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I think I'm one of the only people who's actually greatful for the challenges and bad things that have happened to me. I have been shown that those who stay with you through difficult times are the ones who you should really trust. I have seen that those rough things shape you into the person that you are today. I have seen people with horrible childhoods who have come out as amazing people. Just because you are having a rough week or month or year, doesn't mean that it's for nothing. God created us for a reason, and our challenges are a part of us. Yeah, it's hard to deal with them at the time, but someday we get to look back on them and see that it was all for a reason. That group of kids are bullying you for something you can't help? You'll remember how much that hurt and you'll be able to help someone else going through the same thing. Many deaths in a short time? You can really empathize with others and help them through it when they have people die. Tough break up? You can be there for someone who's going through one, too.
Your challenges make you a good person, they make you strong.
They make you a person that people can trust.
They make you human.
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I think I'm one of the only people who's actually greatful

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