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  1. akatsukiiprincess* akatsukiiprincess*
    posted a quote
    November 16, 2023 3:33pm UTC
    It's at this point that I'm starting to understand what people mean when they say a tattoo lasts forever.
    When I look at my body and see only what used to be but is no longer there.
    When I am constantly reminded of some of my hardest moments.
    At the time I thought they would be reminders of what I overcame- but today they feel like reminders of pain.
    They feel like I'm telling the world of a moment I feel stuck in, they feel like a scream for help that was ignored. They feel like a part of my life that I can't stop carrying.
    I feel trapped by who I was in that moment.

  2. Sky_ Sky_
    posted a quote
    October 26, 2023 5:36am UTC
    Vote me MSW

  3. ☞Eman☜* ☞Eman☜*
    posted a quote
    October 17, 2023 12:35pm UTC
    Most Hollywood films are not for entertainment, especially those stories that talk about the future, when they talk about robot invasion and alien invasion, this is what will happen if their plans succeed. If you enter several websites and applications, you will be required to prove that you are not a robot, and this is clear evidence of their plans, in addition to the fact that they want to prepare the human mind and enter this information into the subconscious(As known as unconscious in psychology books). Control of the unconscious mind occurs through these films and we do not feel it

  4. The Quiet* The Quiet*
    posted a quote
    October 1, 2023 4:51pm UTC
    It's scary to see how much has changed and also nothing has changed.
    if you told me this year I'd lose my comfort job
    if you told me this year I'd lose my best friend
    if you told me this year I'd lose myself
    I wouldn't believe you.
    I don't know where to go from here.

  5. jennyracinggirl jennyracinggirl
    posted a quote
    August 26, 2023 4:10am UTC
    After a girl gets out of a toxic relationship, she's single for a long time. At first, it's lonely in the begining, it's hard. For a little while it even hurts. But after a certain amount of time, she embraces being single and finds it empowering knowing that she doesn't need a man to be happy. But once a girl gets comfortable with being single, it's hard for her to be mentally attracted to anyone. Once a girl gets familiar with being on her own, it's hard for her to be emotionally connected to anyone. Once a girl gets used to taking care of herself, it's hard for her to be dependent on anyone. The reason behind that is, she's not trying to go back to that dark place she was in before, she's not trying to waste her time on a guy who's gonna turn out to be undeserving, and she's not trying to end up with the wrong one. She's spent a lot of time detoxifying herself and finding herself again and the last thing she needs is for another toxic guy to come along and cause her to lose herself again. So yeah , it may require extra attention, it may require effort , and it may require time but if you somehow manage to get her to not want to be single anymore, then you're gonna get a girl who's whole again, who's secure enough, and who's ready to love and be loved again.

  6. ☞Eman☜* ☞Eman☜*
    posted a quote
    August 22, 2023 1:43pm UTC
    Homos*xuality is a psychological or hormonal disease and is not a personal choice or a natural thing. A negative charge cannot meet with a negative or positive with a positive. These must be helped because they are victims of the devil and themselves and victims of lack of knowledge. They must be helped to become healthy and not encouraged into this mental illness. We have reached the point where the term Gender is being used instead of S*x.

  7. ☞Eman☜* ☞Eman☜*
    posted a quote
    August 5, 2023 8:15am UTC
    Everything will be published soon in the name of science and then everyone will believe it. And therefore there is no religion, but only a turbid science that people will follow. we live in a strange world.

  8. ☞Eman☜* ☞Eman☜*
    posted a quote
    August 4, 2023 6:33pm UTC
    I am surprised by the people who believe the "space creature" hoax that America made up. The world must wake up, we don't know the secrets of this subject (remember it's exactly as the Cold Star War against the Soviet Union but this trick is against all people"anti human" + anti God).Enough of this masonic scheme lie.

  9. Sky_ Sky_
    posted a quote
    May 26, 2023 7:48am UTC
    Ignorance is the engine of war
    - Nikola Tesla

  10. Sky_ Sky_
    posted a quote
    May 26, 2023 7:36am UTC
    Money will not buy happimess for
    those who do not know what they want
    -Ayn Rand

  11. Sky_ Sky_
    posted a quote
    May 26, 2023 7:20am UTC
    in love

  12. Sky_ Sky_
    posted a quote
    May 26, 2023 7:08am UTC
    A garden t walk and the
    immensity to dream what
    More could you
    ask for?
    -Victor Hugo

  13. upskilloverseas upskilloverseas
    posted a quote
    May 22, 2023 3:39pm UTC
    Level Up Your Skills

  14. Sky_ Sky_
    posted a quote
    May 11, 2023 5:45am UTC
    No busques por qué, en el amor no hay por qué, no hay razón, no hay explicación, no hay solución.
    Anaïs Nin

  15. Sky_ Sky_
    posted a quote
    May 11, 2023 5:34am UTC

  16. Sky_ Sky_
    posted a quote
    May 10, 2023 10:52pm UTC
    Are you gonna fall?, there is someone suppose to catch you?
    or will you catch yourself? ...🖤

  17. Sky_ Sky_
    posted a quote
    May 10, 2023 9:00pm UTC
    When you don't have anything good to say, not say anything...

  18. Sky_ Sky_
    posted a quote
    May 10, 2023 7:05pm UTC
    "Every saint has a past & every sinner has a future"
    -Oscar Wilde

  19. Sky_ Sky_
    posted a quote
    May 10, 2023 6:59pm UTC
    Be true to your self

  20. dancingnumbers dancingnumbers
    posted a quote
    February 23, 2023 5:52am UTC
    Reason is God's crowning gift to man.


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