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character bios & synopsis

Ava Woods is the school's "it" girl.  She's got everything anyone could ever want - except one thing: two guys she's head over heels for.  One is her ex-boyfriend, Dallas.  They went out for two years, from 7th grade to freshman year.  He's always been there for her & listens to her - no matter what.  Dallas is on the school's football team and has been Ava's best guy friend since fourth grade.  Then, there's Brady.  Ava & Brady have gone out from the end of freshman year to the end of junior year.  He's the school's jock; captain of the soccer team, plays football, runs track, straight A student, popular - the whole nine yards.  Brady & Ava were always on & off.  There was always a reason to start talking to Brady again - & that made her fall for him.  Recently, she started talking to the two of them again, and she realizes how quickly things have changed for her. But, who will be there for Ava when she absolutely needs it the most?

Ava Woods - 17 yrs old. brunette w/straight hair that falls down a couple inches past her shoulders. piercing blue eyes & always tanned skin. school's star swimmer & straight A student. "it" girl. body any girl would kill for. rich. amazing personality.

Joelle Mason - 17 yrs old. blonde w/bouncy, ringlet curls that fall to her shoulders. ava's bestfriend since pre-k. green eyes. on the school's cheerleading team. ava's right hand girl.

Dallas Tanner - 17 yrs old. tall. tanned & toned body from surfing. on the school's football team. ava's best guy friend since fourth grade. straight brown hair that falls just below his eyes. glowing green eyes. went out w/ava from 7th grade to the end of freshman year - stayed friends & is always there for ava, even though he still has feelings for her.

Brady Halls - 17 yrs old. school's "it" boy. popular. school jock. went out with ava from the end of freshman year to the end of junior year. captain of the school's soccer team. plays football, soccer, baseball, basketball, and track - & he's amazing at every single one of them. straight a student. 6 pack. all the girls want him. only has eyes for ava. always on & off w/ava.

*takes place in watch hill, rhode island. series starts at the last week of junior year going into that summer.

tell me what you guys think - should i actually start writing!? i looove comments! :)
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A L L A T O N C E - character bios & synopsis Ava Woods

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Doll_Face · 1 decade ago
I think you just write it. You should get an account on quizilla and write stories on there. I'm currently writing two stories. i havent put them up yet, But if you get a quizilla ill be your first reader :)
Quizilla- Dollxxface19
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dareyoutomovexx · 1 decade ago
thank you! & it seems like that right now, but i like having the characters SEEM perfect, but it's within my fullest intentions to show just how imperfect & quirky each one of them is - like defeating the sterotypes, you know? but thanks a lot, & good luck to you :)
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holdmyheart21 · 1 decade ago
So I really like this whole story-writing-on-witty-thing. I love to write myself, and I'm actually writing my own book right now. Well, hopefully book :)

So I think that this could be a really good story, but I almost think the characters are too similar. Almost all are perfect and popular, and even though they don't all say "it" boy/girl, cheerleaders and perfect bodies and football players kind of imply it. Maybe a little more character variety in personality would be good. Don't take this personally, just a suggestion :) But this has a great story potential to it, and I really like the character names, especially Dallas.
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