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..we may not seem like the "perfect" couple;
Sometimes we argue, we dont have all the same intrests.
but we get over it & love each others differences.
I want to wait till next year to go out, he'd rather go out now.
but he understands & will wait for me.
He's in 9th grade, & im in 8th.
but we don't mind.
We haven't went out yet, but we've already kissed.
but its okay, we're just unique.
People think that when you really like someone,
your almost the exact same person.
But the way i look at it, we have a perfect match.
& no, they arent a clone of us.
They're our other half, they like things we might not like,
but we love each other anyway.
You know how we have two arms, two eyes, two legs,
two ears, two lungs..but we only have one brain & one heart.
I think thats because the one that we are meant to be with,
got the other brain & other heart. They arent the same.
What you may hate, your perfect match might love..
Or the other way around.
& thats how i think me & him are.
We have many differences,
but in the end, we love each other..
and thats all that counts.

-all minee!
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..we may not seem like the "perfect" couple; Sometimes

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