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Dear Daddy,
I know you might not like the girl I've grown up to be,I don't either. We don't really talk like we used to...do we? Your "little princess" has turned into some sort of monster. But I love you..even if the feeling isn't mutual,I'll always love you because you made my childhood really amazing.I know I'm your daughter and your "supposed to love me" or whatever but honestly,I feel like you could probably live without me in your life. I'm crying while I'm writing this now because I know I've screwed up..like,a lot. I cause most of the fights between youu and mom...I don't mean to though. I'm sorry. Anyway dad,I think your one of the strongest people I know.You hold our family together;your the best daddy anyone could ever ask for and I hope you know that. I'm sorry Ive let you down&dissapointed you. Remember the way you used to hug me when I cried? Well,I'd do anything for one of those hugs right now...but you don't even want to look at me,let alone hug me.We haven't talked in a few days..I guess your pretty mad at me right now..I caused a fight between you&mom again,somehow I always get dragged into the middle of it and it ends up being my fault. Remember those times we used to go fishing..or when you'd take me out for secret ice-cream and we'd eat it down by the harbour...we haven't done that in a while.A lot has changed dad,I don't like this. I don't like this whole concept of growing up. You used to be the person I talked to,but now your just like mom,you dont want anything to do with me. Why does everything always change?  Im sorry that Im ranting now...I can hear you talking about me downstairs,Im sorry im such a dissapointment to you all. I'll just leave it at that then...I love you daddy and Im sorry.

i know we're  not supposed to vent or whatever but i just needed to .
If you read that omg i love you.

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Dear Daddy, I know you might not like the girl I've grown

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futuremetsstar · 7 years ago
thats so sad, and im sure ur dad loves you,he just might have trouble showing it

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MarcuzIssexy · 7 years ago
this made me kinda cry..
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justkidding* · 7 years ago
comment on my profile.
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