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tell me that you love me;♥
falling in love is like jumping off a bridge.
your head says, "idiot you're gonna die"
but your heart says, "dont worry pretty girl, you can fly"

I'm Samanthaa; But you can call me Saamosaaur or Bob.[; Those people up there, Yeah they're amazing. I lovethem with all my heart.<3 I'm 13, My boyfriend is a loser, and my pet squirrel likes to attack my face. I think hobos are awesome, and I love to step on crunchy leaves. My life sucks, but I'm not here to complain. I have a pet dinosaur named Liam, and he loves to roar at you.[; Well, if you'd like to know moree, just ask.[:     
Mlia; Lgmh; SixBillionSecrets; Mlin; Witty; Youtube; FormSpring;;;<-MyLife.
JohnnyDepp is hot. Almost as hot as Hobos.[;
Music is like, legit my life. I would die without it. And Jordan; Summer; Mitch; And Brandon. But you get my point. Music is pretty much my life. I make life's most important desiciions in the shower; I eat slow; I love ladybugs; I growl at people; I make faces at people; I talk to myself; I talk to random people at the mall; I've been kicked out of Wal-Mart; I think that DinoTurtles would be some hot tacos; Because I know LadyBugGiraffes would be; I'm a LadyBug. Jordan's a Giraffe. Catch my drift?[; Ok, well; if not, since if your reading this your probly like, wtf.. Well; I want a kid with my sexy beast Giraffe boyfriend.[: Because it would be a hot baby. Ok, anywho; My point is; it would be hot. If Jordan makes a witty; I will put him in people to stalk.[; So please make sure to check back every day because that list will most likely keep growing. :D Ok, anywho; If you read alllllll thee wayy down to here; I love you. Because most people would be like, Wtf, She's crazy by the time they got to like, the 3rd sentence.  So just ask me if there's anything else you wanna know.[: 
Peeople Tooo Foollooww.

summer_sage ; Amber <3 She's amazing too. You neeeeed to talk to her. <33
nothingwithoutyou_x ; Alexx. Dudee, She's the girl who comments on your profile every day. <3 Fuuckingg love herrr. Break her heart, ill break your face.
haydenmace7 ;Haydennnnnnnn<333333 I lovesss himm  soo muccchh. Like, almost as mucch as my boyfriendd.
braydenjames7 ; Braydennnnn<33 He sprays pizza pans so much better than me.. Im jealous.. Follow; stalkk; loveee himm<3
awsomechick92 ; Racchelll. aka ; Narwin <3
xoxoxo7 ; Fuccckingg Paige. Duddeee. Nobody's better with advicee than her and Amber. So talk to them. <3
lifehunter ; bahah. where do i start. he's like, my brother. iduhno what else to say. he's too wierd to describe. just talk to him. (: 
shoutittotheworldd ; meg<3 boyfrienndd, i love her. like, alot. ♥
anyone else just lemme knoww.<3

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