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  1. HeadsxInxThexClouds HeadsxInxThexClouds
    posted a quote
    December 8, 2010 8:04pm UTC
    What you don't know Ch. 2
    I wake up to my alarm clock ringing; 5:30. My eyes are all red and my head is pounding, once again. I guess I’m going to have to get used to this. I put make up on to cover up all the crying I did last night.
    Every night it’s the same reason; my parent(s) don’t even take notice that I’m even alive. I wake up to an empty house. I’m alone in my own zone, I just block them out. Or maybe they block me out, but whatever. *
    “Hey Jackie, how’s lacrosse?” Stephanie asked obnoxiously as she pushed me into a locker.
    That’s it. Stephanie has always been a jerk to me.
    I punched in her in the face and laughed as she fell onto the floor.
    I walked to my next class, English. I hate my English teacher, almost as much as she hates me.
    *“JACKIE! GO TO THE DEANS NOW!” Mrs. Keller is yelling at me once again. (I'm a pretty good student; except in her class )
    Great. Exactly what I need today. I smile at Mrs.Keller and simply say “No.”
    I had it today.


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