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Friendsmtruthorlie Quotes

  1. ZoeBoe ZoeBoe
    posted a quote
    July 6, 2013 10:28pm UTC
    Truth or Lie
    Chapter 43
    Part 1
    “NO! We wanna watch Mean girls!!” Laura and Meagan with their hands on their hips, glaring as they argued with Zach for the fifth movie today.
    “I’m going to make some popcorn” Matt whispers
    "Traiter!" i whisper back but he just grins taking his arm from around my waist and heads into the kitchen.
    “We wanna watch transformers!!!” Zach argues back waving his hands towards Jeremy and I.
    “Leave me outa this” Jeremy and I say in unison and without a second glance they go back to arguing, looking at the blanket I grab it and put it over my head.
    “What are you doing?” Jeremy asks pulling the blanket over his head aswell.
    “Hiding.” I state grinning evilly
    “Why?” he asks suspicious but I just reach my arm out from under the blanket and grab a pillow from next to me and peg it blindly aiming for Zach’s head, I then grab another two and peg it blindly at the girl’s heads and I’m guessing I hit my mark because just like that I could feel their glares as I hid under the blanket.
    "Who threw those pillows" Laura asks in a deadly voice
    “Wasn’t me!!” I exclaim jumping up, chucking the blanket on top of their heads and running to the kitchen where Matt was gabbing his hand and the popcorn and bolting out the door with my car keys.
    “What did you do?” Matt asks as we bolt for the car.
    Just as I was pulling away from the curb the back door was flung open and Jeremy dived in slamming it shut.
    “GO, GO, GO!!” he yells I step of the gas and laugh with Matt as we notice Jeremy with his face squished up against the window not expecting me to pull out that quick.
    “Not funny!” he exclaims peeling himself off my window
    “Oh but it is!” Matt says between fits of laughter
    “Dude seriously, not. Funny.!!” Jeremy says Glaring at us as we laugh at him
    “Yeah i know" i say pausing like i agree with Jeremy then i smirk
    "It’s freakin hilarious!” I exclaim throwing my hands in the air
    “Hands on the wheel!!!” Jeremy Screams as we swerve a little
    “Haha woops” I say innocently grabbing the wheel and flashing Jeremy a smile as I pull into Starbucks for a coffee while we wait for the others to calm down to go back so they wont murder us.
    ~~~~~~~~Authors Note~~~~~~~~
    Hey guys hope u like it :D
    it would be really good if you could comment and tell me what you think of my story to far
    love ya <3


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