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day 1- 5 facts about you

day 2- the initials of the person you loved the longest/most

day 3- your closest friends

day 4- the thing you most fear

day 5- the saddest moment in your life

day 6- favorite sport(s)

day 7- favorite song/artist

day 8- your deepest secret

day 9- first impression on the guy you like now

day 10- last time you cried

day 11- thing closest to your heart

day 12- when you hear this song you cry

day 13- place wanna visit really badly

day 14- favorite book

day 15- favorite animal

day 16- favorite show

day 17- last time someone hurt you

day 18- the story behind your life

day 19- person who scares you the most

day 20- last major injury

day 21- favorite youtube video

day 22- phone type

day 23- biggest confession

day 24- last break up

day 25- last heart break

day 26- the day you regret the most

day 27- first friend

day 28- favorite drink

day 29- a letter to someone in your family

day 30- a letter to a friend

day 2- well, just timing wise i guess LJP

day 3- my closest mates are genuinely my family. along with that, i have a lot of friends but i trust my family the most

day 4- ugh i talk about my family too much but my biggest fear is losing them

day 5- probably when i found out i was being adopted, ironically, because it was by a family i didn't know and i ha never even met them before. i didn't even know their names and it wasn't who i wanted it to be. of course, it was all a joke and turned out being the best thing to ever happen to me.

day 6- i don't really do many sports but i love watching football and playing a good game of footy with my dad in the garden. i also really like watching figure skating, as well as american football when we're in the states

day 7- my favorite artist at the moment would either be ed sheeran (despite his "haitus") or selena gomez

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30 DAY CHALLENGE day 1- 5 facts about you day 2- the initials

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