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1. Playing with friends!
Can you seriously be sad and hang out with friends at the same time? Plan a movie visit or a trip to the park and for sure you day will be more exciting! And the best thing is, afterwards you can go and have a sleepover!

2. Blast some dance music!
How can you resist jumping up and down when a really poppy song comes on!? So go on, put some on and start dancing like mad. You will be guaranteed to have a smile on you face after!

3. Do a really good piece of homework!
Nothing makes you smile more then receiving a piece of homework back that you really tried hard on and see that you got an extremely good grade! Not only will that please you, but all the teachers!

4. Read about inspiring people!
Look up on the web about some people that have done inspiring things rather then celebrities you look up too. Then maybe someday, you will inspire other people to do the things you did! Make them your role models!

5. Talk to someone!
If something is really getting you down, talk to someone! Make sure you pick someone you know will listen. Trust me, it helps to get it off of your chest. If you can't find anyone, I will always listen to you.

 6. Be creative and do something unique!
Whether it's painting, or drawing a picture or simply just doing some sort of origami, it is bound to help calm you down! Don't get too frustrated if it desn't turn out the way you want it! It will be unique!

7. Be surrounded by positive energy!
Don't hang with people who bring you down or have a negative energy! Especially if you are down because that would make you worse, eh? Hang around those people that just always brighten your day,it will help- guaranteed!

8. Volunteer work and helping others generally
This may sound weird but it actually helps! Of course you don't get paid for it but silently you are rewarding yourself in many ways for the future. This will help give you qualities that other will envy! And + As a bonus, when applying for universities they always look to see how much volunteer work you have done! It's never to early to start!

9. Believe in yourself- you are amazing!
As I said millions of times on GSC and have to many people individually, you need to believe in yourself to be happy! You can't go around putting yourself down because it doesn't do wonders for your self esteem. Go ahead, pick out the qualities in yourself and do wonders with them because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

10. Snuggle up with a good movie!
Pick your favourite movie (we know you have seen it like 17 times) but still, snuggle up with a good movie, and trust me it will make you smile! Particularly if it is a comedy!!

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1. Playing with friends! Can you seriously be sad and hang out

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