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a]vailable: Yea
[b]irthday: July 9th
[c]rush: Someone ♥
[d]rink you last had: ice tea!
[e]asiest person to talk to: FRIENDS DUHHH
[f]avorite genre of music: ummmmmmmm idk
[g]ummy bears or gummy worms: gummy bears
[h]ad your first kiss: THATS PERSONAL!!! LOL
[i]nstrument: NO WAY!
[k]illed someone: nooo
[l]ongest trip: when i moved to new jersey from Las Vegas
[m]ilkshake flavor: Jamocha oreo shake from ARBYS!!
[n]umber of siblings: 1 Bro
[o]ne wish: He would ask me out :)
[p]erson who holds the best memories with you: Friends :) LOVE YA GUYS!!
[q]uiet or loud?: LOUDDDDDDDDD
[r]easons to smile: Ummmmm idk dance, friends, AND HIMMM
[s]ong: born this way, jar of hearts
[t]ime you woke up: 11:00 ITS SUMMER BABY!
[u]mbrella: Mine is Zebra print if thats what u mean!!
[v]egetable: EWWW!!
[w]arm at the moment: ummmm sureeeee
[x]-rays you've had: TEETH,knee,chest
[y]our favorite movies: GROWN UPS!
[z]odiac sign: Cancer I think!
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a]vailable: Yea [b]irthday: July 9th [c]rush: Someone ♥

0 faves · Jun 22, 2011 12:02am