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Best Love Quotes This Year

  1. Cammie Cammie
    posted a quote
    April 21, 2013 4:34pm UTC
    "I babysat this six year old, and I was wearing shorts today..
    and my scars were showing, I guess. He poked them and he said, "I know how those got there." I replied, "How?" He looked at me with a straight face and he said, 'I've seen them before. My big sister had them, and she said mean people put them on your body when they weren't nice to you, because when people are mean to you, you end up being mean to yourself. My big sister went away. I don't know where she went. Mommy said she's on a happy vacation somewhere, because she was too sad here. I miss her. Don't go on a vacation, please.'"

  2. Jade672 Jade672
    posted a quote
    March 8, 2013 8:39am UTC
    I think old fashioned is cute.
    I think kisses on the cheek & forehead, actual dinner dates and asking
    someone out in person is a lot more romantic. I don't think the guy
    should always make the first move, but I feel as if it's cuter if the
    guy asks out the girl rather than the other way round because it's
    been like that for so long. I liked it when the guy actually valued
    their girlfriend and called her 'sweetheart' instead of 'babe'.

  3. Andreaxoxo Andreaxoxo
    posted a quote
    May 6, 2013 6:00pm UTC
    a lot of my life
    has been realizing that i would
    cross oceans
    for people who wouldn't
    jump puddles for me

  4. BlackButterflies BlackButterflies
    posted a quote
    March 14, 2013 12:33am UTC
    i was on tumblr and i just saw a picture of a woman with a poem tattooed onto her
    want to know why that's special?
    I wrote that poem and posted it on tumblr six months ago.
    my poetry impacted her to the point where she wanted to have it permanently on her skin. it will be with her forever; when she gets married, it will be there, when she has children, it will be there. it meant that much to her.
    and i am speechless.

  5. ThatsSoMeee ThatsSoMeee
    posted a quote
    May 7, 2013 2:46pm UTC
    i just want to go to
    a coffee shop
    on a rainy day and order something nice and warm
    and have an attractive stranger around my age say
    “I’ll have one of those too, please”
    and for them to smile at me and introduce themselves
    and for us to slowly fall in love in a coffee shop
    but instead whenever I go to a coffee shop ,
    I find teenagers taking pictures
    of their orders with their iPhones
    and middle aged women wearing
    yoga pants..

  6. ShortGirlsDoItBetter ShortGirlsDoItBetter
    posted a quote
    March 6, 2013 6:27pm UTC
    Too ugly to date attractive people,
    Too attractive to date ugly people.

  7. ThatsSoMeee ThatsSoMeee
    posted a quote
    January 28, 2013 4:15pm UTC
    If you’ve ever
    tried to fight tears on the bus ride home, and failed.
    If you’ve ever lied about why your eyes were glazed over,
    and you were believed.
    This one’s for you.
    If you’ve ever stopped listening to your favorite band
    because he liked them too.
    If you’ve ever hated a girl you didn’t know
    because he picked her over you.
    This one’s for you.
    If you’ve ever wished you were weak enough to cry in public.
    If you’ve ever constantly hid behind laughter and smiles.
    This one’s for you.
    If you’ve ever bit your lip to stop it from quivering.
    If you’ve ever walked with your eyes planted on the ground.
    This one’s for you.
    If you’ve ever stared into the darkness before sleep,
    trying to avoid the ‘what’s if’s’ and ‘if only’s’.
    If you’ve ever listened to totally different music,
    but ended up thinking about him anyway.
    This one’s for you.
    The girl who doesn’t get the guy.
    The girl who still lives her life to the fullest she can.
    The girl who gets up every day and doesn’t give up.
    This one’s for you,
    because it takes so much to be that strong.

  8. ThatsSoMeee ThatsSoMeee
    posted a quote
    March 22, 2013 3:54pm UTC
    Can you imagine
    if someone sent you
    a list of all the reasons
    why they love you?

  9. ThatsSoMeee ThatsSoMeee
    posted a quote
    February 26, 2013 4:21pm UTC
    Is anyone else
    completely terrified
    by the concept that
    you could, someday, meet someone
    who actually genuinely wants to spend
    the rest of their life in love
    with you?

  10. happiest* happiest*
    posted a quote
    April 12, 2013 1:28pm UTC
    My brother walked into my room.
    He asked what the worst day of my life was.
    I said 'i dont know.' and he said
    'mine was today.'
    i asked him why and he was silent.
    i said 'did you and your girlfriend break up?'
    he looked up with tears in his eyes and nodded.
    he said 'she broke up with me for logan, my bestfriend.'
    and i hugged him while he cried on my shoulder.
    my heart broke.
    he's only 9.

  11. ThatsSoMeee ThatsSoMeee
    posted a quote
    February 7, 2013 4:08pm UTC
    Have you ever wondered
    which hurts the most:
    saying something and wishing you had not,
    or saying nothing, and wishing you had?

  12. 伤* 伤*
    posted a quote
    April 12, 2013 2:39pm UTC

  13. ThatsSoMeee ThatsSoMeee
    posted a quote
    February 16, 2013 4:35pm UTC
    There is
    a huge difference
    between genuinely liking someone
    and liking the attention they give you
    and it took me a long time to realize that.

  14. ThatsSoMeee ThatsSoMeee
    posted a quote
    May 31, 2013 2:31pm UTC
    we all have that boy
    He’s the boy we try to pretend we aren’t looking for
    as we make our way to class.
    He’s the boy that we lie about
    and claim to not care about anymore.
    He’s the boy that gives you the cliche butterflies,
    complete with the weakness in the knees...

  15. ThatsSoMeee ThatsSoMeee
    posted a quote
    June 17, 2013 1:45pm UTC
    it takes 30 seconds
    to type a text message
    that will make her smile
    for hours.

  16. ThatsSoMeee ThatsSoMeee
    posted a quote
    March 21, 2013 4:17pm UTC
    Do you ever
    just want to kiss someone so bad
    and you see that person
    and all you can think about is kissing them?

  17. ThatsSoMeee ThatsSoMeee
    posted a quote
    January 26, 2013 4:14pm UTC
    Liking someone
    really sucks
    because there are those moments when you think
    you have a slight chance
    but then the next second you realize
    how stupid you are and you know
    they’d never like you back...

  18. gab* gab*
    posted a quote
    June 24, 2013 4:42pm UTC
    just don't
    look at each other
    talk to each other
    touch each other
    love each other
    like that.

  19. ThatsSoMeee ThatsSoMeee
    posted a quote
    June 6, 2013 2:31pm UTC
    let us have a moment of silence
    for those who unknowingly dated and broke up with a future celebrity

  20. ThatsSoMeee ThatsSoMeee
    posted a quote
    July 6, 2013 2:58pm UTC
    some of the sexiest things about a guy
    is the way his voice sounds when he’s tired,
    the smirk of satisfactory he gets on his face
    when he knows he’s done something good,
    and the protective instincts he has
    when it comes to his girl.


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