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Books Quotes

  1. TheCovertComic TheCovertComic
    posted a quote
    March 12, 2022 5:49am UTC
    Some of my best friends I met in books. But then, I've always been partial to tiny, extremely flat people.

  2. TheCovertComic TheCovertComic
    posted a quote
    January 22, 2022 3:54pm UTC
    To finish reading a good book is like leaving a lover: you can't wait to go to the bookstore and pick up the next one in the series.

  3. partie partie
    posted a quote
    July 6, 2020 6:53am UTC
    "Libraries are dying --"
    The local library needs to become that place of congregation. It should combine coffee shop, book exchange, playgroup, art gallery, museum and performance. It must be the therapist of the mind. It must be what medieval churches once were.

  4. Aggressive Butterfly * Aggressive Butterfly *
    posted a quote
    May 2, 2018 6:30pm UTC
    I want to got to sleep forever
    where there's a chance I dream
    everything beautiful about you

  5. Aggressive Butterfly * Aggressive Butterfly *
    posted a quote
    May 2, 2018 6:27pm UTC
    I would've loved you
    if we had more time

  6. TheCovertComic TheCovertComic
    posted a quote
    May 13, 2017 1:24pm UTC
    The oldest trick in the book is the book.

  7. AgainstNoOne AgainstNoOne
    posted a quote
    January 21, 2017 3:32am UTC
    "I like books that aren't just lovely but have memories in themselves.
    Just like playing a song, picking up a book again that has memories
    can take you back to another place or another time."
    - Emma Watson

  8. AvaStar AvaStar
    posted a quote
    January 4, 2017 11:45pm UTC
    "The Book Blog"💭
    *The purpose of this “Blog” is to create short stories/RPs, discuss novels, & collaborate creatively and intelligently amongst likeminded individuals

  9. Abbyjo Abbyjo
    posted a quote
    November 6, 2016 3:41pm UTC
    "No one blames her"
    "That doesn't matter if she blames herself"

  10. pixelted pixelted
    posted a quote
    September 5, 2016 1:37am UTC
    "there are worse things in the world than a boy who likes to kiss other boys."
    -aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe, benjamin alire saenz

  11. seafoam* seafoam*
    posted a quote
    June 8, 2016 10:28pm UTC

    I fell in love with books. Some people find beauty in music, some in painting, some in landscape, but I find it in words. By beauty, I mean the feeling you have suddenly glimpsed another world, or looked into a portal that reveals a kind of magic or romance out of which the world has been constructed, a feeling there is something more than the mundane, and a reason for our plodding.
    —Donald Miller

  12. lindsayrenee172 lindsayrenee172
    posted a quote
    May 29, 2016 11:31pm UTC
    "there is something tragically heroic about fighting a battle you are doomed to lose" -John Green, Paper Towns

  13. Diamond Glitzfire 👑* Diamond Glitzfire 👑*
    posted a quote
    May 26, 2016 12:57pm UTC
    We are soul mates
    We are book mates

  14. seafoam* seafoam*
    posted a quote
    February 8, 2016 6:56pm UTC
    “I like books that
    aren’t just lovely
    but that have
    memories in them-
    selves. Just like
    playing a song,
    picking up a book
    again that has
    memories can take
    you back to another
    place or another

  15. Witty-Throwbacks* Witty-Throwbacks*
    posted a quote
    February 6, 2016 11:05am UTC
    excuse me favorite character,
    did i give you permission to die

  16. nicole🌹* nicole🌹*
    posted a quote
    November 21, 2015 11:21pm UTC
    How nerds get high: the smell of books

  17. kara008 kara008
    posted a quote
    November 15, 2015 9:53pm UTC
    Words have power.
    The power to soothe.
    The power to skewer someone through the heart.
    The power to render someone speechless.'
    - Ellen Hopkins

  18. thislullaby thislullaby
    posted a quote
    October 30, 2015 10:37am UTC
    I would die for you.
    But I won't live for you.
    Please don't remove this!

  19. xomarie* xomarie*
    posted a quote
    October 26, 2015 2:32pm UTC
    She was miserable because she kept hoping things would change.

  20. Lozza* Lozza*
    posted a quote
    September 25, 2015 5:27am UTC
    Please if you can or want to, could you please check my short wattpad novel?
    Its just a quotes book and it's called:
    by Londonloverlozz
    Thanks it's much appreciated, and if you want please leave comments on the book, I would really love to read them.


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