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I have loved you for
as long as I could remember
I gave up alot for you
I  didnt want to give up
the one thing I couldnt get back
I didnt think I hurt you
But apparently it was enought
for you to take on your revenge
You think dating her
will make me jelous?
well congrats...it did
To top it off
you couldnt live with
hurting me emotionaly
you had to hurt me
every way possible
The physical scars,
made it difficult to forget
the emotinal scars
I stay up night and day
agreeing with the statments
you have made to me
She is prettier, smarter,
funnier, talented
She has more friends
I get it
You think she has such a hard life
because she doesnt have a father
well its not so easy
being a second mom either
My father may be alive
but he is disabled
I cant do the things with him
other little girls got to do
with thier fathers
Go to the circus or movies
Sled down a hill
Build sandcastles
I have siblings to take care of
while mom is at work
I cook and clean
Im in highschool
I should have a life too
but according to you
I dont deserve one
Well guess what
Im done with you
I found someone worth my time
He loves me for me
He wont hurt me
slap, kick, hit, shove, punch,
choke, elbow, push, throw,
beat or burn
He understands me
in ways you would never
figure out
I hope your happy with her
my cousin never made
good decisions


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I have loved you for as long as I could remember I gave up alot

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