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Steve · 6 years ago
Welcome! Let me know if you need help. I made this site.

Rajsonkar · 8 years ago
Yeah :-P how are you?

Rajsonkar · 8 years ago
Hi , wow, you joined in 2009 . :O you must've seen many changes

sugarfreak · 9 years ago
Oh my actual gosh >.<
I cannot believe that I am writing this right now, ah!
Epilogue of UMP is now up!
I am really sad because like this story means the world to me. Feel free to comment on the epilogue for a notification for my next story, Beautiful Disaster, if you'd like!
Thank you all so friggin much for being so amazing and supportive! You guys are like so asdfghjkl; I'm lost for words! Thank you for all the support through Using Mr Parker and all the feedback and such.
I love you all :*

sugarfreak · 9 years ago
Who's heard You Want Me by Justin Bieber? Its not a finished song yet but it's pretty darn amazing.
"Put your head down, lick it down for a minute"
Woah, ok Justin c;
You know, I use winky faces all the time. No matter who I'm talking to, I always use them but I can't actually wink in real life and all my friends laugh at me when I try & now I'm depressed.
New chapters up!! (:


sugarfreak · 9 years ago
So... guess what?
'Cause I am the best person in the world, I uploaded 2 new chapters of UMP! (: I hope you enjoy them!
I have the biggest headache ever, I feel like my head is going to explode.
Tomorrow is valentines day *depression*
I'm like a 100% sure that tomorrow, my crush is going to run up to me and confess how much he loves me and wants me & how he'll respect my love for cats
Wut no.
Eh, I can dream c;


sugarfreak · 9 years ago
& my next story is.... BEAUTIFUL DISASTER!
Changing him & beautiful disaster had the same amount of votes, actually & I asked my friends (aplylove & soccerfreak99) what they thought & they both said beautiful disaster.
I'm sorry for those of you who wanted any of the other stories but I'll probably write them after BD (: I have also decided Zach & Logan are going to be in the story some how. Idk how yet but they'll be in there!
Tomorrow is Monday... bleh >.< I have PE & oh my gosh who hates PE. Last week, my teacher got four captains to pick their teams & I felt heaps awkward waiting for somebody to pick me.
THEY DID, THOUGH! & I can proudly say I wasn't left till last c;
New chapters up :D

sugarfreak · 9 years ago
Heyheyhey fellow duckling ♥
Are you surprised I uploaded?
No? Oh.
I just finished all my home-work so I'm like 'YES, H//LL YES, I CAN GO ON WITTY.'
Today, I went ice-skating for school. Yes, 'cause I'm so un-co I picked ice-skating as a school sport. Ima go gym next term so I can pretend I'm fit.
Anyway, a little year 7 kid fell and broke their leg or something & me & my friends did this little dance thingy because we like embarrassing ourselves. It was actually pretty dammnn cool!
Or not...

sugarfreak · 9 years ago
Hello! c:
You guys don't understand how much homework I had got today, like I'm still not finished & I've been doing it nonstop >.< but I'm gonna be nice and upload while I watch Revenge.
I have no idea when I'll upload next so if I don't tomorrow or the next day or the next I promise I'll upload on Friday for sure.
Yesterday, I went to a wedding expo & asdfghjkl there was this fashion show and a bunch of really hot models came out in calvin klein undies... they were perf ;)
Enjoy chapter 32!

sugarfreak · 9 years ago
School is starting tomorrow :( Oh my gosh, I'm really upset, I absolutely hate most of my grade & really don't want to see them again
{{my unsocialness is coming out}}
Anyway, I don't know how busy I'll be this year so I don't know if I'll be able to upload every single day, not that I do... Sorry! I guess I'll see how school goes (:
Chapter 28 is up!


sugarfreak · 9 years ago
First, ohmygosh, who else has heard Believe acoustic & loved it? Cause I think it is the most amazing thing ever & have been listening to the album on repeat for the past day.
Have I even mentioned how flawless Justin Bieber is? Like how is someone so perfect?
Ima stop fangirling so I can tell you that chapter 26 of UMP is up (: Hopefully you like it.
Plot twist: Mr Parker is actually a girl.
BAMM! ahhaa, I would never do that... that would just be awkward.

sugarfreak · 9 years ago
One of my friends showed me this YouTube video & you know how it is, when you watch one you just keep watching & watching random a/s .
Or is it just me?
I'm forever alone with a lot of things.
I was actually supposed to upload chapter 23 earlier today but well got carried away, enjoy!
A dog whisper came to may place today, idk, my dad finds randoms on the internet. Uhm, he didn't even talk to the dog or does that only happen in the movies..? He's like, "For two weeks, your dog is grounded & you're not allowed to pat it ever..." What the fugical , bro? I have a fluffy puppy & its so tempting, you just wanna pat it and be like 'Awhh, who's a good girl? Yes you are! Who's are cute puppy? Yes, you are!" #depressed

sugarfreak · 9 years ago
"I'm going to kill him. I'm going to finish him like a cheesecake!"
Pitch Perfect is funniest movie... ever! I watched it for the second time yesterday & ohmygosh... how do people come up with that kind of ?
I can relate to fat amy, like seriously, this is me when I'm in PE: http://media.tumblr.com/f89860d4b586858fc1d9912a81e9b158/tumblr_inline_mg9pfs1QQT1ra81xu.gif
Chapter 22 is up c: Enjoy!!
I just watched the tampon video and i had no idea what it was & okay... nobody watch it, please, I am now scarred for life. That is the most horrible thing I have ever seen in my life :/

sugarfreak · 9 years ago
Chapter 19 and 20 are up c:

sugarfreak · 9 years ago
Hey ♥
So, it took me a couple of days to upload because I started writing a new story. It's called Us Against the World and the prologue is up.
I'm really sorry for those of you who were really enjoying UMP but, I found out someone had been steeling my stories again and I didn't want to upload anymore.. I'm sorry, once again.
I'd love it if you give my new story a go, I've been working on it for a while now. As for UMP, chapter 19 is up on my website, that's the last chapter that'll be put up. It's kinda like an open ending, so you can make of it however you want.
Xx Mariia

sugarfreak · 9 years ago
Hii c:
How are you all? Uhmm... today, I'm gonna chill and do nothing! Woo Hoo to that! My brothers friends are over so yah... I'm planning on watching Beastly and then Pretty Little Liars. Ohmygosh, I love that show! haha. Anyways, I've worked out what a 'bad' word is so now, hopefully my quotes won't go to *pending moderation*
Chapter 18 is up, in two parts again. I don't know why its not letting me upload the chapter in one part but anyway (:

sugarfreak · 9 years ago
I re-posted part one of chapter 17 if you haven't seen it c:

sugarfreak · 9 years ago
Honey, I'm home!! c:
I missed you guys so friggin much ♥ ♥
I come bearing the news of the birth of a new chapter, chapter 12 :]
So, how did you all spend New Years? I cannot believe its 2013, it doesn't feel like it.. next thing you know its gonna be like 2069, thats gonna be my favourite year.
Anyways, I love you all! ♥

sugarfreak · 9 years ago
Hey guissee!
I posted two new chapters of Using Mr Parker & as I explained at the bottom of chapter 11, I will not be uploading for a couple of weeks because I'm going away.
I honestly can't believe it's Christmas in like 5 hours. Gahhh! Everything has gone so quick, it doesn't even feel like Christmmass!
I hope everybody has a safe and enjoyable holiday and without further ado (how do you spell that -.-)

sugarfreak · 9 years ago
Hellooo c:
How are y'all?
It's kinda weird... I never say y'all when I'm speaking to someone in person but on the internet I'm all like y'all, y'all,y'all, y'all.
It was super hot today, I went in the pool & now I'm sitting in my room in shorts ((yeeeppp, sorry to disappoint all the boys outside my house, hoping I'm naked)) drinking a slurpee and cue brain freeze!
Chapter 3 is up!! Enjoy.


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