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Daddys birthday,

It's been 8 months since he died. Things have been extremely tough at home. When i first found out my dad died i was thinking about suicide. Me and my dad were soooo close and i just couldnt think of how i could go on with out him. Alot of people on here complain about there parents. Seriously you shouldn't. DON'T TAKE YOUR PARENTS FOR GRANTED. Anything could happen. The night before my dad got killed in an car accident i had a huge argument with him and told him that i hated him. Witty sisters, those were the last words he heard out of me before he died. So my point is, instead of arguing with your parents, think about all the things they do for you. So please do me a favor witty sisters. The next time you see your parents hug them and tell them you love them. Let them know that even though you might not act like it sometimes, that you appreciate everything they do for you. My daddys gone and he's never coming back again and the last words he heard was "DAD, I HATE YOU"! I didnt even get to say goodbye, hug him, or say "i love you".
If you read all this, I LOVE YOU.
r.i.p daddy you are truly missed!

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TOMORROWS Daddys birthday, It's been 8 months since he died.

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sarahisawesome17 · 1 decade ago
:( r.i.p
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