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im a writer so dont judge.
i want to live...not just survive.



  1. JumpBetweenWorlds JumpBetweenWorlds
    posted a quote
    March 24, 2014 8:27pm UTC
    You. Everything in my being revolves around you. I want to be the only one you see, the one you can talk to--tell everything to. You don't notice how my eyes light up around you and a frown always turns into a smile. The world is a sad place and i feel alone. All thats left of me is the person i pretend to be. I pretend to be happy, i pretend not to care if you don't love me. Summer faded into fall and winter and now its cold and i'm alone. Take a needle and some string, sew up everything that is cracked inside of me. Its hard to be happy when youve hit the bottom, never able to feel alive, only dead inside. A heart that beats is alive but if you don't believe in your heart everything crumbles inside and you feel cold, dead, alone, never to see light again. I'm in love, sad and in love, with a boy who'll never know he's the one i'm thinking of. My brain hurts, my heart aches, all these cuts and bruises, i'll never be the same. Tears falling, never to stop, emotions building and having no escape. Pressure on me and my sad little self.


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