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It sucks when:
Your home feels like a place you just stay at.
You don't feel welcomed anywhere
You feel like you're such a bother to everyone else
You feel like you have nothing going for you
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It sucks when: Your home feels like a place you just stay at.

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*Suicidal Fantasy* · 9 years ago
I have felt this way before but you know what this specific quote changed my life "Make the rest of your life, the best of your life." -Eric Thomas
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SarcasticRandomUnicorn · 9 years ago
I know. It sucks living in a first world country. It sucks having every opportunity in the world. It sucks that the biggest problems you have are not feeling like you fit in. You do realize that many people's homes are places of fear and hate where they get no sense of peace, and that many people don't even have homes to live in. You had enough fingers to type this post, a computer or phone to write it on, and only four stupid problems to rant about. Looks like that's going well for you.
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hello_universe · 9 years ago
I know there are far worse stuff going on in other people's life. I'm not telling anyone to feel sorry for me or give me sympathy. I write what i'm feeling and this was just how i was feeling. And for your information, this is not my biggest problem. You don't know what's going on in my life besides these "four stupid problems". So please just leave me alone. Thanks
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JenniferDiane · 9 years ago
Sometimes I feel home is the only place I can be "safe" at.
Although I do feel like the rest applies to me, especially in social events.
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Aria Williams* · 9 years ago
TBH.thats how I am
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