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Hi, my name's Milenna and I'm eleven years old. And I blow out my candles on April 4.
I'm mentally married to Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Cody Simpson.
I'm pretty adicted to Facebook, Twitter, Witty Profiles, & Stardoll. I won't leave without them.
I live on Sydney, Australia with my gigantic family; my familt and my 6 sisters.
The're names are Charlotte & David & Alexis, Charlie, Courteney, Emilia, Maddie, & Lily.
They all mean the world to me, they're very sweet, adorable, and kind.
My life was perfect, until one day I found out a horrible thing.
I have brain cancer, and without the necessary treatments I would die.
It give me headaches and sometimes I can't eat or drink water.
It hurts, but my friends & family always help me with my cancer problems.
When I get older I want to be a model and have 6 kids, Holly, Madison, Bridget, Kendall, Hunter & Joshua.
Follow me and fav my quotes, it would make my day :)
At last but at least I want to mention my amzing friends' name.
Jenna |Danielle|Kourtney|Ryan|Gigi|Alexia|Dan|Skylar|Skyleer|Izaytel|Rosa|Alejandro
Thank you for reading!
Love, Milenna :)


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