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I just wish
someone would answer
all  of  my  questions.
am i going to find "true
love"? is that even real?
what i'm feeling for that
guy, yeah. Is that love?
or is love greater then that
and most of all, will it hurt
in the end? is it worth it?


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I just wish someone would answer all of my questions. am i going

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StArGuRL · 9 years ago
i have a lot of questions
#1 you will fine true lovve
#2 it is real i had it
#3 i cant tell you if its real sady but it takes time to find out if it is real love
#4 TRUE LOVE never ends (mine did kind of but we still love each other we just cant be together) if its just young love OF COURSE
#5 yes it is

im happy to be the one to answer your questions cuz i had to find it out the hard way and i still dont know it all i still have questions too but i have a idea now (hope i helped !!<3)
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