott, or anyone else. I awoke just as the sun began to rise. I waited an hour, thinking that Hunters, may take awhile longer to go back to their underground place. Wherever the hell they went. I turned aorund quite often to check no one was following me. I jumped into the water this time, glad to finally really scrub off all the dryed dirty, & clean my wound thoroughly. The water seemed to be getting colder by the day. I carefully cleaned my wound, which was bigger than I thought, & I was glad my outfit for the dance wasn't to short. As I was climbing out I heard a growling sound. I wrapped my towel around me & looked franticly everywhere. There only 10 feet away on the other side of the river, was a Hunter. It could easily jump right over the river & catch me, & it knew that. It slowly crouched down, & when it wasmid air, over the river, I fell on some leaves, form my feet being so wet. As I turned back around I just caught the Hunter stop & fall helplessly into the water. I looked up into the tree & saw Scott sitting their, with his machine gun. I didn't know what to think. I was greatful he saved my life, but I was furious he had, once again, spyed on me as I bathed.
    " What the hell!" I screamed at him. He smiled brightley at me.
    " Shouldn't you be saying thank you?"
    " Yes & no." I said. " You were spying on me again."
    " & Thats why." he said firmly. I rolled my eyes.
    " Hey , I can't lie, you are one hell of a sight naked." he laughed at himself," But, I really do this to make sure no Hunters try to get you."
    "Well could you leave please so I can dress?" he hopped off the tree.
    " What does it matter? I have seen most of you."
    " Im not some stripper." I gauphed at him. " I am a respectable girl, who likes to have her privacy, but its often broken by pervs." I said, squinting my eyes at him.
    " It's to protect you." he protested, taking my hands. My towel started to fall & I snapped my hands back ,catching it in time. He frowned.
    " You're going to change anyway." & with that his lips found fine, & my towel landed somewhere near the tree, with his clothes too.
    & so, as the sun rose, so did my feelings for Scott, as we made love for the first time, & my first time ever.
    " Was that your first?" he asked me breathless. I nodded. I snuggled up against him as the cold wind blew over us. I felt my goosebumps rise up on my arms.
    " Now, can I please dress? " I asked him. He released his arms around my waist, & dressed in the clothes I had brought over to put on after my shower. When I turned back to Scott, he was dressed & ready to walk back.
    " So who are oyu going to the dance with?" He asked me.
    " With you?" I said, uncertain.
    " Saved me form asking." he smirked at me.
    "Scott.." I hesitated. " Now that we.."
    " No, I'm not gonna go sleeping around with other girls, as long as you don't." I smiled at his answer. I went into my tent & took a nap. I was exausted, & I hardly gotten any sleep last night.
    Let me know what you think! Commentt !

  14. Twilightluv12497 Twilightluv12497
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    June 29, 2011 1:24am UTC
    Will To Choose
    Chapter 1; Hidding. part 5
    Willow ran to my side, her perfect wavy blonde hair hiting my back.
    " Are you okay?" I shook my head. Why would he spit on me? did he really hate me that much? But why?
    " Why did he do that?" I asked with a shakey voice.
    " I don't know, but I'm sure Scott is handling it." Willow & Joana walked me to my tent.
    " Can we come in with you? I have good news." I nodded, & all three of us sat on my cot. " I was talking to Fred Kelly, & he says we can have a dance! Like fancy & everything! Of course it has to be in the day, so we dont attract the Hunters with the noise, but still. I was wondering if you wanted to help plan?" I thoguth about it for a second.
    " Okay ,sure." I said.
    " We need to have the dance tommorow, so we gotta find a clothing store to find some clothes, "
    " I'll gather a few people to come on the hunt with me, I'll bring back some good clothes." She thanked me & left.
    " You know how to shoot a gun, right Joana?" She nodded. I threw her one of my spare guns.
    " Well then your coming with me tonight." I stepped out of my tent looking for Scott. I found Beaa.
    " Do you know where Scott is?" she pointed to him, & I walked up to him. Then I realized. He was making out with Penelopi Jennings. I grabbed little bobby's bat & whacked him on the back of the head, as hard os I oculd. I heard their teeth bang together. Scott looked up at me, furious. I felt more tears trickle down my face.
    " Erica." He grabbed my wrist.
    " Let go of me. Now." I ordered him. His hand dropped.
    " Listen to me."
    " Let me make myself clear, you sensless pig. I don't ever want to talk to you ever again, I odnt want you looking at me, I dont want you breathing on me. I had a little bit of hope, maybe you weren't as bad as I thought. I was so certainly wrong. Your the guy I always thought you were." I could hear my shaky voice, but I didn't care. I wanted to finish what I was saying.
    " Are you happy, you got me to cry? Are you happy ..you.." I couldn't finish. My legs started to wobble. As my knees gave out Luke caught me. He threw me over his shoulder, & brought me back to me tent.
    " Im sorry." he said, as whiped my tears.
    " You don't need to apologize. Its my own stupid fault I even concidered..." I couldn't finish.
    " I didn't even know you guys had a thing." He looked at his hands. We really didn't I was just upset that I was foolish enough to even concider him ,as trustworthy. He played a good game. I bet I could play it better.
    " We weren't " I said. " Tell your sister I need her tonight." He nodded, & left. I dressed in an all black outfit. Tonight Joana,Haylay, & me were to go find a clothing store, bring back clothes for the dance, & have a clothes drive thing, to have everyone pick an outfit, which needed to be done before the dance was setup. I grabbed the clothes bag, 2 fully loaded guns, some extra bullets, my first aid kit, which I restocked, & pocket knife, which I hid in my boot.
    "Ready to go ladies?" I asked as we met at the main tent. They nodded, & we headed out into the streets. A few people whistled as we passed, & I saw Scott's eyes bulge as he saw me, his brain going back to that memory of me in the river. I smirked. I knew it tortured him to know he would never touch my " Oh so cute butt." ever, & never see it again. My cheeks became a bit red, but I was glowing with confidence.
    I heard Luke say " Damn, she looks hot " & " Hayley better be come back safe"
    We only walked about 3 miles North when we reached a big mall. We broke in, shining a flashlight on the floor levels, with the stores.
    Joana went to the Gucci store, Hayley went to Forever21, & I broke into Charlotte Russe. We gathered a bunch of things, shoved them in my bag, then disperssed to other stores. I was glad I had Hayley & Joana also bring big bags. We left with our bags full & ready to set up the shop.
    Let me know what you think! Commentt !

  15. Twilightluv12497 Twilightluv12497
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    June 28, 2011 11:06pm UTC
    Will To Choose
    Chapter 1; Hidding. part 4
    When I woke up I was still in the middle of the forest. As I sat up I looked around.
    " No, no, lay back down," Scott said to me. " Here, drink some water." I took the cup from his hands & chugged. I was so thirsty.
    " Where is everyone?" I asked him.
    " After a day of searching everyone continued on their way. I kept looking, feeling responsible for your dissaperance, & when I found you , you were unconcious." I looked down at my leg. It was stitched.
    " You fixed my leg?" I looked up at him.
    " I've had to stitch myself a couple of times.."
    " Why did you care if I was gone?" He didn't say anything for awhile.
    " Do you really think Im trailer-trash?" I didn't answer his question either. " We better get a move on before it starts to get dark. Your blood attracted alot of Hunters, they'll be scattered near this area tonight, & I certainly don't wanna be around for that." I nodded, & tryed to stand. I ammediatley collapsed under my wounded leg.
    " I'll carry you." he said firmly.
    " No." I snapped at him. I was still a bit upset. But then, as I tryed to stand again, a wave of emotions came over me, & I began to histerical cry on the ground. I felt Scott's muscular arms wrap around me & lift. I cried the whole time he carried me.
    I could see the lights of the camp ground a few miles away through my tears.
    " Were almost there, I promise." He kept whispering in my ear.
    " I've got her!" Scott yelled as he entered the camping site. My father ran over & took me from Scott's arms.
    " Oh my god, Erica." My Dad looked up at Scott. " Thank you." Scott nodded & walked away from the crowd of people surrounding me. I fell asleep in my Dad's arms.
    When I woke up I changed, getting out of my bloody clothes.
    I went to get breakfast with Joana , & when I walked out Kyle walked up to me.
    " What did you do?" He screamed in my face. I took a step back.
    " What are you talking about Kyle?"
    " Kyle, step away." Scott had a strong hand on his arm. Kyle's eyes burned with rage.
    " You are so worthless. I can't understand what the hell he see's in you. ." Kyle spit in my face & walked away. I whiped away his spit, & knelt on the ground. Ouch, my thigh, but I iddnt care. I began to cry infront of everyone.
    " He will pay for that." Scott mumbled in my ear as he walked me away.
    Let me know what you think! Commentt !

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    June 28, 2011 5:12pm UTC
    Will To Choose
    Chapter 1; Hidding. part 3
    We reached our halfway point at lunch.Everyone got a break, everyone ate, people took bathroom breaks, other slept, which is what I did. I wasn't hungry at all.
    " 5 Minutes until we start to walk again!" I jumped up off the grass & went to were Luke was standing.
    "Thank you." I said to him.
    " It's no problem. I have been waiting for an opportunity to shoot that kid for weeks now ." I smiled at him. " What was he talking about...?"
    " I went to go wash up in the river before we left & he followed me.."
    I twisted my mouth to one side.
    " If your father found out, he would have his head."
    " I know." We stopped our conversation as Hayley walked over. She is red headed, blue eyed, like her mother, but has her father's personality. Her Dad was the town cheriff, while her mother was a woman who worked woman who worked at a band-aid factory in the city. Luke is her older brother, firey red hair just like her, except he has bronze eyes. Hes not very tall for a 19 year old, only 5'8", which is short to me for my 5'5", because all the guys in my family are atleast 6'1" & up.
    " Where's Scott?" Hayley asked as we started to move.
    " Who cares.." I mumbled.
    " We gotta boy missing!" Hyalay yelled. Everyone stopped walking.
    " Who?" Fred yelled back.
    " Im right here!" he came running through the crowd.
    "Where were you?" Luke asked.
    " I was with Rosie.."
    " Of course you were." I scowled.I became furious all of a sudden. " Ya know, you cant go around using girls, & then throwing them away like tissues! They are people, not toys! Your lucky people think your so cute, or else, you would be the most hated person. But to me, you are ugly. Because your ugly on the inside." He stepped closer to me & held my arms.
    " Are you jealous?" His eyes were amused. I shook myself, pounded on his chest, but he wouldnt let me go.
    " Let me go Scott."
    " I will, if you tell me if your jealous."
    " I would never be jealous of anyone involved with you. Your trailer trash." He let me go . I ran into the woods , overwhelmed. Did I really care? Was his charm getting to me? Tears escaped my eyes as I sprinted through the trees.
    " Erica, come back!" Luke yelled. I saw his hair moving towards me through the trees. I ran deeper & deeper into the woods. Couldn't they please just leave me alone? As I ran, I got upset my foot work became lazy, & I tripped over a big tree root. I fell onto a big rock, which sliced open my thigh. I yelled out in pain. I couldn't hear Luke yelling my name anymore. All I heard was my heartbeat starting to slow. I looked around me. Blood was everywhere, I must have hit a major arterie. I kept yelling. Well I think I was yelling, I couldn't hear over my heartbeat. Then I just blacked out.
    Let me know what you think! Should I continue??

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    June 28, 2011 4:15pm UTC
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    June 28, 2011 3:19pm UTC
    Will To Choose
    Chapter 1; Hidding.
    Elaina grabbed my arm.
    " We need to go!"
    " Hold on!" I yelled, yanking her hold on my arm. I stuffed the last bit of clothes I could fit into the huge brown bag. As we walked out of the abandoned mall, I heard a little whisper.
    "Help." I looked around. I saw the shadow of something & walked over.
    "What are you doing?" Elaina whispered to me.
    "Someones over there." I whispered back, not moving my eyes from the shadow near the broken glass of the dollar store, which we had broken a month ago.
    "Help me." I took a few steps forward.
    " Where are you?"
    " Keep moving forward," the voice said. I stepped forward a few more times. " Bend down, I can not stand." I got down on my knees & crawled a few times. I was face to face with this stranger. Then Elaina shown her flashlight on the person, & I realized. I was face to face with a Hunter. It opened its mouth to snap of my head, its teeth,row after row, sharp as knives. I grabbed my snipper, & shot it right in the mouth, quicker than I thought possible. It scrambled away from me, screeching.
    " Lets go!" Elaina said. dragging me up to my feet. We sprinted back to camp, which was 2 miles away.
    " Thank you." I said to her, breathless, as we reached camp. The sky was begining to lighten up.
    " No problem." she said to me. I went straight to our main tent, where our leader, Fred Kelly, stayed. He was a short bald man, who was in the NavySeals.
    " Hey Fred." I said as I walked in.
    "Hello Erica. What have you come back to show me?" He sat back in his chair, & crossed his ankles . I placed the big bag on the crummy brown table.
    " I took as many as I could." I said to him honestly.
    " Very well. Could I trust you to go through them, & distribute them?" I nodded , & walked to my own tent.
    I emptied the bag onto my cot & searched through them, keeping quite a few things for myself, Joana, & Beaa. As I was going around, handing out, what looked like the right sizes, to everyone I could find. Unfortunatley , we had raided Hollister and American Eagle, the stores I refused to shop in before. I was sure Beaa would be pleased to have brand name clothes.
    " Need soem help?" A deep voice said behind me.
    " Go away Scott." I mumbled back.
    " Hey, I came to get some clothes, anything wrong with that?" Scott was the " bad boy" of the town. The one who got suspended from school a bijillion times. The one who all the girls were oddly attracted to. But me, in no idiot. Never have I ever liked Scott, & I never will, because he just cant fool me, like he does everyone else. I grabbed some clothes that looked like they would fit him, turned to him without looking in his eyes, & shoved them into his hands.
    " There, now go." My voice was so cold I gave myself a chill.
    " I still want to help." I didnt answer, & after awhile of silence, he left me alone. When I finally went to bed I still had half the bag left.
    I only had 3 hours of sleep, because I had to get up early if I wanted to go shower. Theres a river south, only half a mile away, which I can use, before we start moving, & I dont have anywhere to shower for a couple days.
    I took a towel, some clothes form the bag, & soap Mrs.McCardy made us a few weeks ago. I had some shampoo left from when we broke into the CVS 2 weeks ago up into the west. As I walked out of my tent, I noticed the sky was just now becoming its normal light blue, & everyone was still asleep.
    When I reached the river I undressed & got in. The water was cold because of the fall weather, & I shivered as I got in. When i finished scrubbing myself for about the 3rd time, I heard a crunching noise. I grabbed my towel, & looked around. Only a squirrel or something. I got back in & washed my hair a couple of times. When I was finishing washing my hair for the last time I heard a thud. I swirled around the water.
    " Hello?" I called out.
    " Hey." Scott leaned against the side of the tree. I screamed, & covered myself.
    " Turn around!" I yelled to him. He closed his eyes. I got out quickly & wrapped the towel around me.
    " Did you follow me ? " I questioned him.
    " I wanted to know where you were going."
    " Leave. go away! You perv." I tightened my hold on my towel.
    " Fine." I leaned off the tree. " You have a cute butt." He winked at me, & walked away. My face burned. I watched him walk away until he wasn't in sight so I oculd change. I dryed off, & put on my new clothes.
    Let me know what you think! Should I continue?? ""

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    June 28, 2011 12:46pm UTC
    Will To Choose
    Erica Stewarts is the name. Long, dark brown hair, deep brown eyes, ivory skin. I'm just pretty much a " plain Jane." as my grandmother would say. Im not your normal little teenager, Im that girl that wears things a little different, has an edge, doesn't give a sh*t, & loves every second of being me. My bestfriend; Beaa , is my complete opposite. Sporty,blonde,preppy, crys when she eats somethign over 500 calories, & can't stand not having man candy around her waste. Like I said. Complete opposites. We go to Billy Dale's HighSchool. The founder of our little small town. Im the city girl,stuck in the country. Yippee. My parents moved here when I was 9, & by then I had already made myself. I wasn't soaked into the preppy, " LETS GO RAMS!" , backround. I stayed me. The way I was supposed to be.
    My other friend, Joana, her Dad's a priest, he became one after her mom died of brain cancer 3 years after Joana was born. Joana is like me, being so because of her rebellious torment against her father, for she blames her mother's death on him. It makes no absolute sense, but whatever. Thats how she coops. Joana is a blonde, which I envie, because she can die her hair different colors, and it will actually work! She has bright blue eyes, which match all her big ice blue streaks in her hair which she currently has, but I don't think she'll get to change them. No one will get to change their hair color again, for atleast the time being. Because no one worried about that right now.
    Just 4 months ago, a man in Peru was digging for artifacts when he found whole, through the whole earth. After doing some research he discovered what lives beneath .
    Some people call them the Aliens, which some people guessed would come from underground. that they've been watching us for years. Others claim they're animals who hid from the iceage 1000 years ago, & have never awoken until that man discovered them. Others call them vampires, animals, ghost men, & other things.
    But everybody in my town calls them the Hunters. Yea its simple, I know, but they're to complex to give them already known words like " Alien," & " Vampire." because they're more. They're all those names mixed together.
    They started to invade after a few days of the discovery, more & more earthquakes, ending up to be the Hunters breaking from the ground. No one knows how many are out there, & no one knows how many humans are left. Not many, thats for sure.
    The invasion closest to us happened 8 miles from us in the middle of a camping site. it happened in the middle of the day, everyone was at work,school, no one expected it, because it all happened at the exact same time. Even by the second.
    Me, my 2 bestfriends, & people from my highschool, &bunches adults have been scrounging around for food, water,weapons for months, & each time we loose a few people.
    My Dad & I are the only ones left of my family, my grandmother, & little sister were taken by the Hunters while they were at the grocery store, when they first attacked. My mom died years ago, so we're all thats left.
    This is a story of how I fell in love with the wrong guy,at the completly wrong time & helped change the world at the same time.
    Let me know what you think! Stupid or good? ""

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    June 28, 2011 1:58am UTC
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