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Jessica* · 6 years ago
How come you're not doing fine?
Schools good, i recently had exams which are kinda similar to finals which I think you have where you live? Anyways, I'm in my first year of sixth form now which is like college and yeah I suppose it's cool haha. How's school going for you?
Christmas was ages ago now 😂 but I'm glad you had a good Christmas

MaddyWaddy · 6 years ago
aw thank you so much!!
what kind of cake was it again? mango?

itsblanca_ · 6 years ago
Happy Valentines to you too! even tho this is super late, I hope you enjoyed it with your hot date!;) (ayeeee that rhymed!!!)
you better get your social media stuff this summer, if you don't i know you won't ever do it haha
I still have a year of high school left after this year, i might die! :(
what're you studying for?

miss ya Kev!!!!!

MaddyWaddy · 6 years ago
I've never seen that kind of cake before so ye

lemon* · 6 years ago
hi hello

MaddyWaddy · 6 years ago
well i know that and i definitely will ever i come across one


itsblanca_ · 7 years ago
its okay i guess haha.


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