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  1. airatmaninravi airatmaninravi
    posted a quote
    November 10, 2022 12:12pm UTC
    Flip over from Mind to Consciousness
    Are you looking for a life of Peace and Happiness?
    Are you looking for a way to Tranquillity and Bliss?
    If you just flip your life over from NEP to PEP
    You can be sure to achieve this
    Who doesn't have sorrow, who doesn't have stress?
    Is there anyone who is free from unhappiness?
    Anybody born in this world with Ego and Mind
    Fear, worry and anger in life, they are sure to find
    As long as there is the Mind, as long as there is the Thought
    In misery and sorrow, we are going to be caught
    This is because the Rascal Mind is our enemy
    And this simple Truth we simply forgot
    The Mind fills us with poison, fills us with NEP
    Negative Energy Poison at each and every step
    Until we flip over to Positive Energy Power, to PEP
    We will forever be caught in a web
    Imagine living a life with jealousy, revenge and hate
    Imagine there is anger, fear and worry at life's gate
    How can we then live a life of joy and smile?
    Toxic NEP emotions will make our misery longer than the Nile
    Just flip over to love, courage and faith
    Just live with confidence and to NEP, shut the gate
    You will move from pessimism to optimism
    And your life will be full of enthusiasm
    This is not magic, this is a task
    You have to flip over and change your mask
    You have to flip from NEP to PEP
    For your life to be blissful at every step
    Is this all, is PEP our Ultimate Goal?
    No, we will suffer till we Realize, we are the Soul
    As long as we live with the Ego, Body and Mind
    Thoughts will make us miserable, this we all find
    What, then, is the way to Eternal Happiness?
    Is there a way to love, live with Joy and Bliss?
    Yes, if we flip from Mind to Consciousness
    We will be free from all misery and stress
    For it is Thoughts that bombard us with pain
    Thoughts make us miserable, again and again
    As long as there are Thoughts, we are sure to cry
    And we will be miserable right till we die
    So, we must move from Thoughts to Thoughtlessness
    We must flip over to the state of Consciousness
    If we want to live with Eternal Happiness
    We must be Thoughtless, and then, there will be no stress
    For, Thoughts create fear and worry and anxiety
    It is Thoughts that make us prisoners and steal our liberty
    It is Thoughts that fill us with worry and fear
    Thoughts rob our Bliss, Peace and Cheer
    ‘It is impossible to live without Thought’
    It is in this myth that the world is caught
    Just like we can stop eating, walking and singing
    We can stop thinking, but this Truth, we are never taught
    The way to Consciousness is to silence the Mind
    Meditation is important, this, we will find
    We must eliminate Thoughts so that the Mind, we kill
    The only way to do it, is to make the Mind still
    When there is no Thought, we are in Consciousness
    Our Intellect is activated in that state of Thoughtlessness
    We are no more prisoners of the Rascal Mind
    The Intellect starts to Discriminate, this we will find
    For in Consciousness, there is no Mind
    In Consciousness, we are not ignorant and blind
    In Consciousness, we leave all misery behind
    Consciousness is where Happiness is defined
    Consciousness is a state where we are the master
    To a state of Bliss, Consciousness takes us faster
    When we flip over to Consciousness from a state of Mind
    Sorrow and misery we will leave behind
    Our Mind is our enemy, it fills us with junk
    We must tame the Monkey Mind to be a Monk
    When we flip from Mind to Consciousness
    We end all our anxiousness
    For Thoughts create feelings, actions and habits
    Thoughts destroy us for sure, but in bits
    Learn the simple Truth, that thoughts, you must not permit
    If you do, you learn Life's Ultimate Secret
    Don't let messengers of misery knock at your door
    Thoughts come uninvited; they will push you on the floor
    Be in Consciousness and kill the Mind
    Push all Thoughts out and shut the door
    If you don't kill the Mind, the Mind will kill you
    This is a universal law, it is absolutely true
    Those who live with the Mind, are sure to cry
    They will just live and ultimately, will just die
    What is our Life's Ultimate Goal?
    To Realize that we are the Divine Soul
    But this Truth is concealed by the Devil Mind
    As long as there are Thoughts, this Truth, we won't find
    Everybody wants pleasure, nobody wants pain
    But we are miserable, again and again
    If only we learn the art of how to flip
    Peace and Bliss, we will grip
    So today, resolve to live a life without stress
    Flip over from Mind to Consciousness
    Make a vow to flip from NEP to PEP
    You will have Peace and Joy and be free from all mess
    Today, you have learned a secret; to be Glad, not to be Sad
    You learned to remove junk, tame the Monkey to a Monk
    If only you flip over from NEP to PEP
    You will be able to flip over from Mind to Consciousness
    While the whole world is stressed by the Thoughts of the Mind
    You will be free, Peace within yourself, you will find
    All you need to do is to learn to flip
    And you will start your trip on a very happy ship

  2. airatmaninravi airatmaninravi
    posted a quote
    October 26, 2022 11:16am UTC
    Realizations of a Yogi
    ‘Realizations of a Yogi' is not just some theory
    It is the life experience of a Yogi
    In a Quest for the truth, an account, a testament
    Realizations and experiences that led to Enlightenment
    Are you seeking to find the true purpose of life?
    Are you in a quest of a way to be free from strife?
    Then, you have a treasure right in your hand
    That will liberate you from returning to this land
    You can get knowledge in any college
    But the eternal truth is hard to find
    It is a very personal experience that happens
    When one transcends the body, ego and mind
    It all starts when you go in a quest
    You put all your beliefs to test
    The first thing you must do is unlearn Only then, wisdom of life will you earn
    To get to the matter's root
    You have to Ask, Investigate and Realize the truth
    And to do this, it's not enough to be an ace
    You have to have the Divine grace
    A seeker of the truth, who has this passion
    To realize God, if this is his mission
    Then in his journey, a Master he will meet
    Who will make his life complete
    It's all about finding a Spiritual coach
    And for this, you don't search, you don't need to approach
    The Yogi, the Guru will be there waiting
    If you are on the path, if you are truly seeking
    And then you will start to question every myth
    You will overcome your ignorance, and realize the truth
    Whatever you were taught, mostly they were lies
    Even that God was someone who lived in the skies
    At first, for sure, it will give you a shock
    For you to change beliefs, as tough as a rock
    But as you use your intellect to discriminate
    It is on earth you will find heaven's gate
    First you will realize, you are not the body, not the mind
    You are not the ego, this truth you will find
    And from the triple suffering you will be free on earth
    And learn the way to escape rebirth
    For this, you will realize the truth of life and death
    Where you will go when you lose your breath
    You are not the one who is made of bone and skin
    You are that spark of life that is within
    You will start living as the Divine Soul
    As you attain your ultimate goal
    'Realizations of a Yogi' will take you onward
    To Self-Realization that will take you Godward
    By questions getting answered, this is how it will begin
    You will overcome ignorance as you go within
    Then that Spiritual flash, you will experience one day
    And to your epiphany, you will find the way
    I brought nothing here, nothing is mine
    There are many Realizations, we must find
    We come alone and we go alone
    Then, why in life, should we whine and groan?
    The quest will lead us to true happiness A life of true love, peace and bliss
    We will be free from worry and stress
    As we overcome all unhappiness
    The journey starts with Purification
    And then, there will be Illumination Realization will lead to Liberation Ultimately, there will be Unification
    We will realize that this world is just a show
    We are just actors, we come, and we go Everything is an illusion, it is just a drama
    And life is unfolding as per our Karma
    We will realize that God is not God, God is SIP
    We will not just repeat God's name on our lip
    We will experience God in every creature on earth
    Realize that the Lord manifests in every birth
    One by one, the truth we will realize
    Pieces of the puzzle will open our real eyes
    Till one day, we will experience a transformation
    And then, we will be free with Liberation
    All this time, we were crawling on earth like a worm Living with beliefs, all lies, we affirmed
    Till we learned to untie all the strings
    To fly like a beautiful butterfly, opening our wings
    This is called a metamorphosis
    A transformation that is permanent, no reversal there is
    We let go of the ego, we let go of ‘I’
    As we become one with the Power in the sky
    But this is not for everybody who lives on earth
    Not each one of us can escape rebirth
    If we learn from a Yogi, in life we can evolve
    If we make this the priority, in the Divine we can dissolve
    There will be many who will read this book
    But how many will change their life's outlook?
    How many will go beyond all logic?
    To experience Enlightenment, the real magic?
    How many will transcend all Karma in life?
    How many will overcome all sorrow and strife?
    How many will give up the ordinary pleasure
    To achieve life's goal, unlock the real treasure?

  3. airatmaninravi airatmaninravi
    posted a quote
    September 16, 2022 10:54am UTC
    Don’t cut a cake! Awake! Your Birthday is Fake!
    Do you cut your birthday cake?
    Do you know your birthday is fake?
    Don't continue to make the mistake
    It's time for you to now awake!
    Ask your mother when you were born
    You were kicking weeks before and this went on and on
    You were alive long back, she knows
    And even science has pictures as the embryo grows
    Nine months before your so-called date of birth
    That is when you actually came to earth
    Then you didn't have blood, bone, and skin
    You were just a Power, the spark within
    But because you believed in the birthday lie
    You believed that there were ghosts and fairies in the sky!
    Every year you continue to cut your birthday cake
    You don't realize the truth, just believe what is fake!
    When will you, to the truth, awake?
    When will you stop baking your birthday cake?
    When you realize that nine months earlier you were born
    Then to stop cutting the cake, will you undertake?
    Although you know that it is not your date of birth
    You came forty weeks before as the zygote on earth
    But you just choose to follow the herd
    You don't investigate, don't fly like a bird
    You don't ask the question, 'Who am I?'
    If the body came later, then, 'I am the body,' is a lie
    I was that Energy Spark that first came to earth
    Not on my so-called birthday is my real birth
    In what way will this news make us awake?
    Why this big fuss about the birthday cake?
    When we realize we are not the body or the mind
    Then, Self-Realization we will find
    If you are not the body that developed on earth
    You realize you are that spark, that's your real worth!
    That spark is Energy, that spark is the Soul
    To realize this is our life’s ultimate goal
    After the spark, starts as a little zygote
    Our body is created, be it man or goat
    We are not the bodies that we seem to wear
    The bodies will live and die and tear
    One day, every ‘body’ must die
    The one who was alive will depart into the sky
    The body that is made of skin and bone
    Returns to ashes, as people mourn
    We are not that body that died, were we?
    People say, 'He passed away', and we are free
    They are so sure in the body we no more live
    To the flames or to the coffin, our body they give!
    If we are not the body that will one day surely die
    If we were not born on our birthday, that is a lie!
    If we are that spark conceived nine months before birth
    Then who is it that on death leaves the earth?
    The Soul, the Divine Spirit, the Atman is that spark
    To give us life from birth to death is its task
    It arrives at conception and departs at death
    We are that Power that gives us breath
    When you do a simple thing like stop cutting a cake
    When you investigate and realize that your birthday is fake
    You realize you are the Soul, you are no more vague
    To the ultimate truth, you will awake
    This Realization is the real beginning of the journey called life
    It will liberate us from all misery and strife
    When we realize we are not body, ego, and mind
    Eternal Happiness and Peace, we will find
    Just because we were taught many things that were lies
    We believe that God lives in the skies
    The birthday cake will make us realize
    We will live as the Soul, we will be wise
    So, from now don't cut your birthday cake
    Don't continue to be ignorant for God's sake
    Realize that your birthday is fake
    You are the Divine Soul, to this truth awake

  4. airatmaninravi airatmaninravi
    posted a quote
    September 8, 2022 6:57am UTC
    Stop it Stupid
    I was so stupid, I was a fool
    But they didn't teach me this in school
    'Stop it, stupid!' had I told myself
    My stupidity would have ended with this tool
    We all get angry, we all do fear
    We are idiots, year after year
    How can we stop this misery and pain
    How to stop being foolish, again and again
    The first step is to realize our ignorance
    The second is to put a stop to it
    We must tell our mind to stop
    We must make this a habit
    The mind is a monkey, a rascal our mind
    It wants to make us suffer, we find
    But we are not fools, we know, don't we?
    How from this rascal, can we be free?
    'Stop it, stupid!', 'Stop it, stupid!', 'Stop it, stupid!' repeat
    Till the monkey mind can feel the heat
    Then, watch it, catch it, latch it, secure
    So that it does not repeat the thing anymore
    We all are stupid, we all are fools
    And to overcome stupidity, there are simple tools
    The most important is to realize the truth
    Who are we, get to the bottom of the root
    We are not the stupid Body, Ego and Mind
    We are intelligent, this truth we must find
    This realization will stop us from being a slave
    Will liberate us from misery, before we reach our grave
    For pain and suffering is only for those
    To go on a quest, who did not choose
    They live with misery, they believe in the myth
    They continue with ignorance, till they die with it
    So, we must Ask, Investigate, Realize the Truth
    Kill the rascal mind, the monkey, the brute
    Transcend the Mind and Ego that says, 'ME'
    Till from all stupidity we are free
    We must be still and live in Consciousness
    If we want to put an end to all the mess
    When we are fools, we must stop and know
    And overcome the stupidity before the end of the show
    But many of us are stupid till we die
    We look up at the sky, cry and ask ,'Why?'
    We don't use our intellect to stop our stupidity
    We just live with stress, worry and anxiety
    Some of us want to end this mess
    We don't want misery, we don't want stress
    The Mantra 'Stop it, stupid!' we put to use
    And with it, an end to all abuse
    So what must we do, what is the trick?
    What will end our misery with just one click?
    We must be stern and tell ourselves looking in the eye
    Till to that repeated stupidity, we bid goodbye
    I did it myself, I share with you
    I stopped my stupidity, this is true
    To end my foolishness, I found a way
    'Stop it, stupid!' to yourself, please say
    And till you stop being stupid, repeat it
    Don't feel bad, it's better to erase it
    We have a choice, acknowledge stupidity and then rise
    'Stop it, stupid!' is the way of the wise
    Some people are heartbroken, they cry in love
    They break their hearts, and then look above
    They cry in love, they suffer in pain
    They are stupid, again and again
    Some people are attached, this brings them tears
    The misery is not short, it lasts for years
    If only they use this Mantra of happiness
    'Stop it, stupid!' it can give peace and bliss
    'Stop it, stupid!' a Mantra I share with you
    Use it and you will stop feeling blue
    Realize your ignorance and to make amend
    Say, 'Stop it, stupid!' and put your misery to an end

  5. airatmaninravi airatmaninravi
    posted a quote
    November 17, 2020 9:25am UTC
    You are searching happiness outside, when in reality it is inside! How would you ever find it?

  6. airatmaninravi airatmaninravi
    posted a quote
    November 13, 2020 3:03am UTC
    You may see Me as the “Skin”, but I am the One that lives Within!

  7. airatmaninravi airatmaninravi
    posted a quote
    November 12, 2020 5:32am UTC
    Your Life of Today is the unfolding of your actions of Yesterday, and will determine the Destiny of Tomorrow.

  8. airatmaninravi airatmaninravi
    posted a quote
    November 9, 2020 4:16am UTC
    Man will live and man will die, The body will burn but the Soul will fly, But before this happens, man must ask why, “Why am I here and who am I?

  9. airatmaninravi airatmaninravi
    posted a quote
    October 9, 2020 10:56am UTC
    We all can’t find the Master. It all depends on His grace. A few of us are lucky. We finally see His face.

  10. airatmaninravi airatmaninravi
    posted a quote
    October 8, 2020 10:25am UTC
    True Prayer is not just Talking to God, but rather Listening to Him.

  11. airatmaninravi airatmaninravi
    posted a quote
    October 7, 2020 9:09am UTC
    True Love is Bliss, not just a Kiss. Discover what true love is!

  12. airatmaninravi airatmaninravi
    posted a quote
    October 6, 2020 9:50am UTC
    Think of Today, not Tomorrow. It's time to be Happy! Don't live a life of Sorrow. Find out those things that make you Glad, And eliminate those that make you Sad.

  13. airatmaninravi airatmaninravi
    posted a quote
    October 5, 2020 6:15am UTC
    Think of Today, not Tomorrow. It's time to be Happy! Don't live a life of Sorrow. Find out those things that make you Glad, And eliminate those that make you Sad.

  14. airatmaninravi airatmaninravi
    posted a quote
    October 2, 2020 9:42am UTC
    There is a factor unknown to man... That makes results fail, though he thinks he can. He tries his best with all his zest... But in the end, he fails the test.

  15. airatmaninravi airatmaninravi
    posted a quote
    September 29, 2020 8:18am UTC
    In the Wind that Blows, the Water that Flows, the Sun that Glows, Feel God, Experience God, Realize God!

  16. airatmaninravi airatmaninravi
    posted a quote
    September 28, 2020 8:31am UTC
    The Past shouldn’t rob the Present, the Present is a Gift. The Future shouldn’t destroy this Moment, this Moment is meant to be Lived!

  17. airatmaninravi airatmaninravi
    posted a quote
    September 26, 2020 9:42am UTC
    The NOW is Peaceful and Blissful, but how easily we lose our Joy. We slip into Yesterday and Tomorrow, looking for another Toy!

  18. airatmaninravi airatmaninravi
    posted a quote
    September 21, 2020 6:11am UTC
    The Me I think to be Me... And the You that you seem to be... Are both part of One Energy that we often call HE.

  19. airatmaninravi airatmaninravi
    posted a quote
    September 16, 2020 9:35am UTC
    The Earth goes around… Who makes it go? It’s a Cosmic Power, Who is managing the Show!

  20. airatmaninravi airatmaninravi
    posted a quote
    September 10, 2020 7:44am UTC
    Science has finally agreed with spirituality, that we human beings are, in essence, energy, and not matter that we appear to be!


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