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The Runaways

Chapter 2

I woke up with Brandon’s arms around me, he was still sound asleep. I turned over and lifted my head up to kiss him. His eyes opened and he smiled, “Morning babe,” he whispered, and I responded by kissing him again. He lifted my shirt and put his hands on my hips. Just as he got to my zipper a man burst in, yelling.

“What is going on in here!? Get the f*ck out of my house Brandon! I thought I told you to never come here again! I’m calling your parents and the parents of whoever this girl is!”

I covered myself with the sheet completely shocked. Brandon jumped up explain himself. “Bree, this is my uncle. He got back early. Uncle, this is Bree, my girlfriend. And you don’t need to call our parents, we are leaving. We just needed somewhere to stay the night.”

“I’m still calling your parents. You have one hour to get out of my house!”

“Okay, then we’ll leave. Bree, go put on a shirt we’ll finish this later.”

“No you wont, don’t think I’m not telling your parents about what I saw going on here.”

“Whatever,” Brandon mumbled, slamming the door.

Just as I finished getting dressed, there was someone banging on the front door. Brandon was in the bathroom and his uncle left so I got the door.


“Your coming with me, Breanna. Right now!” My mom shouted grabbing me from the house.

“I’m not going home. BRANDON!” I yelled for him. “I love him. All I want to do is be with him. You can’t do this to me!”

“What’s going on babe?” Brandon called, coming to the door. Just then another car pulled up. “Look, Mrs. Davis, me and Bree are going to be together.” He said, putting his hands around my waist and giving me a quick kiss.

“Get away from my daughter and keep your hands off of her,” My mother said, almost in tears and I got into the car.


Bree: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=56278789

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Sorry, last chapter was chapter 1.

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