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&* maybe I have only had two boyfriends at 16 years old.
But you know what? Does that really matter?
No. It doesn't. You wanna know why?
Because I know that I am beautiful no matter what anyone else thinks.
I know that God makes ( everything happens for a reason )
and He has a plan already set in place for me.
I know that in the long run, it will work out for my good,
Because when I do find "the one" he will have my entire heart.
When I start getting other boyfriends out of high school,
And they ask how many boyfriends I've had,
I can be honest and tell them without feeling stupid,
And I won't have to look back with any regrets,
Because each of the boyfriends I've had
Taught me -->.two different lessons.<--

The first one taught me that within time,
People change and things don't last forever.
The second one taught me that I better
Make sure h
e's the one I want to date;
Don't just rush into things.

Yes, only having two boyfriends gets to my head sometimes.
I start to question why all my friends can get boyfriends and I can't,
Or start to ask myself [what's wrong with me]
But then I start to remember that God only wants what's best for me
And will make sure I get a boyfriend
>>.When the time is right.<<


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&* maybe I have only had two boyfriends at 16 years old.But

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