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Today we broke up,
It's hard to say, but yup.
Ah, I'll be okay,
I'll just be alone on Valentines Day.
All the crying is done,
And it's time to have fun.
Now all the ice cream is gone,
And I'm ganna move on.
Go out, and do all my joys,
Maybe even flirt with a few boys.
It shouldn't matter to you,
After all, we are trough.
And guess what?
You could kiss my butt!
Because b*tch, I'm single,
and ready to mingle!

needed to vent bout my
break up from today.

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</3 Today we broke up, It's hard to say, but yup. Ah,

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break up

shelbybaby · 9 years ago
haha thanks (: and its ok! hes in the past! :p haha
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~* · 9 years ago
I'm sorry about your break up, but I just have to say that you can REALLY rhyme. Lol, I can't rhyme anything. Seriously. Unless I'm in a sad kind of mood, but yeah lol I just wanted to say that. x3
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