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most of you will pass this quote because it's boring . but it'd mean a lot if you read . on Saturday , August 13th , 2011 i was shopping with my mom & i got a call , one of the sweetest , most beautiful , amazing people i knew had just ended her struggle of fighting a deadly amoeba . Courtney Jean Nash , 16 years old , had finally stopped suffering , but our tiny town had just begun . her smile could light up anyones day , she always had the best advice & you craved one of her warm hugs . but with her life ending , 7 lives were saved . she was an organ doaner . her family didn't have life insurance & local restaurants , buisness' , schools & places like mcdonalds are raising money for her family to pay medical expenses . i still wish every single day i could just see her & talk to her or ride the horses with her , but she's in a better place watching over everyone in our little town . thank you to anyone who read this , but i feel like courtney should be honored in any way she can & her story of her beautiful life & heartbreaking death should be told . RIP beautiful angel . i love you & miss you so much . i hope i get to see you again one day . <3

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most of you will pass this quote because it's boring . but

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