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At First Sight
Chapter 3

(in school)
      That thought killed me. It was gnawing at me al day. Did Scott think I was ugly? Did he think I was fat. There was no way he felt the same way about me. I could feel my cheeks get red. There was knot in my throat. a started breathing heavy. "Juliet!" Ms. Fazzio skwaked. Are you paying any attention, or are you just drawing pictures again?" The whole class was looking at me. I didn't even notice I was drawing hearts and Scott's name all over my notebook. "Stay after class with me today. I want to talk to you." After the bell rang I stayed with Ms. Fazzio as she lectured me about how i needed to pay attention and blah, blah, blah. I was the scolded in gym for being late.
"Why were you late? Did Fazzio make you stay. Oh! You better tell me who you like! Oh my gosh you have to tell me! PLEASE! If you don't-"
"I'll tell you!" I interrupted. "Well, let's just say you know him. In fact, you introduced me to him."
"I did? Wait...Scott?" I grinned. I could feel butterflies jus at the mention of his name. "Oh my gosh! It is Scott! No way! Awh! I'm gonna tell him!"
We talked about it all gym class and on the way to science.
During class, we passed a note that said:
Cassie: I can't believe you like Scott!
Me: I like him a lot.
Cassie: I can't wait to tell him!
Me: What if he doesn't think I'm pretty?
Right after I sent the note back to her of course i burped and the whole class heard it. Everyone was giggling in their seats. I buried my face in my arms because I knew it was getting red.
I started to think less and less of Scott as weeks went by. Of course I was still  incredibly in love with him I just never saw him  or heard of him. Cassie got me and this guy named Angel together. He was nice, but I dumped him after a few days because Scott was the only one I truly liked.
After I broke up with Angel, I started to think of Scott 24/7 again. I started making up scenarios again, and drawing hearts. I hoped that school would maybe take my mind off of him. But when I walked in I saw a folded up paper on my desk. I was terrified to know what it said. 



Hey guys! I love to write mysteries/scifi/horror and all that jazz. But i decided to write a love story and share it with witty (since I know you guys love that stuff) I'm fairly new to writing love stories so please feel free to constructively criticize me! But please don't ridicule. I really hope you guys like it(: please don't jock this!!

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At First Sight Chapter 3 (in school) That thought killed me.

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