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Heyyy thereee loves :)

lets take a little survey..
leave your name and grade/or age, and answer number 1-5, and feel free to leave any comments under your name :) -and please dont change anything on the survey-

Choose one;;
1. Crushing, Crushing hard, Practically in love with this boyy!
2. rather be kissed in the rain, or at the movies
3. is he in your class ( for middle/high schoolers; is he in any of your hours?) just yes/no please :)
4. does he like you? or do you not know?
5. on a scale of 1-20 how cute? how nice? and how many girlfriends- if you know


The namees KATE :) yr old ;;14
1. just crushing
2. in the rain!!!!
3. 4th hour
4. i think he like me a little bit lol
5. cuteness -17 nice-20 girlfriends -7
this was a fun survey --if your bored no offence lol

LAura 6th grade
crushin hard
in the rain
my class
i talk to him on aim..but i dont think he likes me
cute -20 nice- 20 girlfriends-3

samantha <3 8th grade
1) in lovee
2) in the rain
3) 4th hour
4) he told my friend he likes me <3
5)cute - 2000! nice- 21 he so sweet! girlfriends -12....hes  a player but not anymore....hes only had 1 girlfriend this wholeee year! and hopefully i will be the second..

My names Carly. 8th grade
1) Crushing hard
2) In the rain<3
3) 4th hour
4) We really good friends
5) Cute-200 Nice-2,000 Girlfriends- 2

jess- 6th
1) crusshh
2) both. aha (:
3) idkaaayy ?
4) idkay. idkay.    to many to count (:
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