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 this guy dressed immaculately in a fine, tailored suit walked into my school and entered a ninth grade class. He then claimed he was an agent of the CIA and asked all the kids to hand over their cell phones. He said that there was an underage s3x video circulating (which is true) and he was assigned to check the phones of students to make sure that they did not have the video and would not contribute in the disseminating of it. So the confused and suspicious kids pulled out their smart and non smartphones. To make things even more suspicious, the guy collected only the expensive smartphones, telling the others that their non-smartphones won't be necessary.

A boy who sat in the back of the class, and who had hidden his phone, quickly pulled it out and texted his mother about the situation, asking her if he should give his phone to the 'CIA agent'. The suspicious mother immediately called the police station to clarify. In a matter of minutes, a police car with three policemen pulled up, the sirens screeching. They arrested the poser and charged him for attempted theft.

But, seriously? Did he sit down in his living room and conjure up this plan? Really? The human race never fails to surprise me each and every day.
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SERIOUSLY. READ. Today this guy dressed immaculately in a fine,

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