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Hello, I'm Mike Meader. Well I am about to tell you a true, sad, funny, happy, flirty, sassy, sexy, inspirational story about my break up. My girlfriend Susan Harmon. Well I'm a nerd and I have been going out with Susan for 5 days and I already want to break up with her!I love my laptop. I am a nerd and I love Madison Brittany Bell. She is the love of my life. She is so hot. I need advice on what 2 do w/ her. please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO 4 real. I dont want to tell her to her face and I love madison so much. SHES SOO FAT, but every time she gets in that bikini and her fat starts to jiggle like in Norbit, I love her even more. I start to drool. I love her celulite and eyes. My parents and friends think I am still with Susan but I'm really with Mrs. Stemper. She's holding me hostage...she doesnt want me to go out with Madison cause since the moment i threw a pencil at her A** she fell in love with me. But i will never, ever be in love with her. I love Madison and I will forver more! That's my love story about Madison, Susan, and juggly Mrs. Stemper. THANKS GIRLFRIEND! BYE!
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Hello, I'm Mike Meader. Well I am about to tell you a true, sad,

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