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Its the draft to my story, i havent came up with a title if u can help me thats great :) if u like it comment or <3 it xD

Its summer' she thought to herself  she looked at the small bruises that will eventually get bigger over the summer. Shell be stuck in the house with HIM.If only her mom hadent died. if only she had friends but shes such an outcast she never made any. He doesnt care if she doesnt come home but if she does anything wrong when he gest drunk shell get beat again. Summers the worst until a couple days into summer she was kicked out of the car beaten up by her Drunk father on the raining street laying against the cold cement he drives off. A boy see her while hes in his car and picks her up and takes her to his house she stays there. What she doesnt know is her Dads drunk driveing caused him to reck and drive off a cliff people thought she had died along with him she was a nobody. With her having no where else to go even not knowing her dads dead she stay hiddin in the boys house without his parents knowing. His parents are gone most of the time traveling for work there barley home anyway. Its the summer that a scared lonley girl gets saved.
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Its the draft to my story, i havent came up with a title if u

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