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Summer Louisee<3 
That be my name, people(:. So 
yeah, im 14 years old, from England:D
I'm british-proud<3 Im a very giggly, bubbly person who will talk to anyone:). Im really fun in front of others, but of course, i'm not really that person. I suffer from pain, i LOVE someone who hates me, I think i'm ugly, so i wear hair extentions & tons of makeup. I geuss i'm hiding myself. I cry at night.and i used to cut. But. i learned that you just have to be strong. You smile, breathe, & simply carry on with your life. Anyway, i'm interested in pakistan, i love muslims<3 hehee, and i love arabic music. :). I love Lil wayne. Always have done. Drake, michael jackson, usher, emeli sande, the kings, nicki minaj. All those i love. I mainly come on witty because i think the quotes that people write are just amazing. I mean, when you can find a quote that completly relates to your life- thats awesome. So yeah, if you wanna know anything else, comment (: Toodles x]


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