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noseogefil · 7 years ago
Also if it's not for attention why are you broadcasting it to the whole world?

Again hate being the downer here but it had to be said

noseogefil · 7 years ago
I hate to be a downer about this but how can you be anorexic and bulimic at the same time

helloo_its_liv · 7 years ago
your not alone <3

Melrose* · 7 years ago
then get help.

colorfuldarkness · 7 years ago
no this is your master tobby

Th£_Music_Fr£Ak❤* · 7 years ago
oh darlin' even though I don't know you I want you here and so do many other people if you need to talk I'm here ok?

Teriberry14 · 7 years ago
i want you here.


livelifealltheway · 7 years ago

KIleygrlly123 · 8 years ago
8 pack*
Sorry guys(:

wittyspaz · 8 years ago
I'm here, girl. We all love you. Life will go on. It'll get better. comment on my profile if you want to talk. :)

Sunny1703 · 8 years ago
It's okay, you're going to be okay. You shouldn't cut, though. There are many things you can do instead of cutting (The Butterfly Project, or pressing and ice cube against your skin.) Just please, please don't cut.
It seems bad now, but everything is going to get better eventually.
Stay Wonderful, and Strong, and Beautiful♥
I'm here if you need to talk or vent :)

xXxBrookexXx · 8 years ago
They don't care only because they don't know. I also used to have a lot of insecurities but eventually I said I need to stop this so try to find the things you like about yourself. It's natural for people to judge themselves harshly. Witty helped me too though. Remember that what those people say doesn't matter and I know that is the H A R D E S T thing to do. Sometimes society is cruel and you feel alone. Even though your not your witty sisters are here for you ;) Talk to me if you need A N Y T H I N G. People care! D O N T C U T D O N T C U T D O N T C U T

thesweetheart · 8 years ago
stop cutting I've don't it many times in a place no one can see but......you not ugly so don't believe what other people say if you stay strong, in your future when you look back at the past your gonna be proud that you stayed strong your gonna be happy your future husband && kids need you stay strong

Whor_an · 8 years ago
i care. if you need anyone to talk to I'm here. i promise. :)

ireallylikehim · 8 years ago
i care, and im sure there are others that do too. is there anyone at your school that you can talk to? a guidance councilor? the school nurse? a teacher? just talk to someone about it, because you really cant keep all of that bottled up inside. trust me it will feel good to talk to someone and ask for help. you may hate it, but in 20 years you will thank yourself. youre a beautiful person and dont deserve to be doing this to yourself. just talk to someone that you trust, and tell them everything.

skylala1212 · 8 years ago
Don't cut. I know thats something people dont understand. I know I can't just say that and everthing will be ok. Sometimes life gets hard, sometimes to hard and we think the only way of getting rid of the rough times is to kill ourselves. its not, there are too many wonderful things in life to kill or cut yourself. everthing in life has to get worse brefore it gets better. you may think that if your gone no one will care or you just think thats the thing to do. its not, i dont know you and i will miss you. if you ever need to talk to anyone im here. im serious, im new to witty too but message me or whatever and i will always be here when i can<3

jcpeace · 8 years ago
hey just talk to me if you need to vent it all out to someone. Hold on a little longer, I hope the rough times for you pass. Keep strong

xXNicoleyyXx · 8 years ago
You can talk to me if you need :) Just please stay strong...

cuppa24 · 8 years ago

grownsimba · 8 years ago
woww.! I'm so sorry.
I've learned that it's enemies who can hurt you, but friends who can finish you off.
I"m assuming that your best friend knew how you felt about him and still went after him?


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