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Witty Profiles is a family of 403,405 writers.
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Where did you get the idea for Witty Profiles?

Back in 2003 everyone chatted with each other with AIM. When you were away from your keyboard (AFK), you would put up an Away Message. Often it was something like "BRB", but sometimes it was a witty saying like "Hey I'll be back in 5 minutes but if I'm not just read this away message again." AIM also had a little profile you could write a few paragraphs in. I wanted Witty to be a huge database of stuff to put in those profiles and away messages.

"Away messages" are really a thing of the past. They lived in a time before mobile devices. We are now never AFK (away from keyboard). Today we have texting, Facebook status messages and Twitter instead.

Many years ago people chatted with a program called AIM. AIM had a window where you could write a little about yourself. This was called your profile. People would put famous quotes or witty sayings in there. Also, when you weren't chatting, you were "away" [from your keyboard]. Witty Profiles was originally a website full of witty quotes to put in your profile and away messages. The website has grown from simple funny text messages to fancy HTML formatted poems, stories, quizzes and descriptions of everyday events and feelings.

Who created Witty Profiles?


What is a good quote?

A good quote is something witty, clever, funny or inspirational that you would want to hang on your wall and read again and again. A good quote is something you wouldn't be ashamed of if someone you knew read it. A good quote is something strangers would reblog or print out and hang on their walls.

What are some examples of good quotes?

You can see some examples of good quotes on the really good quotes page.

What is Witty's unofficial motto?

Write quotes to express, not to impress.

Have a question?

You can ask your question on the Witty Profiles tumblog.


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