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Hi Everyone!
As you probebly know already I'm blonde
but I did not choose my username I let my friends do it (never let your friends pick your username for anything!!!) and I love to read, listen to good music e.g. Muse, Linkin Park, Bastille and Of Monstern And Men, Within Temptation and Fall Out Boy (if you have bad music delete it now for my sake!)
I have the most amazing friends (love you guys <3)
and I love soccer- playing or watching- it is the best sport by far!
Ok so I'm writing this new story

The story is called
Forbidden Powers

tell me if it is any good.
Yin And Yang

  1. Brainy_Barbie Brainy_Barbie
    posted a quote
    September 18, 2013 3:54am UTC
    Dear Life
    When I asked if my day could get worse
    it was a rhetorical question
    not a challange

  2. Brainy_Barbie Brainy_Barbie
    posted a quote
    July 22, 2013 3:29am UTC
    Value the people who sacrifice
    something for you, because maybe
    that something was their

  3. Brainy_Barbie Brainy_Barbie
    posted a quote
    July 19, 2013 6:57am UTC
    Yet again I awake in chains this time they are connected to the strong, wooden poles on either side of me. Blood flowing I stare at my raw wrists as the stinging pain floods my senses, stupid is the only word that comes into mind from the foolishness of my actions. I’m surprised that I don’t have whip-lash from the many times that this exact situation has replayed in my life over the past few days. But this time is different, this time I can escape. And I will. The metal on the chains is thin but what I am looking at is the thickness of the wooden posts. A couple of kicks to each and then I have weapons and I’m free.
    As I land a solid kick to the post on my right, okay both posts only need one more swift kick, the stomping of boots interrupts my thinking looking up just in time to see five muscled men stomp into the room each carrying a thick whip with six tails, the ends of which are knotted and coated in a shiny, silver substance which looks a lot like the metal that my hands are encased in. I stare at them hoping that my strangely coloured eyes unnerve them, which by the looks on their faces does. Small victory for me, but it is at short last as they slowly approach me swinging their whips by their sides, what I think they’ve forgotten is that their not going up against some weak, fragile excuse of a women. Counting the seconds until they are close enough both my legs fly to the sides snapping the posts whilst knocking the men standing behind them unconscious, but before I can react I feel the pain first then the sound of the whip bitting into the soft, unmarred skin of my back but he only gets three more swings in before I get my posts around to him and his friends efficiently adding them to the pile on the ground with their other two comrades.
    Red streams running down and soaking what is left of my tattered shirt as I search the men’s pockets for the keys to my chains I steal one of the loose fitting camouflage jackets to soak up some of the blood flowing steadily from my back, "just keep breathing, in out, in out", is what I constantly chant in my head. Lifting my eyes from the blood soaked jacket I finally see something that I like. The tightly fitting women’s camouflage jacket with a diagonal zip and a collar calls to me, as do the ripped black jeans folded neatly under the jacket. I wonder about why they have clothes like this in here for about ten seconds before I decide that it doesn't matter. Feeling the seams of the clothes for any kind of tracking devices that could be hidden inside. Changing as quickly as I can wrapping a tight black singlet, that I took off the same unconscious man missing his jacket, around most of the bloody bits of my back then encasing it in the zip up jacket. Hoping not to die of blood loss I run for the door adrenalin racing through my system ready for anything that could be behind the door of the torture room I’ve been trapped in. But what I wasn’t ready for was the surrounding area shrouded in darkness with only the moon casting beams of light. Clinging to the side of the building as my gaze travels over the buildings, military base is what instantly comes to mind but I’m not sticking around to see if I’m correct. In the shadows I stalk toward the forest senses heightening, I make a dash into the green embrace of the forest, surging through the darkness my senses shrink, the dizziness comes slowly as I bolt through the forest, small plants snapping against my shins only when the relief of water hits my legs do I finally stop and think. Looking back the way I came the trail is easy to follow stepping out of the small stream I am standing in hoping that they think I have just walked in the water following the streams path, walking cautiously through the vegetation on the other side of the stream I make my way as far as I can before collapsing in one of the worst places I could have, the middle of another grass covered clearing reminding me of the first time I saw Alex. The burning in my back only increases when I attempt to move my limp body to the side of the clearing into the cover of the trees away from direct sight, closing my eyes instantly brings the darkness which wraps arround me like a comforting blanket.

  4. Brainy_Barbie Brainy_Barbie
    posted a quote
    June 22, 2013 8:08am UTC
    So Much Black
    As the day wears on my feet become numb, the blisters that had risen burst from what feels like hours of walking and yet I walk on for threat of being carried the rest of the day by Alex. After what seemed like a five days of walking Alex deems that we have gone far enough into the twisting, green forest and that where we stand, at the base of a dreary looking cave will be tonight’s camp. As I stare at the hard ground contemplating whether I should just sleep outside no matter what Alex says, but I decide that it is probably best to try to stay on his good side for now because if this gets ugly it should be easier to escape if he trusts me.
    Later when I join the men around the campfire I finally gain the courage to ask why the wanted to find me in the first place? “We need your help, others have tried but they all failed and if we go in they will know that it is us and know what we are there for but with you, you could take them all out and still be able to get him and get out”, replies Alex.
    “What are you talking about?” I ask completely and utterly confused.
    “We need you to get someone important back for us”.
    “Yeah I picked up on that”.
    “Well, he’s kind of, in the dungeon, in King Drake’s castle”. They all seem to freeze waiting for my response. “Are you all stupid or is it a contagious disease, could I catch it!” I reply about ten seconds later.
    “I knew it she can’t do it, why do we even try”, Alex says despair clear in his broken voice. “I didn’t say I wouldn’t try but first I need to know who is in that dungeon”.
    “So you, will do it?” the boy’s all say in synchronisation
    “Once I know who is in the dungeon that I need to get”
    “Oh, well that’s easy Prince Denvan” Jet says relief in evident in all of them. It makes it all that much harder to decline the offer. “I can’t do that”. I state my voice cold as ice and sharp as a knife, which there faces all look like I have stabbed them with. “Why can’t you do it?” Alex growls. “I can’t do it after what he attempted to do to me!” I yell, after a second I finally remember what I just yelled and feel my face slip with the almost-reveal of one of my darkest secrets. I bolt. Legs pumping as fast as I can without tripping as I head father away from the fire and the men still like sculptures with shocked expressions coating their faces. As I turn my gaze forward once again I run head first into a tracker who’s grizzly looking dog goes crazy, as I back away whilst turning a sharp pain cuts into the soft spot where my shoulder connects to my neck which stupidly I left on full display. The black comes flooding into my vision as I pull the dart from my neck throwing it back at him. My last thought before the blackness covers my vision is that the dart hit its mark. Bullseye, straight through the dark spot where his pupil once was.

  5. Brainy_Barbie Brainy_Barbie
    posted a quote
    June 22, 2013 7:23am UTC
    When people say that it is all in the past and that it doesnt matter now,
    tell them that it still happened whether it was a year ago or only a day
    It still matters.

  6. Brainy_Barbie Brainy_Barbie
    posted a quote
    June 3, 2013 9:46pm UTC
    Alex helped Kyle, Rivet and Jet -once he got back- to clean up the camp and make it look as if they hadn’t been there. They did a pretty good job of it. Out of all of them I think Jet did the least amount of work, constantly complaining that he had gotten the meal for tonight so he didn’t have to do as much work as the others. You could see how he had gotten his name with his jet-black hair and matching eyes that moved around with amazing speed. Within ten minutes my ankle was fully healed and Alex deemed that people passing through would not notice the camp. The men stood around as if waiting or listening for something. Then I hear it the thumping of careful footsteps coming from the dense forest to my right. Before I can alert everyone as to where the sound is coming from a big man lined with hard muscles emerges from the forest. I shift my feet into a fighting stance only to see the men running toward him with smiles reaching from ear to ear. All the men at the exception of Alex tackle him to the ground yelling things like “what took you so long” and “why did you let us sit around thinking that you might be dead. All he does is smile and then looks at Alex, “did it work, is that her”.
    “Yep, Lilyanna meat Trent the human teddy bear!” Alex says with a note of sarcasm in his voice.
    “Well he is pretty hairy”, chimes in Rivet.
    “I think I’ll take that as a complement”. As they all get up off the ground covered in dirt and leaves I try not to smirk but its impossible, I look over at Alex only to see that he is suffering the same way and I just can’t help it, I burst out laughing at his expression and how bedraggled their appearances are. Still looking at Alex I can see that he almost can’t hold it in and then his laugh comes out washing over me like spring sunshine on a cold day. I had failed to notice how tired I was and how quickly my energy was fading. Collapsing to my knees I take gulp after gulp of air trying not to pass into the blackness of sleep. After a few moments I look around only to see that they all have their eyes fixed on me with concern radiating from them. If I’m going to make it through the day with out passing out I need energy. Using my powers I take a small amount of energy from the surrounding vegetation making it slightly wilt but not killing it.
    Once everyone has their bedrolls and food, everyone but me as I contemplate all that I have lost and the fact that all of my stuff has probably been burnt to ashes. Trent strides over holding his hands behind his back, when he is about three paces away from me he reveals what was behind his back, “I believe this is yours”, he says whilst holding out my travel pack and my belt full of knives clean and sharpened. A grin slowly spreading across my face “thank you”, I say but those words don’t seem to convey just how thankful I am. This is when I notice that he has a strip of linen wrapped around his upper left arm. When I ask him about it all he says is that it is just a scratch but I know better walking up to him I put a hand over the linen slowly undoing it. Under the layer of linen is a long deep gash that is already starting to leak puss from infection. I don’t bother asking I just do within a few seconds the gash has turned into a light pink scar and there is blood running down my arm the red lines have a faint shimmer due to the power in my blood. It only takes the wound a minute to heal on my skin only then do I look up “th-thank you”, he stutters as he look at the raised scar on his arm. “No thank you for getting my bag and belt they’re all I have left”, I say as Alex walks over.
    “What do you think your doing you might need your strength later!” Alex admonished.
    “He did me a favor so I did one for him besides the cut was infected and it would have only gotten more painful and gross” I say face screwed up but still with force in my voice. All he does is glare but it’s enough to send shivers down my spine as we start the slow journey deeper into the forest.

  7. Brainy_Barbie Brainy_Barbie
    posted a quote
    May 16, 2013 1:10am UTC
    The sent of wild strawberries and sunny days flooded my mind as my consciousness started to awake. As my eyes slid open slightly revealing the bright colours of sunrise. The faint sound of snapping twigs is the first thing that I hear. I looking around for somewhere to hide as the footsteps stopped at the entrance of the black cave where I sat trying to remember what had happened. In a rush the memories of the past few days came flooding back into my mind as I looked at my ankle. The young man appeared at the entrance of the shadowed cave and the scent of wild strawberries was beside me in a matter of seconds “are you okay” his voice was like the wind, strong and fluid. The blank expression on my face was broken by a whirlwind of emotions that struck me like a punch in the stomach, gulping in as much air as I could, “who are you?” I croaked, my throat raw.
    Only after I had drowned three mugs full to the brim of water did he answer my question.
    “I’m Alex, and please tell me that you are Lilyanna”. He sounded almost desperate.
    “Yes, why does it matter to you?”
    “I’ve been looking for you for months, you’re almost impossible to track” he said with what sounded like awe and frustration all in one.
    “Um thanks”, I mumbled. A shout of another man rang from out side of the cave, “Hey Alex is sleeping beauty awake yet”, he yelled whilst running into the cave.
    “She’s awake”, Alex yelled into the man’s ear.
    “Why are you yelling I’m standing right here”, I laughed as Alex gave the man a stern look. “Oh and I’m Rivet”, his tanned, lean build and shaggy, light-brown hair tilting forward as he gives me a warm smile.
    “Where is Trent? He should have been back by now”, Alex asked Rivet with a frustrated expression.
    “Should me and Kyle go looking for him?”
    “How many of you are there?” I asked just incase I had to make a quick escape.
    “There is only five of us, and no Trent can handle himself. He’ll be back soon”, Alex answered with a note of worry in his voice that he tried to hide.
    “Who’s the other one?” I asked. “And was it Trent who acted as the distraction for my escape?”
    “Um Jet’s out hunting, he’ll be back soon too. And yes Trent was the one who distracted the guards, but how did you know?”
    “Lucky guess”, I replied whilst shrugging my shoulders.

  8. Brainy_Barbie Brainy_Barbie
    posted a quote
    April 29, 2013 12:55am UTC
    I awake to light pouring through the bared window of my cell. Lying on the cold floor of the cell chained to the wall, shivers rack my spine as the rancid smell of unwashed bodies races over my senses. But after a couple of breaths I realize that the smell is stronger than that of unwashed bodies. Suddenly I become aware of the sizzling sound of something melting. As I look closely around my cell I see a lone figure standing by my window pouring a strange concoction onto the metal bars. The thick metal melted in front of my eyes, it was amazing. As the lone figure reached a hand through the gap where there used to be solid bars as I looked up I noticed his eyes, a forest green. The young man from the gate stood before me helping me escape. A thought suddenly crossed my mind, ‘wasn’t he the one who had sent the guards after me?’ but I ignored that fact for now because it was either let this guy save me or let the guards hang me. As he helped me out of the chains, melting the locks, then back through the window, I heard a clang of metal and a shout of voices rallying others to attack. For a second I thought that they had seen me climbing out the window, but when no guards showed up and the clanging of metal was continuous down the hall I assumed that it wasn’t me they were after.
    The young man from the gate and I run for the spring coloured forest resounding behind the prison. As we bolt through the undergrowth my ankle gets caught on the root of an old oak tree. The resonating crack of my ankle leaves me screaming. The young man is by my side in a second trying to stop the uncontrollable screaming coming from my mouth.
    As the minutes pass my screaming dies down to panting and the pain in my ankle dulls to an intense ach. Only then do I realize that I have my eyes shut, as I open them the first thing that I see is my splinted ankle wrapped in what used to be the young man’s white shirt now spotted in red. As I start to mumble an apology into his muscle covered chest he hushes me and keeps telling me that it doesn’t matter its is just a shirt. I almost hurl as he flings me lithely over his shoulder as if I were as light as a feather. The run was even worse as his shoulder dug into my ribs, as the thrumming of his feet grew softer and my eyelids sunk down I knew that I only had a few seconds till I would pass out. The aching in my ribs and ankle eased as I welcomed the darkness that quickly overcame me. I let my consciousness drift as I slept.

  9. Brainy_Barbie Brainy_Barbie
    posted a quote
    April 18, 2013 11:09pm UTC
    Why me
    As I pass through the wrought iron gates out of the city, I look up from the steady thrum of my feet accidentally catching the eye of a young man with sandy, short, brown hair and forest green eyes. As I pull my eyes away from him I quicken my pace for fear that he may have recognised my eyes, which go from a rich blue to a bright purple from the inside out with a black ring around my iris.
    The chorus of shouting guards appears behind me as I take of at a sprint, bolting for the deep green forest to my left. Hearing the heavy footsteps behind me only makes me run faster. Three trips and twelve scratches later I decide that I can’t out run them, so I turn to fight hoping to injure them enough that they wont be able to follow me.
    As they come into view I know that this is a big mistake, for I had underestimated their numbers. Ten guards entered the green clearing where I now stand ready for the fight to come.
    They attack me as a group, but one thing that they don’t know is that I excel in combat. With seven down and three to go I send one of my throwing knives through a guards thigh. Two left. But this I wasn’t prepared for. The sleeping potion in the dart slowly seeps into my blood stream as I attempt to run, ending up sprawled on the grass-covered ground. Cursing the man who had looked in my eyes.

  10. Brainy_Barbie Brainy_Barbie
    posted a quote
    April 14, 2013 2:32am UTC
    Life Has Its Ups And Downs
    This was the thirteenth village that I had stayed in since the split. Yet here I was running for my life.
    I was hoping to get back to my home, just to look through the window to make sure that they were still there, not knowing that the people that had been with me for 9 years (half of my miserable, lonely life) would be so heartless as to try to turn me into the guards.
    My heart shatters with each step I take further away from my family. Ducking into an alley, tears streaming down my cheeks, I realize that they, the only people in the world that I thought might still love me, don’t.
    “Get Lilyanna,” they yell to each other as they pass my hiding spot. The smell of excrement and rotten food fill my nose, the noxious gasses have no affect on me for I feel nothing.
    A few minutes later I emerge from my hiding place, long golden blonde hair and pale face covered by the long, black hooded robe that I wear. Wandering down the rough cobblestone street staring at the white paint falling off the buildings in strips, attempting not to draw attention to myself as I plan how to slip out of the city for the last time. The tears still streaming like rivers down my face.

  11. Brainy_Barbie Brainy_Barbie
    posted a quote
    April 11, 2013 10:56pm UTC
    I look up at the glittering twilight sky, the light switching from the sun to the moon. I feel the sorrow of loneliness sinking deep into my broken, cracked heart. I’ve been on the road for around three years now, traveling from place to place, leaving only when they find out about my powers.
    And yes, I said powers. They’re not common and as far as I know there aren’t many of us left. We are the survivors. No one of us is the same, but the reason that almost none of us are left is because of one foolish, weak survivor, for he was the one that doomed our fate. By showing the people the extent of his powers he destroyed a whole village, turning everything in it to ash. The people came after him with vengeance and his thoughtless mistake got him killed. Once he had paid for his mistake in full, they came after the rest of us, claiming that we would kill them all if one of the more powerful survivors lost control.
    Not many of us made it out, and the ones who did decided that it was best if we went on alone, for if they caught us as a group, there would be none of us left to continue on with our practices. So we split, and this is where I am now standing in the crowded market area avoiding death, as usual.

  12. Brainy_Barbie Brainy_Barbie
    posted a quote
    March 25, 2013 2:39am UTC
    When Life gives you a boyfriend she says:
    1. Here's your first boyfriend. He'll .. only last a couple of weeks…. or less. And there'll be no profit from dating him. He'll lie to you and make you feel like crap. but I think he'll be good for you. Here ya go :D HAVE FUN!!!
    2. This guy is absolutely amazing. He can count too two and knows how to get from A to B …. in the alphabet. He isn't very bright but he is all that I think you might be worth. You need better, but I Ruin People's Hope's and Dream's so...
    tough luck.

  13. Brainy_Barbie Brainy_Barbie
    posted a quote
    December 15, 2012 1:58am UTC
    Conversation with friends:
    Friend 1- "do you guys want to go to the beach this weekend?"
    Friend 2- "YOLO"
    Me- "you should be saying YODO (you only die once) because acording to our religion teacher you live twice"
    Friends- "Shut up!"

  14. Brainy_Barbie Brainy_Barbie
    posted a quote
    November 15, 2012 6:22pm UTC
    When people say that the grass is always greener on the other side.
    Ask the where the other side is!

  15. Brainy_Barbie Brainy_Barbie
    posted a quote
    October 15, 2012 3:43am UTC
    Darkness closing over the sky and sea
    Obscuring the moon
    The light glow of the moon shining on water
    Growing slowly darker and the minutes pass
    Muscles tensing as my vision blurs
    All I can see is black
    Huddled alone waiting for the sun to return

  16. Brainy_Barbie Brainy_Barbie
    posted a quote
    October 9, 2012 8:53pm UTC
    I lap the shore with a steady beat
    As others walk among me
    But they do not know the danger
    The loss of breath, and life
    As their limbs fail
    They sink deeper as others come closer
    Pulled from my grasp
    But to late
    Another victim claimed by me.

  17. Brainy_Barbie Brainy_Barbie
    posted a quote
    September 14, 2012 1:13am UTC
    If life gives you lemons,
    squeeze them in people's eyes.


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