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Status: I wish I could look in the mirror and like what I see

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  1. Love_Hannah Love_Hannah
    posted a quote
    July 13, 2013 1:43pm EDT
    I'm sorry.
    Dear parents, I'm sorry i'm such a disappointment. I'm sorry i can't make
    good enough grades. I'm sorry I can't live up to your expectations.
    Dear friends, I'm sorry I can't keep a long term friendship with any of you.
    I'm sorry we lose connection after a while. I'm sorry I never stayed.
    Dear people at my school, I'm so sorry I'm weird. I'm sorry I don't fit in.
    I'm sorry I don't look pretty like all you.
    Dear myself, I'm sorry I was ever born, I'm sorry I hurt you. I'm sorry if
    I put you down. I'm sorry I made you miserable.

  2. Love_Hannah Love_Hannah
    posted a quote
    May 12, 2013 6:47am EDT
    I miss you. I miss how you cared for me, how you always make
    my day, how you used to cheer me up, and how you make me feel
    that you love me. I miss everything to we used to be.
    What happened?
    me x

  3. Love_Hannah Love_Hannah
    posted a quote
    April 6, 2013 10:23am EDT
    Hey you! Yeah,you! The one with the pill bottle or
    loaded pistol in your hand. Can you stop for a second
    and think about what you're doing? That bullet will
    create a hole in your head and that rope will turn
    your face a cold grey.
    So whats the problem? Too much work? Parents a pain?
    Did you get dumped? Is it really worth losing a great
    future over, whatever it may be? Right now you may
    think so, but in ten years down the road, when you hold
    your first child in your arms, will you feel the same?
    I'm not going to sugarcoat it. Your parents may
    be total jerks and you might be under too much pressure,
    but is it really worth finding out what happens when
    you die? If you still want to swallow those pills or
    drink that bleach, it doesn't seem like you're
    thinking this through enough.
    I've been where you are. Life is like a game
    show. Sometimes you get a big boat, and sometimes
    you only get some crummy car wax. All you can
    do is spin the wheel again and hope
    for a better prize. And you can't say someone
    doesn't love you, because everyone has
    someone that loves them. I love you. I love you
    will all the love a teenager can have.
    So, drop that murderer in you hand, whatever
    it is, and know you will be okay.
    Things always are.
    Love, somebody who cares
    -Chicken soup for the teeange soul letters.

  4. Love_Hannah Love_Hannah
    posted a quote
    March 18, 2013 6:02am EDT
    ''Hey eyes don't light up when she hears your name anymore. She doesn't
    get chills when you walk by and her heart doesn'r race when you smile at
    her. You don't get to her like you used to. You're just a bad memory in the
    back of her mind. So don't be surprised next time you make your way past
    her and she doesn't even glance your way. And don't bother trying to talk
    to her, you won't get a response. Shes over fighting the same losing battle.
    The saddest part is that you have no one to blame but yourself. She gave
    you every chance you could ask for, and you f\cked up every time. Now
    she walks around with nothing but a smile on her face, and she laughs
    louder than ever before. Looks like you've lost her bro''

  5. Love_Hannah Love_Hannah
    posted a quote
    March 12, 2013 1:52pm EDT
    Everytime people ask me if I'm okay,
    its just a reminder that im not

  6. Love_Hannah Love_Hannah
    posted a quote
    March 7, 2013 12:44pm EST
    Cause and effect
    the best often die by their own hand
    just to get away,
    and those left behind
    can never quite understand
    why anybody
    would ever want to
    get away
    Charles Bukowski

  7. Love_Hannah Love_Hannah
    posted a quote
    January 15, 2013 7:18am EST
    Death is gods way of saying:
    'You’re fired'
    Suicide is humans way of saying:
    'You can't fire me,I quit'

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