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  3 days ago..

I was assaulted .
my bestfriend & I were walking when an angry man came rollerblading
around the corner , yelled stuff at us & we asked what he said ,
he came across the street , attacked my bestfriend, her brother , her brothers friend & I
my bestfriend & I made her lil brother & his friend run to the town pool which was like just a min away .
While my bestfriend was on the phone with the cops he tried to take the phone &
got mad and got up in my face for no reason , he slapped my bestfriend ,
& punched me in the jaw . It took the cops 3hours to come see us at that pool.
they still cant find him.

mybestfriend&I are mentally, emotionally & physically scared .
-put an end to assault- 


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3 days ago.. I was assaulted . my bestfriend & I were walking

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lovestruckgirl · 1 decade ago
i'm fine , just his voice echos in my head , the cops are looking for him & i'm okay.
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getfr3shkidkyle · 1 decade ago
I am soooo sorry are u ok? how are u doing?
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