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Its quite a simple story actually. I was born on the hottest day of the month. I was 12 days late. I grew up in a normal house with my mom, dad, and brother. Once elementary school came, I wasnt as happy as i used to be. I was bullied. Even at such a young age. And pretty much have been ever since until this year. I only had one real friend who was two years older than me until third grade. Thats when I met my best friend. We finished elementary school in one piece and somehow made it to middle school. We were seperated by class but not by heart. After a tramatic three years of middle school, my best friend and I were faced with high school. I was going to a private school and she was moving two hours away. Somehow over the summer, she applied to my school and got in. Now we spend everyday together. My life was a difficult one up until this point. People constantly laughing and staring and judging. I had a few friends in middle school but after meeting my new friends from high school, I know who my real friends are and who arent. I was so close to just being done with life but here I am, staying strong. 30 DAY CHALLENGE DAY 18- STORY BEHIND MY LIFE
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Its quite a simple story actually. I was born on the hottest

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