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Mysterious invisibilities



Follow up



Taylor never saw her mom again. She was very happy with her new life. The group helped her find her dad and he moved into Taylors old house. She still lived with Isabella but sometimes they would stay at Taylors dads house. Her dad was very nice, loving and caring. Everything Taylor needed. He told her why him and her mom split. Turns out his mom was hurting him to. Then she got pregnant so he couldn’t leave. One night she got drunk, after Taylor was born ,and kicked him out of the house and put locks on everything so he couldn’t come back. She moved, changed her number and never got contact with him. She came up with a whole story to tell everyone else. When they all grew up they stayed in the town and raised their kids together. Taylor and Kenny ended up getting married. Ashley turned out fine but got home schooled. The school went back to normal. Everything was ok.

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Mysterious invisibilities Follow up Taylor never saw her mom

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