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hey i'm Maya i'm from north carolina.i'm 15 years.  i like reading i'm a hunger games fan. i like painting and i hope someday i will be a writer. just hoping that someday somebody will love me because of who i am. im a huge fan of paramore. hope somebody likes me.
  1. mayahadwings mayahadwings
    posted a quote
    April 21, 2012 7:00pm UTC
    hey guys do you remember me? I need your help. I'm doing a new story on wattpad (i dont know how it will be named) and i need a picture of the people with these chatacteristics:
    Maya- female- about 16 years old- chocolate brown hair and light brown eyes., pale
    Henry- male- about 17 years old- blue ayes, light brown hair, tan
    Louis- male- about 15 years old- dark eyes dark hair he has to be tall, dark skin color
    Jovanna- female- about 14 years old- light blue eyes, dirty blond, her skin color has to be tan.
    Quetzali- female- about 16 years old- black hair, black eyes, and she has to be of a brownish skin color.
    Heba- female- about 13 years old- blond, brown eyes, tan
    Mike- male- 18 years old- black hair, green eyes and pale.
    Xavier- male- 14 years old- light brown eyes, dirty blond, taan skin color.
    please help me... iff you are intersted send me a picture of you (or your friend) or comment this profile with the person you want to be and i will look at your profile picture and if i choose it i will send you the whole information of the character that you choosed thanks! ;) remember that you need your parents permission. thanks for helping me! my maiil:mayahadwings@gmail.com

  2. mayahadwings mayahadwings
    posted a quote
    April 14, 2012 1:24am UTC
    new on witty :)


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